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War criminal, George (Soros) Schwartz has pledged an additional £100,000 on top of the £400,000 already spent to discourage Brexit.

The sum is less than 10 millionths of his net worth.

Soros "broke the bank of Poodleville" by shorting it when it obviously joined the ERM at too high a rate. War criminal, John Major, was the former FinMin who was poodle minister at the time but now shares a seat on the board of Blackstone as Soros.

You're also supposed to believe that Soros is anti-the illegitimate state of New Izrael and that some of the illegitimate defence force refuse to fly certain flights (which their airline doesn't fly anyway) and that Naomi Prins and Peter Schiff are whistle-blowers on the crimes of Wall St.

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George Soros - the workers' class real hero!

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seneca Post time: 2018-2-12 00:09
George Soros - the workers' class real hero!

Did George Soros work 20.000 times longer or harder for each of his billions than the average American?
Of course not.

This makes him a thief and a parasite just as all billionaires are thieves and parasites.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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robert237 Post time: 2018-2-12 16:24
Did George Soros work 20.000 times longer or harder for each of his billions than the average Amer ...

None of his tens of thousands of wage earners is as efficient as George Soros is. All of them are grateful to him for providing them with a stable income. Imagine if you found work for 20'000 otherwise unemployable people: wouldn't you deserve 20'000 a single person's salary?

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Hilarious and Pathetic BS

The country’s currency was their latest favorite to succumb to a rout that has roiled financial markets around the world this week, losing as much as 1.2 percent on Thursday for the biggest decline since the aftermath of its 2015 shock devaluation.
- Everything's a Sell in China After $660 Billion Equity Wipeout

That 2015 "shock devaluation" was within the 2% daily band!

On Friday morning the yuan was $6.33, $6.27 on Thursday, $6.25 on Wednesday, $6.29 on Tuesday and $6.31 on Monday. So it was down by 0.9% on Friday. That "as much as 1.2 percent" is like Manila Chan on the rabidly pro-Great Satan Boom Bust propaganda programme claiming China is the main source for counterfeit goods and that they can even kill you. Except that she also admits that it only represents 2% of all goods, which most in law enforcement would consider to be mission accomplished.

Furthermore it was $6.51 on 31Dec17, so it's up 2.8% ytd.

It also claims: That follows a selloff in large caps and banks that has wiped out about $660 billion from the value of Chinese equities.

Note how that's an absolute figure which doesn't tell you how large a percentage the non-existant fall was.

And yesterday, reported: The iShares China Large-Cap ETF FXI, -5.34% fell 4.6% on heavy volume.
- China ETFs suffer their biggest one-day drop since June 2016

Yet, even Asia Times Online which has been commandeered by David P. Goldman reports: The Shanghai Composite Index rose overnight by 0.73% in the midst of a global equity pullback, while the CSI 300 rose by 0.07%.
- World markets crash, except for China


"Chinese A shares offer diversification amid global market volatility, says JPMorgan Asset management"

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China Using Time Masheen To Steal Secrets Again

"Do you think, maybe, he's compensating for something?"
- Shrek

Except something seems to have gone wrong because Chinese spies, cunningly disguised as ethnic Chinese, have travelled only a few days forward in time to steal auztralian "secrets" in the public domain: For example, doctoral students in supercomputing at the University of New South Wales were allegedly “all PLA personnel”, while Xue Jingling, UNSW’s professor of computing science and engineering had “extensive links” with the PLA’s National University of Defense Technology (NUDT).
- China-Australia research under a political microscope

Yes folks, in the field of supercomputing China has no one to compete with but herself, having previously produced the fastest supercomputer in the World, China then surpassed herself using domestic electronics and domestic software and is now planning a quantum leap in supercomputing too. And to work in supercomputing in China, you first have to join the PLA.

That's as pathetic as claiming China has no "legal basis" for the Nansha Islands, when it was the Great Satan itself which imposed the Treaty of Paris on Spain after the Spanish/Amerikan war. Spain was weakened by the Napoleonic Wars and the Great Satan and its poodle saw their opportunity, thieving spanish colonies. The Great Satan "liberated" the Philippines and then immediately turned their guns on the Filipino people, just as war criminal, Winston Turdhill turned his guns on his own allies, the greek, communist youth: "Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret". The poodle state invaded Las Malvinas and evicted the Argentinians. Now they make the asinine claim that the Anglos infesting Las Malvinas have all voted to remain a part of the poodle empire. But even then, the vote wasn't unanimous.

But now China has used a time masheen to travel only a few days ahead and has infiltrated an auztralian yooniversity where the lecturers are all dumbasses, notorious for their drunken, slurred speech when they greeted you with "G'day mate".

Chinese spies have also been caught on camera entering public libraries, taking books off shelves, opening them and reading them as well as taking copious notes. Some have even loaned-out the books and taken them out of the library.

The aim of these spies is to create a SLOWER supercomputer than China already has so that the book-burning anglo/zionist gangsters won't be alerted to China's TRUE supercomputer projects. How dastardly is that?

Meanwhile, will Elon Musk build an EVEN BIGGER rocket to compensate for anglo/zionist genital and congenital deficiencies? Perhaps he should call it the "big phallus rocket".

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gork Post time: 2018-2-15 17:16
China Using Time Masheen To Steal Secrets Again

"Do you think, maybe, he's compensating for somethi ...

I enjoy your writing. Chujie wanshi-ruyi !

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