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More Biased Reporting and S***-Stirring

And as always, the Anglos are describing themselves.

Although the Chinese government recognises 56 different ethnic minorities – including Uighurs – in the country, they have tried to crack down on expressions of individuality to create a homogenous society under Communism.
- China’s Muslim minority banned from using their own language in schools

If China emphasised diversity, they'd accuse her of segregation. Claiming "expressions of individuality" has been banned is a huge over-exaggeration.

Both the poodle state and the Great Satan have speciesist rules defining English as the official language. Both have a white supremacist, apartheid edukashun system detrimental to Asians, with Harvard admitting species is a consideration for admission.

Under Mao Ze Dong, the country was unified using Mandarin, but Cantonese still prevails in the south. The above claim fails to note that China bans other languages OUTSIDE of school. So this is purely for the purposes of teaching.

Schools must “insist on fully popularising the national common language and writing system according to law, and add the education of ethnic language under the bilingual education basic principle”, Radio Free Asia reported.

And Radio Free Asia is otherwise known as the CIA (aka Murder Inc.), which now admits illegally fomenting uprisings in Tibet in the 1950s.

The Great Satan hosts dissidents from many countries and uses them as propaganda weapons: Ilshat Hassan, the president of the US-based Uighur American Association, said the regional government was breaking China’s own laws on the respect of ethnic minorities.
. . .
Under Articles 10 and 37 of the Chinese constitution, ethnic minorities have a right to preserve their own languages and traditions and students are supposed to be able “where possible [to] use textbooks in their own languages and use these languages as a media of instruction”.

That is obviously a lie as the two are not mutually exclusive.

Mr Hassan said the new policy is designed to “eradicate one of the most ancient Turkic languages in the world.”

And as non-indigenous people, they should respect China's laws, not rewrite them to their own preferences.

It is nothing short of cultural genocide.

Another lie. Cultural genocide is what the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada does when it brain-washes native Americans with a false history and culture. China does not ban Uighurs from speaking their own language and teaching their own history if they were to attend additional schooling, for example.
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Self-Contradictory BS

War criminal, The Donald, defaulted on the last $40m of a $600m loan from Deutsche bank. So, he doesn't deny that he owed the money, but he did claim that Deutsche bank somehow had indemnified him against losses when he claimed that the bank had contributed to falls in property prices in NY.

Now he claims other nations are cheating, that China is "raping" the poor widdle Great Satan goons & thugs and contradicting the propaganda trying to support the "worthless paper" USD when he claims China is trying to weaken her currency, having raised its exchange rate for years! Like the long-gone poodle empire, the Great Satan is beginning to whine incessantly.

Here's more sad, little bastardry from the failing Great Satan empire: US President Donald Trump is considering an investigation into what he considers China's unfair business practices. These include intellectual property theft, trade agreement violations and "discriminatory" actions against American companies.

The White House may ask US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to start a probe into the matter under the 1974 Trade Act's section 301, Reuters quotes an unnamed senior Trump administration official.

- US probe into China trade practices may lead to sanctions

That's like the corrupt regulators in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada who suspended trading in Sinoforest BEFORE mounting an investigation; an investigation which never happened. Sinoforest was attacked by sleazy short-seller, Carson Block, who has targeted chinese shares.
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State-Run BBC Never Knowingly Telling the Truth Again

An index fund is mediocre by definition. It passively tracks the stock market as a whole by buying a little of everything, rather than trying to beat the market by investing in individual companies - as Warren Buffett has done so successfully for more than half a century.
- Why the world's biggest investor backs the simplest investment, state-run BBC

Except that the Shyster of Omaha HASN'T. His performance over the last 9 years is a krappy 6.2%. AND it's gotten worse: Net income for Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire fell to $4.26 billion, or $2,592 per Class A share,
. . .
Operating profit declined 11 percent to $4.12 billion, or $2,505 per Class A share, from $4.61 billion, or $2,803 per share.
. . .
Book value per share, Buffett's preferred measure of growth, rose 2.7 percent from the end of March to $182,816.
. . .
The company's stock price, meanwhile, set a record high on Friday, with Class A shares closing up $1,629.80 at $270,000.

- Berkshire profit falls as underwriting loss offsets railroad gains

That's a krappy 0.93% operating profit for the quarter.

What HAS achieved the 20% p.a. growth is the price of Berkshire Hathaway shares, despite paying NO DIVIDEND.

It's yet another way the goons & thugs defraud the sheeple, by suckering them into a Ponzi scheme that doesn't even have a pay-out. The only way to make money from BH shares is to find a greater fool to buy them off you.

Furthermore, his best decades were after Bretton Woods in 1944 and the biggest default in history, when war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold. So his performance and that of BH shares has been based on inflation.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average didn't pretend to do anything much except track how shares were doing, as a whole.

And that's a lie too. All the indices have periodic adjustments, getting rid of badly performing companies and introducing up and coming ones. So the indices have a bias towards rising ever higher.

His idea became known as the efficient markets hypothesis.

Another lie! All the markets are rigged!

And while some did, good performance often didn't last. There's a lot of luck involved, and it's hard to distinguish that luck from skill.

Another lie! Luck is only a factor because the retail investor doesn't have all the facts all the time and because all the markets are rigged.
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Another Bigoted Propaganda Piece by China-Bashing Asia Times Online

Once known as “the land of a million elephants”, Laos is fast selling the last of its great beasts to Chinese circuses, zoos and wildlife parks
. . .
Chinese buyers are reportedly paying as much as US$25,000 per elephant for use in Chinese circuses, zoos and conservation parks as show animals, according to wildlife investigators and conservationists who track the mostly underground trade.

- China buys out a mammoth source of Lao pride

So now buying elephants for circuses is supposedly a bad thing.

The Anglo even depict circus elephants in cartoons such as Dumbo, so have long exploited elephants. Several years ago, they smeared asian nations for "bear baiting". Yet those who earn their living thus have been impoverished by the Anglo infestation of Asia. Furthermore, bear-baiting was a practice created by the Anglo who also hunted animals for sport and often mounting animal heads on plaques as trophies.

Neither does the propaganda article point out that China has crushed ivory and bans the sale of ivory, but Poodleville continues to be the main venue for ivory sales.

Similarly, they lambaste Japan for hunting whales, despite even having literature featuring their own activities such as Moby Díck.

They criticise China for pollution, having spent centuries polluting the planet and continuing to do so. China, at least is the World's largest producer of actual goods, rather than indolent timewasters driving cars made by the Axis powers of WW2.

Both native Americans and native Australians looked after the environments. The Anglos, having thieved them, completely devastated them.

China has been investing in african nations, with the result that the anglo/zionist propaganda rags have been referring to "neo-colonialism", which is just fair trade. African leaders are more likely to say, "We have nothing to lose but our chains."
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Well Duh!

Two days before Lincoln’s inauguration as the 16th President, Congress, consisting only of the Northern states, passed overwhelmingly on March 2, 1861, the Corwin Amendment that gave constitutional protection to slavery.
. . .
Princeton historian, Pulitzer Prize winner, Lincoln Prize winner, president of the American Historical Association, and member of the editorial board of Encyclopedia Britannica, James M. McPherson, in his book based on the correspondence of one thousand soldiers from both sides, What They Fought For, 1861-1865, reports that they fought for two different understandings of the Constitution.

- The So-Called Civil War Was Not Over Slavery

But isn't there a much more obvious clue; one side was called the "Confederacy", the other was called the "Union".

It's not as though the Great Satan cared about blacks. They started eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late"! One blonde woman with an amerikan accent stood up on the state-run BBC's heavily controlled Question Time propaganda programme and as the closing credits started to roll shouted out that the Great Satan is the most evil nation on the planet. Like Poodleville's "finest hour", the amerikan one is also A.W.O.L.

So-called "alt-right" groups now appear to be jewish, such as Breitbart News set up by a Jew.

The alt-left are the traditional brain-washed crowd labouring under decades of propaganda that called the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany "fascist".
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Yet More Shameful History for "Perfidious Albion"
- "Dunkirk" panned as another white-wash of history

Poodleville's "finest hour" has yet to be discovered. If they ever find it, I doubt it will be a whole hour; perhaps a minute or two at best. The more you learn about their history, the more the trend is re-inforced. This is why they lie that China's century of humiliation was the century of "shame" and why their so-called historians are, by necessity, liars.

Treachery, ruthlessness, callousness, dishonesty, cowardice, greed, thuggery; everything they hold dear; not one redeeming characteristic.

They slaughtered their greek allies, the communist youths as soon as the Germans were defeated: "Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret" as well as the French just to ensure the shipping was scuttled: "Rethinking Churchill" and using their own as shielding on the Lusitania as well as on hospital boats during WW2. They been at war every year since 1914, excepting 1968 and started eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late". When they banned slavery after 350 years, they compensated the slave owners, not the victims. They continue to parasite with the "worthless paper" USD imposed on the World at the point of a gun and two World wars. After WW2, they sold out the Polish such that China was in Poodleville's victory parade but the Poles weren't despite clearly being depicted in movies such as the Battle of Poodleville as heroic allies. When they allowed their own to be used as cannon-fodder such as against the Zulu, they then awarded medals for the officers who allowed such slaughter. They also shot their own officers for "cowardice" during WW1.

When China hosted the 2008 Olympics she produced a display of her history in the closing ceremony.

The Anglos tried to copy this with the 2012 Olympics but could only produce the lie of the "Industrial Revolution", when the REAL reason they got rich was by plundering Africa, India and China.

Obnoxious, speciesist and moron, Nigel Farage, who has had Michel Barnier whisper in his ear something that was "not complimentary", has endorsed nationalistic movie, "Dunkirk". But China's viewers have found the movie not only krappy, but YET ANOTHER white-wash of poodle history: "Harold Alexander is known for running away," a report on Tencent subsidiary website, wrote, adding that in March 1942, when the general was fighting against the Japanese army in Burma (today's Myanmar) together with the Chinese army, he oversaw an evacuation that allowed a large amount of equipment and arms to fall into Japanese hands and led to mass casualties for Chinese forces. It is estimated that only 40,000 troops of the 100,000 strong Chinese expeditionary force survived the evacuation.

One of the netizens who protested against Dunkirk, Mr_A Zheng posted on Sina Weibo that he hoped moviegoers would first learn about the general's history before going to the cinema.

"Do not be misled by this film. The truth is that the British used and then sold out our expeditionary force. Now they want to glorify themselves," he wrote.

- 'Dunkirk' sees lukewarm reception as some Chinese moviegoers accuse film of trying to paint over Britain's past
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Yet More Anglo/Zionist Book-Burning
- part 1

The Hollywood propaganda movie, India Jones and the Last Crusade, has Sean Connery referring to the Germans as book-burners. Yet the usual reason for burning books is to hide a superior species. This was depicted in the closing scenes of the movie, Planet of the Apes, when one of the elder apes admitted he'd known all along of a superior human species that pre-dated the apes.

You have to ask why the Germans would burn books when they are highly intelligent and educated and probably wrote a lot of those books. The Anglos even admit Germans are more intelligent than themselves.

The Anglos, however, pre-planned the vandalisation of India's language and culture before they infested and they have committed what native Americans in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada call "cultural genocide", with the brain-washing in their white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun systems.

Here's the Quackonomist, which one economist referred to as a "statist rag" denying just one of China's recent achievements: Finally, theories that touch on the composition of dark matter (of which supersymmetry is one, but not the only one) have also suffered blows in the past few years. The existence of this mysterious stuff, which is thought to make up almost 85% of the matter in the universe, can be inferred from its gravitational effects on the motion of galaxies. Yet no experiment has glimpsed any of the menagerie of hypothetical particles physicists have speculated might compose it.
- Fundamental physics is frustrating physicists

Unlike the Higgs Boson or the gravitational waves, China's achievements are completely ignored: A Chinese team has detected what may be the first trace of dark matter, one of the great mysteries of astronomy and physics. . . . Scientists believe that for the first time they have been able to “weigh” the mass of dark matter.
- Nine ways Chinese scientists pushed the envelope in 2017, South China Morning Post

If confirmed, this easily deserves a Nobel prize as does China's Micius quantum communication satellite which has already performed a secure, 20 minute video link with Austria: Referring to news last June that China had successfully tested quantum communication between a satellite and a ground station, chief executive of cyber security firm Symantec Gregory Clark said, “I read that on a Sunday and went, ‘oh sh-t.’”
- China’s quantum strides a new ‘Sputnik moment’ for US

This is the stuff of science-fiction and paves the way for instantaneous communications in outer space as depicted in the Star Trek movies. This is ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING for a Nobel prize.

Despite Pan Jianwei being a professor in his own right, the anglo/zionist book-burners tried to award his former professor with the credit for Pan's work. By contrast, despite Einstein's teachers saying he was stupid, they don't credit any of his professors for the work that he plagiarised off Poincare and de Pretto. They're now calling gravitational waves, "Einstein waves", despite the effects of colliding super-dense neutron stars being predictable by anyone with a basic understanding of gravity.

Similarly, when Beijing hospital's work with stem cell cures had Anglos travelling thousands of miles to Beijing to get treatment, Poodleville's state-owned Channel 4 smeared the hospital in a documentary, claiming there were no discernible benefits, thereby suggesting it was fraudulent and voodoo cures. They failed to mention the amerikan teenager who had 20/2000 vision but who passed her driving test a year after treatment. This is like the miracle cures that Jesus Christ was supposed to have performed and like the Micius communications satellite is ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING for a Nobel Prize. Only when a spanish and swiss clinic had copied Beijing did the anglo/zionist propaganda call it "pioneering".

But under "jewish socialism", which is sad little bastardry and  war criminal, Winston Turdhill, complained was the "impossible equality" in "Zionism vs Bolshevism", the white-supremacist propaganda instead only offers a Nobel prize to Tu You You for the re-discovery of the ancient artemisin cure for Malaria. This was one of the priceless documents in China's Summer Palace, which the anglo book-burning barbarian, Lord Elgin (the son of the thief who thieved the marbles of the Parthenon) had missed when these sub-human skank burned and looted the Palace.

Even then, artemisin is not just a treatment for malaria but an actual cure tha works in a matter of hours and is almost 100% effective. Anglo/amerikan snake-oil is often far less effective and the website claims that most cancers would cure themselves without western snake-oil, as well as claiming that mercury based vaccines are lethal and often ineffective.

So, by awarding a Nobel prize for researching old archives, it de-emphasizes China's genuinely FREAKIN' ASTOUNDING achievements, which are, instead smeared and ignored. Similarly, Professor Hwang Woo-Suk's work on cloning deserved a Nobel prize but was, instead, sabotaged by the appropriately-named amerikan Gerald Schatten. But a quack in the illegitimate state of New Izrael was recently awarded a Nobbled prize for discovering a five-sided molecule, having previously discovered his own back-side using only one hand.

With the anglo/amerikan edukashun systems exposed as white-supremacist apartheid systems, the anglo/zionist propaganda rags are now peddling the bigotry of gender inequality. That's like war criminals, Malcolm Rifkind and Billy Jefferson Hague, claiming they weren't accepting bribes from a chinese businessman (who else?) because they were both lying. Compare and contrast that to the NY maid who failed to jail rutting ape, DSK, because she was deemed to be too untrustworthy to get a criminal trial but who won her civil trial instead in much the same way that the lawyers for the victims of Jon Corzine's robbery at MF Global, deliberately filed the wrong law-suit so that he avoided jail too. Although they ARE genuinely sexist too, it's like Liam Neeson's comment in "Taken" when a gangster claimed the kidnapping of his daughter was nothing personal.

Once again, the anglo/zionist gangsters are experimenting with eugenics: "Support for eugenics never really went away, but this is how it's becoming mainstream again"

But, despite the previous failures, what can a species which is LITERALLY barbarian do, stop breeding and cheating at everything? And what kind of species of dumbass breeds themselves weaker? Instead, there's nothing the anglo/zionist gangsters can do except to continue fornicating themselves as a species. Even Amerikans are now admitting the Great Satan Empire is imploding. A century of "worthless paper" USD or "jew confetti" as the Germans called it, is also finished.

Poodleville has successfully developed krapware offering HALF the speed of fibre-optics so that it can save a little cash by retaining copper cables. This is why Douglas Adams depicted the Anglo as "Arthur Dent" and as "slug-brained" Vogons, "know-nothing f***wits" and gynnantonix drinking "useless bloody loonies"

But Huawei has already completed tests on 5G promising up to 50 times fibre-optic speeds ("Huawei completes 5G core network technical verification test"), so the Anglo clowns have done nothing other than waste time, money and effort. What next a dial-up modem offering 20kbps? This is why the Great Satan uses protectionism: Mike Rogers, the former congressman who chaired the House intelligence committee lamented, “given current market trends, it’s hard to imagine Huawei not being the only option in 10 years.
- Huawei deal to sell phones through AT&T collapses

Having lost the European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam and the European Banking Authority to Paris, they've now lost the GPS security centre too: "Brexit blow as satellite monitoring centre moves from UK to Spain"

Similarly, in Poodleville, if you buy something off an Anglo they will thank you prefusely for allowing them to rip you off. In other words, these beggars don't want to offend China by claiming Huawei will thieve I.P. (Ed Snowden revealed Cisco routers had bugs implanted by the NSA) which is why war criminal, The Donald, explicitly demanded a fishing-trip to find something he could use against China. As China's GDP in 2017 registered almost $13trn, the poodle state, despite including prostitution in poodle GDP statistics, now admit they're headed in the opposite direction with the sixth largest quackonomy behind France and buy the Hinckley Point nukilar reactor off France and China with a hire/purchase agreement.

It's also why the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense has lied (SHOCK, HORROR!) about the speeds available on 4G and 5G: How fast is 5G?
Mobile download speeds

4G (LTE)
5G (theoretical)

- BT's mobile unit wades into 5G battle against Three

Get that? You're supposed to believe that 4G and 5G have precise round-numbered speeds! And just as they cite trade flows through the South China Sea being threatened by China, it's BT and NOT Three which wants to slow down the implementation of 5G.
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