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Baby suspected as terrorist and summoned to US embassy [Copy link] 中文

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(the Telegraph)

A three month old baby was summoned to the US embassy in London after his grandfather accidentally ticked a box claiming the youngster was a terrorist.
Paul Kenyon, the grandfather, had planned to fly his family to Florida for holiday, but accidentally ticked yes on the question "Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?" on the baby's ESTA  form, a form needed for entry into the US.
The baby's application was refused and he was asked to attend a grilling from US officials in London.
The incidence cost Kenyon an extra £3,000 as he had to pay for extra flights so that the baby could still come with the family.
Kenyon couldn't believe the US embassy couldn't see it as a genuine mistake. A real terrorist wouldn't tick yes on the question, he said, adding that the only thing the baby's ever sabotaged is a few nappies.

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You carn't trust thoes babies

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This is fake news to make US look silly.

No Embassy could be that simple minded

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double post

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emanreus Post time: 2017-4-19 02:32
This is fake news to make US look silly.

No Embassy could be that simple minded

Probably not fake.

Problems in Canada as well.

No-fly list flags more Canadian toddlers as security risks
Children still in diapers flagged as potential airline security threats.

The parents of two Canadian-born boys — both younger than three — say their children have been flagged on the "no-fly list" as potential security risks since they were newborns.

They told CBC News about their children's experiences after seeing the story of a Markham, Ont., boy whose name triggered a security alert when checking in for a flight at Toronto's Pearson airport.
Zamir Khan of London, Ont. says his son Sebastian was first flagged on the no-fly list when he was six weeks old, and it has happened every time he flies with the boy, now 21 months old.

"We were told our son's name is on a governmental-watch list, and a phone call has to be placed to verify that he is not the actual threat that is listed," Khan told CBC News in a phone interview.

He said it typically takes 15 to 20 minutes for the airline to receive the all-clear that the boy is not a security risk, even though the child is sometimes asleep in a car seat.

"It's a bit humiliating," Khan said. "Primarily we worry that this is only going to get worse for him as he gets older."

Khudija Vawda of Toronto said the security delay first happened with her son, Naseer Muhammad Ali, when he was 10 weeks old. He's now about to turn three.  

"It makes me mad," Vawda told CBC News by phone. "I'm born in Canada, my husband's born in Canada, my son's born in Canada, and just because of the name he can be profiled like that, it just makes me angry."

Syed Adam Ahmed, 6, of Markham, Ont. was travelling with his father to see the Montreal Canadiens play the Boston Bruins in the NHL Winter Classic on New Year's Day. His father tweeted a photo of the computer screen showing the boy had been flagged on the "Deemed High Profile" list. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has promised to review the case.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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emanreus Post time: 2017-4-19 15:32
This is fake news to make US look silly.

No Embassy could be that simple minded
No Embassy could be that simple minded

You think. They probably report to the genius who put the question there in the first place.
(mostly harmless)

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teatree16 Post time: 2017-4-19 23:16
It's not a good idea travelling to north America from now on?  Panic attack might be in place for ca ...

It never was,
didn't you hear about the latest:

To meet Revenue Canada’s criteria, the taxpayer must initiate the voluntary disclosure.

The disclosure must include enough details to allow all of the facts to be verified.

The taxpayer must pay the total amount of any taxes and interest owing at the time of disclosure, or make acceptable payment arrangements.

Non-Canadian residents who have a Canadian tax liability because they previously lived in Canada or have Canadian source income qualify for the Canadian Tax Amnesty. Your file will be handled in Ottawa instead of the local taxation office.

Filing your tax return after the due date incurs a late filing penalty of 10% of the unpaid taxes. This penalty amount then incurs interest. For repeat late filers the penalty is increased.

I can see a lot of sleepless nights here, Asians having a 2nd passport and reside in Canada.
Actually, they went  step further as uncle sam did.

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