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Can we trust the Western media?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2017-4-7 09:48
I concur.The West's media are made by people, and people never are perfect. Certain other parts of ...

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-4-8 00:45
Left-right is not "nonsense". It includes substantial differences of social and economic policy. O ...

Of course left-right is nonsense - it is something that capitalists have invented to frame public opinion.

The French Revolutionary era was where the terms Left-wing politics and Right-wing politics first originated. The reason for the terms to become used at all was the seating of the ancien régime of France at that time. The aristocrats sat on the right, and the commoners sat on the left.


What were the Nazi party? Left or right? why dont you explain to me what the difference between the left and right is. I bet you cannot.

The general consensus among political scientists is that "left wing" includes liberals, progressives, socialists and communists, and the "right wing" includes conservatives, traditionalists, reactionaries and fascists.

Do you have a better definition than that? Because the 'general consensus' among 'political scientists' is pretty crap isnt it?

When I was about 10 or so I asked my working class father what was the difference between the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Liberal Party and he told me that "The Labor Party is for people that are poor and the Liberal Party is for people that are rich." A perfect definition. So with so-called 'Left' being for the poor and so-called 'Right' being for the rich there is a big problem because there are more workers (poor) than there is owners (rich) ( When I pressed my father further he impressed upon me that the Liberal Party was an "owners" party and the Labor party was a "workers" party. )

This owners vs workers stuff is not good for the owners is it?

The original 'liberals' were bourgeois middle class right? Workers. And they overthrew Nobility/Aristocracy (owners) by fooling the poor (workers) into help them - and that is why liberalism is associated with the left. The Australian 'Liberal Party' are a 'conservative' owners/right party right? Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull calls himself a 'liberal'. This is part of a thread that I wrote for China Daily Forum after Turnbull backstabbed Abbott to take the position of PM from him in a backroom Liberal Party vote -

I dont really pay much attention to Turnbull at all and I dont think many people in Australia really do because most have little interest in politics. People will say that Americans do not follow politics very much but in Australia almost nobody does and we do not have 'registered' voters because we are all forced to vote. In USA they will have registered Republicans or Democrats. You can become a member of Liberal or Labor but really nobody does. We are far less partisan and basically Australians see politics here as the Liberal Party being for the rich and the Labor party being for the workers. That is how it has been in the past but in modern times the Labor Party seems to think that it is the US Democrat party and they spend far more time on nonsense like climate change or gay marriage or whatever liberal nonsense America is pushing as a wedge go nowhere issue. Nobody in Australia could really care less about this liberal nonsense at the end of the day and what we care about is our lives. We do not want to pay high energy costs or reduce our carbon footprint because of 'climate change' and while most support gay marriage it is not really something that people think about when they vote. People vote so that things will be better for them. Or womens nonsense is another thing that the Labor party craps on about all the time but who really cares about that? 'Feminists'? It is bullcrap that comes from America. The idea is to focus on gays or females or black people and this way they can ignore real social issues like improving things for people that are in poverty. Instead of caring about low skilled workers - we should only care about them if they are black, gay, female or transgender apparently. This is the point. That way poverty remains for the majority and we get nonsense 'affirmative action' for the minorities. It is liberal bullcrap that comes from the American Democrat party. The majority hate liberalism in the west these days.

So it seems funny that all the hype about our new PM is that Malcolm Turnbull is a liberal. The media keeps stressing that Malcolm Turnbull is a liberal. Now most Aussies have no idea what this means. You can ask most Aussies what is left or right in politics and they will have no idea what you are talking about. So to crap on about how Malcolm Turnbull is a liberal makes no sense at all in my opinion. Aussies will think - "......yeah, he is in the Liberal Party isnt he?". See in Australia or Liberal Party is the conservative party. But now we are hearing bullcrap like that the Liberal Party is like an "eagle that has two wings - one wing is liberalism - and the other is conservatism". Umm.... ok then. What American is telling these people to say this?

These people are ludicrous. Apparently the liberal party cannot fly without both the conservative wing as well as the liberal wing flapping together. Few Aussies have read up on John Locke if you know what I am saying. Plus modern liberalism has nothing to do with US style 'libertarianism'. So apparently our PM is an American Democrat is what our media is trying to tell us.

So if anyone is confused - and most Aussies would be if they were paying any attention at all - which few are - what these Americans that are directing our Australian political class are trying to tell us is that Malcolm Turnbull is an American libertarian. Not a modern liberal leftist. So your modern American libertarian politician hates 'big government' whatever that is - and they want small government. Apparently they became politicians because they hate the government - .... so they became politicians to become part of government.... but umm... only to reduce its size .... - and of course - to promote liberty. LIBERTY everybody! FEEDOM says Malcolm Turnbull apparently. So what exactly is all of this bullcrap with Turnbull all about exactly?

Like I said - most Aussies see the Liberal Party as the party for the wealthy and Tony Abbott as PM has well and truly reinforced that to Aussies. While in power Abbott made a budget that attacked every Aussie that wasnt wealthy. So this is still the plan with Turnbull of course but apparently some clever Mericans have come up with this fantastic idea that Malcolm Turnbull is actually not a right-wing conservative that hates everyone that isnt wealthy - oh no - Turnbull is some lovely big hearted angel that is liberal. But again - Aussies dont know what that means. Aussies will only pay attention to what Turnbull does - not what he or the media says. It doesnt matter what he calls himself. We are Australian - not American.

- ChinaDailyBBS

So, are you smelling what capitalists selling? Are you starting to get it?

continued -

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-4-8 00:45
Left-right is not "nonsense". It includes substantial differences of social and economic policy. O ...


So a 'socialist' is 'Left' right? But what do capitalists call socialists? Capitalists call socialists "extreme left" dont they? Or 'radical'. Right? And it is the same with anything that goes out of the capitalist frame on the so-called 'Right' side of politics isnt it? whatever is not acceptable to capitalists on the right is deemed by them to be 'extreme right' or 'radical right'. Right? Do you see how capitalists frame opinion to achieve desired capitalist outcomes? Are you starting to smell it? Can you small the capitalist bullcrap yet?

And what is all this nonsense that fall under acceptable left-right politics for capitalists? It is all neoliberalism isnt it? You should read my blog titled 'What is a liberal'. The only true 'conservative' is a Monarchist isnt it? Isnt it? Anyway - both modern left and right political parties are neoliberal arent they? And this has been blindingly clear and undeniable since the Reagan/Thatcher era. The start of the Reagan/Thatcher era was the beginning of the capitalist ratcheting to counter what Thatcher called socialist ratcheting that had been happening since WW2 ( which was fought to prevent 'socialists'/workers from overthrowing capitalist liberals. When the masses got back the workers in France even would work as servants would they? So the wealthy French had to bring in so-called 'au pairs' from the poor East. In British stock nations the capitalists tried to %$%$ the workers after the war even though these workers had just won a war for them - but ..... workers had just beaten the Nazi and capitalists were a bit weary of going to hard against them - and that is why we got the so-called 'socialist ratchet' which led to the realization of all core socialist ideals like the welfare state and workers rights/protections through unionization - and Nationalization of utilities and key industry. Up until the Reagan/Thatcher era the workers were winning werent they? The workers had won because a society was created that gave security to all workers - and if some wealthy guy told us to shine their shoes we would break their nose.

So then you get the fall of the USSR which allowed the neoliberals to successfully argue against the 'socialist ratchet' and for privatization of all that workers had nationalized since WW2, to argue against the welfare state, to argue against all that workers had fought so hard to bring about so that poor western workers had secure lives and were not having to shine the shoe of a capitalist so they did not starve or become homeless. And look at capitalists now talking up their so-called 'shared/gig economy' where desperate workers/slaves will be lining up for a gig shining a capitalists shoe so they can feed themselves or their children.

So Americans come up with this idea of making left/right all about social issues so that there were no longer workers parties on the left only parties like the modern American democrats that put all focus on social issues and then blame the majority white working class for all of these problems - pushing the worker to the 'Right' and that is why we have people like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity pretending to be for the working class on Fox News that is media for the American right. Working class 'Irish-American' Bill O'Reilly' and Sean Hannity... When I first realized that a large percentage of the working class Americans vote for the conservative (owners) Republican Party I thought that Americans must be dumber than I had previously thought. Americans dont really like to use the term 'working class' either do they - they prefer 'blue collar' and to complete that frame is the 'white collar'. You are one or the other right? I mean there is nothing about 'white collar' workers is there? We are all workers right? Some are left and some are right. Right? It really is unfortunate that in places like Australia the workers parties are called Labour/Labor isnt it? Labourers/workers parties. We cant be having workers parties can we? Oh no - they must all turn into American Democrats and put all focus on nothing social issues rather than to represent actual workers - unless the 'workers' are paid off university educated 'workers' that have been smothered in greed and now live like Gods being able to afford a Sugar Baby or daughter of a worker with just a small percentage of their yearly wage. capitalists wont get any trouble from the university educated will they? They will stay in the capitalist frame. They got Sugar Babies ( daughters of workers ) and anything else they want. These people all vote left and against the worker right? They are all going to vote for Hillary Clinton right? They all voted against Brexit right? And is it really because they are not racists? Are these university educated scumbags really so stupid? Or do they know exactly who they are voting against? And for.

Did you hear Romney making that private speech where he is talking about what a capitalist paradise China is? Romney loved how all the desperate Chinese workers lined up for factory jobs. It is all about security you see. The more desperate the capitalist makes the worker the more likely they are to shine or capitalists shoe - or have a daughter that will become a Sugar Baby of a capitalist or some educated 'professional'. Gotta wing back that socialist ratchet.

What is a liberal? Left or right? What was a Nazi? Left or right? Do you agree with modern consensus of capitalist political scientists?

Did you read Animal Farm at school? Did they make you read it in English like they made me? Socialism/Communism is bad right? I learned that in capitalist school. Did you read The Silver Sword in school? The Nazi/National Socialists were bad right? I read about it in capitalist school. ..... And you think that there is freedom of thought in capitalist society? You are kidding yourself my capitalist friend. You are brainwashed as hell.

And 'democracy'? Democracy hey? Read about that. The Plebs always hated so-called 'Democracy' didnt they? What is 'democracy' other than a tool used by the rulers/owners to maintain control of society. Gotta watch out for those dangerous 'populists' right? Best idea is to have the Senate stab them to death if they try to give security to the masses by taking from the rulers. Stab them to death. Thats the ticket. Works every time. There are no old populist leaders? Umm yeah ... because if they are true populists the wealthy will have them stabbed to death right? It isnt the masses that kill them. Ha. Democracy. The masses were happy as hell that Caesar saved them from the Senate werent they? So he had to be stabbed. Same with Tiberius Gracchus. And Donald trump is a populist is he? HAAAA! There is no Lex Sempronia coming from trump is there? That would cause problems for his trump Vineyards that are worked by Mexican guest workers. The wealthy arent going to stab Trump are they? They love him! DEOMOCRACY!!!? You are seriously brainwashed buddy. You need a reeducation.

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coralbay Post time: 2017-4-7 22:42
Most certainly you won't find much truthfulness on fourth day of the six month in any given year . ...

But before 1989therewas no such limitation...

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The Policy & Propaganda machine of the Capitalist Imperialist West ...., and their News Media ....., dance tango.

And you can always tell whether a country is willing to bend over for the West or not. If they are, and they're complete tools, then ANYTHING they do would be covered up. If they aren't, then we get stories, through Western news media, about how "bad" and "mean" they are.

Good to know that if the (Western Government & ) Western News Media says 'These are Good guys/nations', then you better watch out, because they might as well be as bad as one can be, and if the (Western Government &) Western News Media says 'These are bad guys/nations', then you better pay attention to, because they might as well be as good as one can be.

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chinoamigo Post time: 2017-5-12 09:28
The Policy & Propaganda machine of the Capitalist Imperialist West ...., and their News Media .... ...

Even better to know is that the West has liberated many Barbarian peoples from beingt benighted, cruel to one another, cannibals.

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This post was edited by CuriousGeorge at 2017-5-21 02:29
chinoamigo Post time: 2017-5-12 09:28
The Policy & Propaganda machine of the Capitalist Imperialist West ...., and their News Media .... ...

   Bulleyes! That's how I got my news right; if they say 'this is good', then I take it with a grain of salt, and if they say 'bad', then I think may be if it is bad for them then it's not necessarily bad for the world, ah ha.  

There ain't no such thing as IDEOLOGY in the heart & soul of Colonialist-turned Capitalist Imperialism, other than chasing and following the self-interest of greed & extraction of great wealth.

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