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Should America Be the Global Sheriff?   [Copy link] 中文

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Should the United States, with its enormous military might, act as a world policeman, policing the world's trouble spots?
If yes, why America failed as Global Sheriff?

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they DID and will  faile as Global Sheriff...

As # 16 said:
China  take more responsibility in maintaining a peaceful world by using a more welcoming practical approach?

YES, China should;  in maintaining a peaceful world by using a bigger STICK.

No other language is understood by the 'GLOBAL SHERIFF'.

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The USA can hardly function as a country, how can the USA masquerade as an empire?

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No.  Absolutely not.  Especially now.  There can be no trust in Trump to do the right thing.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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In most successful countries, a key feature of governance is separation of powers. In essence this means, that key responsibilities of the government are separated from each other, the respective powers given to different people, and most importantly interference between powers is restricted.

The three main powers are legislative, executive, and judiciary powers.

Legislators make laws, but they don't enforce them.

State cabinet or other rulers implement the laws, for example by deciding how big police force is needed.

Judiciary courts oversee that laws are correcly inplemented and followed.

Chinese authorities and leaders also agree, that for example judicial independence (without government officials interfering in trials) is important and should be improved in the country.

In concept of international politics and "policing", same principles should apply. There are international laws and regulations that must be followed. If some country or group within country breaks those rules, then someone, or the whole world together, should act as police to see that criminal activities are stopped and criminals are punished.

But understandably China fails to follow this principle. I say understandably, because even though Chinese leaders agree that these principles should be also implemented in China, there is still long way to go. Until China can get its own act together in this perspective, I think it is understandable that China does not want to interfere in "other countries' affairs", even if those countries break some international laws.

Separation of powers in international context dictates, that if some laws are made together then everyone should follow those laws. If you disagree with some law, you can try to get the law changed, but until it is changed you are expected to follow the law that exists.

China's diplomatic reality has been cherry picking international laws that favor its own goals.

While contributing to global governance, China should be careful to not contribute the world the same same imperfections that made China a corrupt country.

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