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The war between President Trump and US media   [Copy link] 中文

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dusty1 Post time: 2017-2-27 03:03
Trump wants the Chinese model of media control

He is already well on the way in doing so. That is how Hitler began his reign in Nazi Germany.

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dusty1 Post time: 2017-2-27 03:03
Trump wants the Chinese model of media control

But nobody elected the globalist elites who own, control and use their "Fake News" media to promote their globalist agenda against the Nation-States of the West. The globalist elites want to undermine the national sovereignty of the USA by attacking the  US President who had the legal authority and political duty to enforce the laws of the USA in matters affecting illegal immigration, stateless refugees, national security, etc.

Trump is merely trying to implement policies that would enforce the existing laws of the USA.

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It's common these days for liberals to confuse a news commentary, with news reporting....
The situation on the ground has changed considerably since these regulations were introduced; the regulations need to change to suit the times. In the early days of broadcasting, TV was virtually the only source of news for the reading challenged, and it made sense to introduce regulations designed to ensure a diversity of local broadcasters.

Now the danger is the exact opposite. There are so many sources of news that people can find a source that conforms to their own prejudices. This creates a self reinforcing feedback loop where the news reinforces each persons pre-existing opinions. So the danger from which the government must protect the general public is an over-diversity of opinion. The proposed regulation changes do not go far enough.

Luckily, the regulations can be set right by simply changing the word ‘cap’ to ‘floor’ – no company may be allowed to broadcast until they own a minimum number of TV stations that broadcast to at least 39% of all national households. This will please those who believe in the necessity of regulations and will also please the large networks – so everyone will be happy. People will henceforth get their news from a source that serves the broader community rather than some tiny slice of it promoted by a special interest narrowcaster that distorts reality to promote its own parochial point of view.

A house united by a single point of view cannot fall.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  Rated R, Parental Guidance Suggested....

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This is a fake war. Ever since Newt Gingrich won a GOP debate in 2012 by calling out the media the Republican Party have known that this is a winner and no matter who won the nomination they were going to be at 'war with the media'. The media and political class are still in collusion and if you cant see that then you are a total goofball or you are complicit because you are doing well out of capitalist society and you dont care.

Why would NBC give an interview to Nazi Richard Spencer after he apparently had his 'credentials revoked' and was ejected from CPAC? Why is NBC giving this guy a platform? It is because the entire story is fake news and this Richard Spencer person is acting as controlled opposition for the CIA. Richard Spencer speaks for the extremist Neo Nazi of USA apparently and he will say and do whatever the CIA want him to do. Right now the Republican Party needs to seperate itself from extremist racists and that is the point of the fake news story about Richard Spencer being ejected from CPAC. Richard Spencer was not asked to speak at CPAC and was paying to go as a member of the public so there were no 'credentials' to revoke - and what law exactly was used to have Richard Spencer escorted from the hotel anyway? This story is the most obvious and ludicrous fake news I have ever seen and it is as if the CIA is not even trying anymore. They are utterly ridiculous. But yeah, why is NBC giving this Nazi a platform? Who would even know that the Republican Party have finally separated themselves from their Neo Nazi 'alt right' supporters if NBC did not give this Nazi a platform? Trump and his friends in the 'liberal' media need us all to know that the Republican Party rejects Nazis dont they? NBC was helping the Republican Party and Donald Trump by reporting this fake news story werent they? There is a Neo Nazi leader in USA that is not controlled opposition for the CIA you know and there is no way that NBC or any other corporate media will give him a platform because he will not do and say whatever the CIA tells him to. Do you fools really believe that that Tommy character that was the leader of the EDL in England was not controlled opposition working for the British intelligence services? Are you people really that stupid? Only controlled opposition get a platform in capitalist corporate media. Richard Spencer works for the CIA/capitalists. He is no Neo Nazi. Donald Trump himself is controlled opposition. DerrRRrrrrRRrrr. What hope is there when you people are all so very stupid? That is what I wonder.

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This post was edited by HailChina! at 2017-2-27 05:15

If a lie is big enough then nobody will believe that it is not true.

I am paraphrasing but Hitler said that in Mein Kampf.

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I think it is very sensible for Trump to avoid this so-called 'correspondents dinner' because it is a big disgusting party for the 'elite' media and political class where they all joke and laugh together about how they are all lying to the masses. And they do it in front of us all. The first time I saw this I could not believe it. Americans are %$%$ing idiots. Its all a big joke to these people folks. Who is hosting this year? Conan OBrien again?

These big fancy walking pig parties that the capitalist political and media class throw for themselves are dangerous at this point. So yes it is a great idea for Donald Trump to avoid this years big walking pig party. Good thinking Donald Trump!

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Nixon & Spiro Egnew made the same mistake.

In his heyday, Mr. Agnew was bolstered by the confrontational writing skills of such White House speechwriters as Mr. Buchanan, who penned ''pusillanimous pussyfooters'' and ''vicars of vacillation,'' and by William Safire, now a columnist for The New York Times, who crafted ''nattering nabobs of negativism.'' But Mr. Agnew's zest in wielding these denunciations in the cut-and-thrust of politics was all his own, electrifying and polarizing the nation.

One speech in particular, an excoriation of the ''instant analysis'' of political speeches by television anchors, written by Mr. Buchanan, was delivered so effectively by Mr. Agnew that it set off deep debate about responsibility in the news industry.

''Ted got into politics through the P.T.A.,'' recalled his wife of 54 years, the former Elinor Isabel Judefind, known as Judy. ''He kind of spread out.''

Well tailored, friendly and attentive to detail, he rose in public service from three years as a party appointee on a local zoning board to four years as elected Baltimore County Executive, chief of the suburb that borders the city of Baltimore, and then the governorship.

He was born in Baltimore on Nov. 9, 1918, and reared in the inner city, but moved out to the suburbs in the post-immigrant wave of successful migration.

A public school graduate, Mr. Agnew entered Johns Hopkins University to major in chemistry but then moved on to night school at the University of Baltimore Law School while he worked as an insurance company clerk by day.

In 1942, Mr. Agnew began three years of Army service, graduating from Officer Training School and serving as a company commander with the 10th Armored Division. He saw action in four World War II campaigns and earned the Bronze Star. After the war, he completed his law degree and worked in a variety of jobs, finally moving to the suburbs and finding his way into and soon upward in Republican Party politics.

Out Front in Battle To Win Public Opinion

In office, Mr. Agnew quickly built upon his public persona, as the news media covered his controversy-etched speeches as closely as Mr. Nixon's. He derided war protesters as ''an effete corps of impudent snobs,'' and television commentators as ''a tiny fraternity of privileged men elected by no one and enjoying a monopoly sanctioned and licensed by the government.''

His barbed criticism of news organizations put them on the defensive and in the awkward position of having to report news about themselves and, Mr. Agnew's partisans maintained, even helped prod such changes as wider-ranging editorial pages and columnists.

Vice President Agnew assailed The Washington Post and The New York Times, declaring, ''The American people should be made aware of the trend toward the monopolization of the great public information vehicles and the concentration of power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands.''

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, president and publisher of The Times, responded that Mr. Agnew spoke in error ''when he implies that The New York Times ever sought or enjoyed immunity from comment or criticism.''

The Nixon Administration took comfort as Mr. Agnew scored with parts of the public and heightened his alliterative volleys to near-parody as he denounced ''hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.'' (Years after the Vice President was forced to leave the public stage, Mr. Safire mourned, ''And all alliteration ached.'')

Herbert Klein, the Nixon Administration's director of communications, defended Mr. Agnew's combativeness as a necessary mission ''to explain in a missionary way what Administration policies are and to seek support for them.'' The Vice President ''fills a basic need which the President can't do,'' Mr. Klein added.

With ''God Bless Spiro Agnew'' posters sprouting partisanly across the land, Mr. Agnew did heavy duty in the 1970 off-year elections, attacking Democrats as ''radic-libs'' and even ''ideological eunuchs'' for encouraging protest against the war. Commentators credited him with considerable success as such prominent Democrats as Senator Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee, father of the current Vice President, went down to defeat.

As controversy rose, so did Mr. Agnew's hopes to succeed President Nixon. But a month after taking the oath for a second term, Mr. Agnew was told that a grand jury in Baltimore was looking into charges about his public service there.

He clung to office for another eight months, delivering speeches on his innocence and his refusal to resign even as his lawyers began plea bargaining in the face of Mr. Agnew's possible imprisonment. With classic Nixonian wording, the White House issued a statement vouching for the President's confidence in Mr. Agnew ''during the period that he has served as Vice President.''

In one of his last speeches while in office, Mr. Agnew presented himself to a Los Angeles audience as outraged. He fairly bellowed: ''I will not resign if indicted! I will not resign if indicted!''

But his effort to limit his accountability to political peers in an impeachment proceeding in Congress failed. With his resignation considered a factor in his plea bargain arrangement, Mr. Agnew finally sent Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger a note of concession: ''I hereby resign

He surfaced from time to time in a new life of worldwide business travels and an apparently rich social life with Frank Sinatra and other influential figures in his new California circles.

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