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RAF jets have been scrambled to intercept Russian bomber planes [Copy link] 中文

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dusty1 Post time: 2017-2-28 17:10
You know the political situation in Russia and the Ukraine

The domestic politics of Russia and Ukraine are not the problem. USA must defend Ukraine or it will look weak and be exposed for the non-leader state that it has become. Russia cant take Ukraine because USA will use its influence to isolate Russia from Europe. USA would never go to war with Russia. USA would not defend Ukraine if Russia decided to blitz it. It would be like Crimea. Americans are cowards. Americans do not want to risk it all for Ukrainians. But the scenario would lead into a true Cold War scenario. It would be unavoidable. Russians themselves do not want that. Poland would have a conniption. The only way that it would be possible for Russia to take Ukraine would be if Le Pen wins the French election and Frexits and supports Putin. In this scenario Russia taking the Ukraine is possible but it would be the end of nato and essentially the end of the USA as leader state/reserve currency holder. A scenario like this could make it possible to transition to a new world order without the need for a world war type scenario. The US Military really only needs one significant military defeat and the fall of the Ukraine would be somewhat of a significant defeat. It would change everything. A Fall of Singapore type scenario is needed to make the global community question the reliability of the USA. If handled the right way a scenario like this could spark a true arms race across the entire global community which would be great for all global elites. Elites are civilized and we all want to transition to a globalized/internationalized world economy as cleanly as possible so Russia invading Ukraine right now is out of the question. From my perspective it is all a bit frustrating is all I was saying above.

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HailChina! Post time: 2017-2-20 21:52
Russia is so gay. Why dont they actually do something? Why dont they take Ukraine? So gay.

"why don't Russia do something"
I wholehearted agree. Russia needs to stand up to Washington on the Ukraine issue, no ifs, maybes or buts about it...
Remember: Leonid Brezhnev, 『the most  powerful Russian President,』 more powerful than even Lenin, was Ukrainian and if a Ukrainian ruled over Russia, then, as proven by Darwin's theory of evolution, Ukraine can't be anything but Russian. Same can be said of Stalin's Georgia. Stalin ruled the world from his Kingdom in Moscow. His Georgia, thus, too, has to be Russian.

However, it is my opinion that 『it is ,"NOT" Ukrainian's desire for self determination』 which is the driving force behind this rift that exists between Washington and Moscow. IMHO, it is more Washington's 『conniving means』of breaking Russia up into smaller chunks as a means of taking control of Russia's massive arsenals of nukes which still posts as the most dangerous to the US which is the true culprit to this US-Russian rift, a problem even Trump can't resolve...

The excuses: self determination, or the bull of democracy, is no more but a sales gimmick designed to get the 『American public indoctrinated』into believing that Russia is evil because Washington need the support of the masses to put forth and execute this agenda against Russia and we can see clearly that this gimmick is working on their own dumb audiences.

Regardless, the US can't have it all. They unleashed the genie from the bottle, to put the genie back into this bottle, America too must commit to being a part of this reversal otherwise, no way in hell America gets to keep her big sticks and expects that everyone else on earth get rid of the sticks that they are carrying....

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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