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Why are Korean dramas so popular? [Copy link] 中文

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Korean TV dramas are becoming increasingly popular in China. While China has started recognizing the value of soft power in expanding national interests, South Korea, has been using its TV dramas to further its image for quite some time now. People cannot but ask: why cannot China, a country with a much larger audience, make such popular TV dramas? What’s wrong with China’s film and television dramas and directors?

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It's the curse of the simplified characters, I'm telling you!! Hurry! Get rid of them!

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This post was edited by markwu at 2016-12-9 20:50

I enjoyed watching the movies:

- War of the Arrows
- Always
- Man from Nowhere
- Commitment
- Company Man
- My Way
- Cold Eyes


- The Banquet
- Reign of Assassins
- Taking of Tiger Mountain

Black Hat was poorly done; you know that when the american director could only offer a limp praise even before the show was issued;  MI3 put Maggie Q in poor light as team liability; all the Hollywood movies funded by Chinese money in which a Chinese face was shown including the latest Bourne where the operator could only say a sentence with little effect shows the west still secretly undermine the participation of Chinese actors in their script.  

It is all about how intelligent the script is, how engagingly watchable is the storyline, how realistic and exciting the action sequence.

Too much money has been wasted on trivial adolescent-stage movies so maybe that's why korean fares are followed more. Better do a few that are globally exceptional than many that are a turnoff after five minutes.

Got to start educating the audience to raise their standards in critical arts even if this be just for entertainment and box-office takes.

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I think I know the "secret" behind the success of Korean dramas over all other Asian drama.

Firstly, I think the TV drama industry in Korea may be the most competitive; the weak and the poor just gets weeded out and only the best remain. In China, there probably is not much of competitions between their own Chinese productions; it may be all about "guan si" which is one of the worst for "allocation of resources" for economic productions. Bad directors, bad everything could still survive due to connections with the TV stations, etc. It is the same reason the socialist economic model of former Soviet Union failed.  

Story line - If you notice, the story lines of Kdrama are generally far better than those from China. I very much want to be able to watch China drama as I don't need to rely on English Subtitles, but I just fail to find any that I could follow - simply put off almost from the start (except Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2001). I very much wanted to watch "Sound of the Desert, 2014" - but I just simply cannot go. A girl child growing up in the desert goes to the city and gets immediately street-wise/city-wise almost instantaneously knowing all the ways of the world - simply ridiculous.

The cast - the Korean directors seem to be very strict about the looks; all the cast, male, female,young or old have charisma. Again the best from fierce natural selection.

Attire - The popular Cantonese saying : "The immediate respect is for a person's clothe; then follows the respect of the man's true worth". In Korean dramas, the man is always in suit and tie most of the time - even the gangsters! Even old farmers are well dressed - fully covered. I think it is the conservative  Korean culture to never show the bare body (much similar to Islamic traditions) - even for a man to appear bare body - shirtless - is impolite. In China's drama,  the directors don't understand that TV drama is all "illusion" - they think they should respect "truth" and "reality". What is so "entertaining" if in a Philippine drama, everything is shot in the slums showing all the sheets garbage! The Korean drama directors are "streetwise" - they have to survive. So they create fairy tales like Cinderella meeting a prince charming - never mine about the "cheating part" - a glass shoe that fits only one fair lady in the whole village! The Chinese directors have way, way long to go.           

An advice to China's directors: Ask why the stories like Cinderella, Pipe Piper of Hamlin, Snow White, Tom Sawyer, etc could be internationally recognized. Second, read the I-Ching.   

Finally, the "secret" to enjoying Korean drama :
Have the magnanimity of Zi Gong He Sang,
1) You must make sure to first "allow yourself to be lied to" (允许自己被骗).
2) Forgive the Korean directors: when they choose an actor to act Chinese characters, eg, Tang Tai Zhong, they'll make sure they choose from their pool of actors with bad face features (after consulting some face diviners!).   

Chan Rasjid Kah Chew.

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Handsome boy and beautiful girl and people like watching them ..

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Dracarys Post time: 2016-12-10 20:13
Handsome boy and beautiful girl and people like watching them ..

Yes! But part of the reasons only why Korean dramas are the most popular. "Descendants of the Sun" have all very smooth young males and females. I did watch a few episodes, but I gave up; nothing in the story and I am not 20.

Much of life is actually about psychology. How do you like facing ugly people; very often, an ugly face is accompanied by an ugly personality - not likable. Have you read in history books that Confucius, Mencius, Liu Bang have ugly faces. It is said the legendary handsome Pan An (潘安) also was an upright man.

So if the Chinese movie industry were to overtake the Korean movie industry, one of the possible creative, but rather drastic measure, is to introduce compulsory morality courses and certifications.
1) must practice kindness, compassion, understanding.
2) practice great love, but no adultery.
3) no trading in sex.
4) healthy lifestyle - practice daily restrains in food, pleasures, other enjoyment, etc.
5) shows gratitude towards the party for providing the courses.

After graduation, all such persons when they walk in the open, the glow on their faces would even dispel the smog covering China; dark clouds of an overcast sky would turn to a warm full sunlit sky.   

Chan Rasjid Kah Chew.

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Love dramas are so terribly boring. I doze off within 5 mins.

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