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Will China challenge US in military?   [Copy link] 中文

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the ussr has shown us that even with superior weaponry, you need heart. we've also learned that the u.s was able to destroy the ussr not through military, but through a combination of other things that can be considered more important than military. the reason why the u.s is strong is not only because they have a powerful military, but they are also comited to defeating all those who are perceived as insubordinate. they use tactics including, but not limited to, terorism; prapaganda; shilling (obviously, as seen from this forum); mob violence (ie occupy central, maidan); backing enemies of enemies; and massive disinformation.sometimes they even use it on their own allies as you can see from britain in recent months, and france in recent years. we frequently compare tanks, planes, and destroyers, but how about matching unconventional warfare?  from what i have seen, china cant compete with what the u.s is doing. for starters, you look at the u.s. theyre telling everyone (globally) not to buy chinese products. although there are instances of the chinese telling people not to buy foreign goods, china has not taken this message globally, and it is not nearly as strong as the prapaganda done by the west against chinese products. take for example, wechat. usa is going around all over the internet telling people not to use it. they even teach people how to uninstall it. since the u.s controls the internet, they can put these instructions on the first page of their search engines results, and these instructions dont even need to be relevant, as it can show up even when you're looking for general wechat tech support. again, china hasnt even touched on this by telling the global community not to use skype, how to uninstall skype, and the security dangers of skype. also, how can china effectively get its message across to the world like the west does with google? china lacks the vehicle required to spread its message. media, and disinformation can be just as powerful, and deadly as an army, or navy. the west regularly backs terorism around the world, orchestrating mass stabbings at railway stations, or just general riots like the 69 malaysia riots, and 89 riots of indonesia. can china match this, or is it willing to? would china consider inciting riots in singapore?

shilling. we can see from this forum alone how hard hitting and dedicated western shils are to bringing china down. would chinese shills show up on reddit, and slander the west in the same way that the west slanders china on china daily? the west has backed mob violence in hong kong. would china dare to do this in new york, or chicago? the usa backs tebetan, taewanese, xinjang, honger extremists. china would not even consider backing afroamerican, hispanic, or native american activists. if the west is comited to backing taewan sepratists, then china has to at the very least back puerto rican sepratists. the usa is also backing india, japan, south korea, vietnam, and now outer mongolia against china. the west has helped oust pro chinese politicians from sri lanka. would china try to oust pro western politicians from thailand in retaliation? did china do enough to back gadafi's libya, sadam's iraq, milosovec's serbia, and asad's syria against the west? and the better question is, would china back north korea the way that the west backs south korea?

i dont think theres really a point to trying to match the number of air craft carriers that usa has if you dont want to match them in vital unconventional areas.

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chinoamigo Post time: 2017-6-2 08:04
Once again Uncle Sammy and band of brothers are using sacrificial lamb N. Korea (this time)  ...
Once again Uncle Sammy and band of brothers are using sacrificial lamb N. Korea (this time) as a scapegoat to build up it's own arms race, by testing and initiating ICBM missile defense technology, (just as they have done it during Reagan years with Strategic Defense Initiative). That is what is all about, after all, ah ha ha ha.

Well, truth be told its' about time that The Anglo pirates must accept the fact that they do NOT own the lands, so-called Australia & New Zealand, which rightfully belong to the genuine owners, people of Asian-Pacific.

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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       I'm afraid, it's quite the opposite!

    Bands of Brothers       and their good old centuries-old tradition of Pillage and Plunder

   as usual going on this whole wide world.

     What a world we live in. What a planet ours has become.   

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