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Hague has no role in S.China Sea disputes   [Copy link] 中文

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More "Neo-Colonialism" BS
- all they have is their lies

When China invested in Africa, the anglo/zionist propaganda rags called it "neo-colonialism", despite african nations welcoming chinese investment and signing agreements which, unlike treaties signed by "perfidious Albion", were adhered to.

By contrast Anglo infestation was always at the point of a gun, where the indigenous population were often left to starve as happened in Ireland, America and India and the natural resources were plundered. Africa, India and China were all left impoverished by Anglo infestation and generations of billions of people have suffered because of the Anglo parasite.

But the billions of dollars for initiatives in the region, including for much-needed infrastructure, come predominantly from China. And the staging of the forum seems designed to convey a sense that Asian leaders and foreign dignitaries are paying tribute to the rulers of a benign imperium.
- China’s battle for influence in its region

So China is the one who puts in most of the cash, yet the pathetic guttersniping claims other nations are, somehow, paying tribute?!?!? That's as pathetic as the quarter when China recorded GDP of below 7% several years ago and the anglo/zionist propaganda rags called it a recession!

The subliminal message from Hainan is that “anything you can do, China can do better—and bigger.”

Errm, no. China doesn't need to impress and a subliminal message is explicit. This is just anglo/zionist libel. The size of the port is merely future proofing.

The harbour is deep enough for aircraft-carriers (at present China has only one of those, but plans to build more).

Well, it's not as though these supposed journalists do any investigation before they spout their propaganda. China's first domestically built aircraft carrier has JUST BEEN LAUNCHED. So how many years behind World events is the above propagandist? The answer is at least five years and China has already begun work on a second domestically built carrier with plans for a third.

China’s sweeping maritime claims—though based on no recognised legal norms, and disputed by neighbours—encompass almost the entire sea.

Again, double-speak. China doesn't need a legal document to show ownership of her islands any more than she does mainland China.

China wants to be viewed with wonder and respect but, as it grows stronger and more powerful, it as often unsettles as it reassures

Well, at least that's an admission that the anglo/zionist gangsters want to s***-stir or as they said when Dr. Gregory Clarke handed in his report, that they wanted to see China and India "at each other's throats" or when war criminals Nixon and Henry "useless eaters" Kissinger called on China to nuke India.

And look at this crock o' s***: That is, admittedly, about the size of the World Bank. But the value of that institution lies less in the money it disburses than in its deep technical and intellectual resources.

Talk about sad little bastardry!!!

But whereas the Quackonomist makes vague assertions of China's "unofficial force" and the usual "assertiveness", it admits: The generals in the Philippine campaign had nearly all earned their spurs fighting native Americans. In the tropics they applied the same genocidal techniques of terror, atrocities and native reservations. In three years of fighting, between 200,000 and 700,000 men, women and children died as a consequence of American brutality.
- A brief history of America in the Pacific

It, of course, means "amerikan brutality".

Despite a century of asian nations fighting off Anglo infestation, the Quackonomist claims: America’s presence draws its justification, as Rana Mitter of Oxford university puts it, from the sacrifices made by American troops to recover the region from Japan during the second world war. Only North Korea challenges America’s claim to a legitimate presence there, and even in its hate-spewing rhetoric you can detect an admiration for the Americans.
- America’s seven-decade history as Asia’s indispensable power

The parasite then claims credit for the hard work of Asian nations infested for exploitation and operating under a protection racket by the Great Satan: East Asia’s stunning development path owed much to the nature of American power and of the region’s structure of alliances, producing economic successes that have never been matched elsewhere. The United States not only guaranteed the security of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, allowing them to focus on economic development; it also provided them with the incalculable advantages of technical assistance, educational exchanges and nearly unfettered access to America’s vast markets. Crucially, it did not, at least initially, insist that these countries open their own markets in return.

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gork Post time: 2017-4-26 16:08
More "Neo-Colonialism" BS
- all they have is their lies

This is crap and makes no sense

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Puerile BS

With China and ASEAN making progress on the Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, the anglo/zionist gangsters, who have no land they can rightfully call their own, seek to sabotage peace, just as they always do: The Hague ruling, in a case brought by the Philippines in 2013, angered China because it invalidated China’s claim of sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea.
- Asean statement on South China Sea may rile China

A so-called arbitration, which only hears one party to the disagreement, is fraudulent. Neither does the ruling have any legal force. So the claim of "invalidation" is BS.

The claim of "no legal basis" is double-speak for admitting the islands have always belonged to China so there is no treaty. By contrast, written treaties with the native American have been violated by the Anglo infestation.

The poodle state thieved Las Malvinas and has been refusing to participate in arbitration with Argentina for decades.

History tells us the island belongs to Argentina and that the islands in the South China Sea belong to China. These liars don't even have a name for Subi Reef other than the chinese name! The Philippines even has Subic Bay!!! Referring to China's islands as "The Spratlys", despite currently having no claim to China's territory, is as puerile as renaming the South China Sea the "West Philippine Sea" or war criminal, Billary "we came; we saw; he died" Clinton, claiming the Anglos discovered the Pacific Ocean.

The above s***-stirring propaganda fails to even quote what the ASEAN statement is.

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gork Post time: 2017-4-30 19:08
Puerile BS

With China and ASEAN making progress on the Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the Sou ...

Gork was here again ...

And nobody visits this site any more.

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gork Post time: 2017-4-30 19:08
Puerile BS

With China and ASEAN making progress on the Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the Sou ...


  There's more Ugly Truth. Uncle Sam and their Anglo allied have so very much to defend for
their looted ginormous bountiful territories throughout the whole wide world          .....,

- stretching from the vast claimed territories of Arctic region(Queen Elizabeth Islands) to
Antarctica region (Queen Elizabeth Land),

- from vast resourceful North America continent to Australia continent.

   That's why they are messing around in South China Sea region lately, under the thinly coated excuse of freeing & protecting international water lane, and blah, blah, blah.

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chinoamigo Post time: 2017-5-12 09:21

  There's more Ugly Truth. Uncle Sam and their Anglo allied have so very much to defend  ...

Queen ELizabeth Island sounds a lot nicer than Chairman M ao Autonomous Region.

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Great Satan Recruits Gang Members

Westerners have no business being in Asia. But the Anglos are illegal immigrants with no land that they can call their own, having abandoned Saxony, which is today, Schleswig Holstein.

But just as the Great Satan created a gang of UN nations to illegally infest Korea, after WW2 and then did the same to Vietnam, they now want to control the South China Sea, with war criminal and illegal immigrant, Billary "we came; we saw; he died" Clinton, claiming the Anglo "discovered" the Pacific Ocean. The same white-supremacist gangstering brought Sweden into the report on the sinking of the Cheonan. But Sweden refused to sign it, meaning the only ones backing the lies were all gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states.

Here's some more gangsterism: HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — Troops from four nations are beginning to practice amphibious landings at remote U.S. islands in the Pacific on Friday at the start of French-led exercises designed to show support for the free passage of vessels in international waters.
- France-led Guam drills begin amid South China Sea fears

Obviously, the only reason to have amphibious landings is to invade, not to protect islands or to promote free passage in an area where there is already free passage.

It is China which wants free passage and anglo/zionist gangsters who want to obstruct passage. That's why China has the One Belt/One Road project.

China claims virtually the entire South China Sea and has aggressively tried to fortify its foothold in recent years by transforming seven mostly submerged reefs into island outposts, some with runways and radars and — more recently — weapons systems.

This is the same rhetoric as the illegitimate state of New Izrael claiming it offered 98% of the land to Palestine, omitting to mention it thieved 100% of it in the Six Day War, which leaked documents now show the Izraelis knew Egypt was not being aggressive. China claims most of the South China Sea because most of it belongs to China. In fact, China once held claim to Japan and given the Philippines has Subic Bay, probably used to own the Philippines too, before spanish colonisation.

And you cannot be "aggressively" doing land reclamation.

Mira Rapp-Hooper of the Center for New American Security, a Washington think tank, said the exercises will send a strong message in support of a "rules-based order in Asia" at a time when China's actions have raised questions about this.

And we all know the Great Satan has never abided by rules.

As Chalmers Johnson said, the Great Satan wants to "garrison the planet": The senators described the South China Sea as critical to U.S. national security interests and to peace in the Asia-Pacific.

These vermin had the "Truman Doctrine", to claim S. America was part of their gangster patch.

"What I'm hearing from the French and to some degree the British, is an increased interest in what's going on in Asia and how they can help," Santoro said.

That's expressly illegal interference where they don't belong. The poodle and french poodle are no longer World powers. This is just the Great Satan ganging up on China.

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