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What is LOVE, What is HAPPINESS. anybody? [Copy link] 中文

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I don't have all the answers.
I can't handle all the WORST SCENERIO cases.
I'd just suggest a solution which we can STUDY TOGETHER, but please don't hurt my chances of having A HAPPY LIFE, just because i'd suggest a solution.........

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it's amazing the TECHNOLOGIES in our possession......

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We might need GIRLS to be married, if not 100%, at least the MAXIMUM THEORITICAL of perhaps 93%?
That could reduce SOCIAL ILLS, and might even have other beneficial side effects.
How this is done, NO COMPLETE IDEA, too complex range of issues!

but how'd our CULT, GUILD, STATE, political gangs, CLANS to organize the nation, bloc and world is interesting to watch!

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learning how to get GIRLS to marry during the crucial 20-30 years old period could be very IMPORTANT target TODAY.

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Just helping myself now........

........CONSIDERING, I just "CONNECT THE DOT" on the GROUP 2 men <basically less able men> TO be able to procreate with GIRLS of 20 to 30 year old. <the group that can PROCREATE via physiological love, then hopefully with more matured man //via education as well// psychological love too <inter dependency love>!

AWFUL, the TALENTS, the 3 volumes is EXPOSING THE UGLY ACTIVITY of the past - radiology gun, emr emission that cause AWFUL problems - yet realizing there is some AWFUL corporates benefiting from the suffering of our FELLOW MAN.

- PROSTRATE damaged via radiology gun
= create GAY man, causes INFERTILITY as prostrate fluid not produced, thus weak erection//no ejaculation.

- WORST, it cause BACK PAIN, headaches, poor apetite, and limbs weakness.

The WHOLE UGLY shebang is being REVEALED.
Because the RADIOLOGY GUN and EMR emission is literally invisible - many become religious, strange behaviour.

JEST US CRYS - the PAIN is incredible!!!!!!

Stop the bloody EMR gun on me!
Let me heal, I want to marry by keeping in good health, looking young, maybe even rejuvenated........

.....but i realized I am only SAVING MYSELF now.

This is a PRIVATE MATTER of my own self interest.......STOP THE TORTURE, STOP THE TORTURE, we need ABLE BODY seniors, longer living citizens to herald the new 21st century paradise!

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This post was edited by greendragon at 2015-6-29 13:03

phase 4

due to HIGH PROPERTY PRICES, many less able man won't be able to EARN enough for the basic HOME, CAR and INVESTMENT INCOME plus career. The less able could only SAVE ENOUGH post 40, 50 year old, and in Singapore-Malaya - it will be a LUMP SUM of between $300,000 to $800,000 at age 50 or 55. Enough to start a Senior man robot assisted constractor business <so no pension issue like MR. FUDD was trying to make me say - come on I knew it already but wonder whether China had the TOKOMAK, whether Singapore can assess the TOKOMAK>

BUT with robotics vehicles, material handling <and grandma's inspiration>, SENIOR man of group 1 or group 2 can prolong their effectiveness. In a 10 million populated super center, you will probably need around 500,000 robotic vehicles including lease or taxi vehicles. With shortage of workers, this will employ a lot of contractors, operators......expanding the ranks of the self employed.

and the 20 to 30 year of will have ABLE man to marry.
Perhaps we need also to LEARN TO LIVE with COMPANIONS of older ladies to CAPABLE MAN.

the left over GIRLS of phase 3.

NOW there is also PHASE 5, OBSERVATIONS indicates when there is a bigger middle class - MORE BABY GIRLS ARE BORN.

so we need ABLE MAN to marry 2 girls.
DON'T BE JUDGEMENTAL or we'll have new SOCIAL problems.......

....i'm just writing now on PRIVATE CAPACITY to help myself only!

NO politics or economics to me.
It's just common sense.

Anybody disagree, don't trouble me - I didn't develop the lifestyles or the technology OR organized the system.......just observation, connect the dots and suggested some EXPECTED CONCLUSIONS plus some strange grandma inspiration.

Those who has problem, doesn't need to LIVE in a Super center, they could choose a CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE or homestead with different cost, lifestyles.

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and PLEASE stop the RADIOLOGY GUN now trainned on me.


The descend of man - ILLWILL towards your fellow man......

LET the ASCEND OF MAN begin. Stop the RADIOLOGY and EMR emission torture!

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