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What is LOVE, What is HAPPINESS. anybody? [Copy link] 中文

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You should date Roberta. She has been to Malaysia and loves its people, the food and the weather t ...

Psychologically, Physiologically components.

First it's NATURE'S GUIDANCE, "Family is Valuable"'s stabalizing!
Then there is PROCREATION function.

LOVE is a Physiological function - of estrogen rich girls, testerone rich men.
It FIZZLES out after the estrogen level falls in the girl, or after prolong interaction of approximately 7 years!

Then the Psychological preparation, normally of a MATURE MALE spouse educating or preparing the FEMALE partner - of endocrine changes, preparing YOUNG CHILDREN with succession capacity, replacement population and with it it's psychological impact on us and society.......

.....we are not sure of the CAPABILITY of the DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES and how'd it would impact the lifes of citizens fully yet. <else we won't be discussing it anymore and is FULLY ONBOARD on FAST PACE implementation. Isn't it?>

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Love is doing Righteous Deeds for our Creator who gave us life so that He will give us Eternal Lives. I have 45 chapters on Happiness & Success. Here's the first chapter.

Most people have it within their reach and natural abilities to realize happiness and success. Among the ingredients needed are freedom of choice, and the abilities to listen, understand, follow what is right, be open-minded to the truth, be willing to observe discipline, abide by laws, and so on.

Indeed, very many people all around the world think their poverty or imperfections prevent them from enjoying precious lives on earth. Such insight usually comes from inexperienced, youthful
minds. If we allow our minds to be controlled by endless advertisements intended to stimulate
desire for certain things we presently don’t have, surely we will be among those cursing the
darkness or dipping into empty pockets in frustration.

Think about it. What do you really need? Food, clothing, shelter, family members and/or
friends who care. And the mind also longs for knowledge, wisdom, understanding — in order
to become intellectually richer. Each one also needs something to work on.

One community I am aware of is filled with complaints. All have cellphones. All have jobs.
Yet their focus is on things they want instead on things they should be doing in order to be
very productive in their lives. This is a typical group of anxious people. There is a saying that
nowadays, it is either you are on top of the problems or the problems are on top of you. The
truth is, looking at the situation more intently, the owner of circumstances is usually a root
cause of those problems.

Let us see the way life should be. One day, we should wake up breathing in fresh hopes,
and with precious minutes (time) within which to do the activities that have to be done in
order to advance towards a beautiful dream about ourselves. People might ask what should
be done. Those who have not yet decided ought to start with thinking about positive realities.
Assess. Who am I ? What are my blessings to start with ? How can I improve on my life ?
Who should I live with and why ? What am I hoping for ? What opportunities are available for
me ? What should I do ? How long will it take for me to complete what should be done ? Plan.
However, as we plan, our thoughts should be aiming for whatever will be clearly good
for us, and whatever will be within reach. Aiming to be a champion tomorrow without developing skills and practicing in order to be competitive at least — is obviously not a realistic aim.

My father used to set the poor Chinese after World War 2 as an example. There was an
abundance of junk in those days. He actually saw that man pushing a cart, picking up whatever
useful thing he found. A wasteland for him looked like a goldmine. Everyday he would make a
living out of junk materials. If the income was small, he would eat soup rice. No fish. No meat.
But he learned to save a little cash each day. When his income was bigger in a day, the poor
Chinese would add dried fish to his recipe and then save a little cash on that day. He suffered under the heat of the sun and even during rainy days. But it looked like he did not mind the trouble of it all. This is like the Western story of people digging or panning for gold. They did not notice too much dirt and sweat each day. Those who enjoyed the work kept on working. In time, some savings in materials and cash allowed them to engage in another activity fit for their age and health. My father no longer saw the Chinese pushing a cart, because that same Chinese became owner of a Junk Shop. Some other people pushed the carts for him. Soon he became the trader, then a capitalist and much later, the owner of other related businesses, like trucking.

Over 60 years passed. The owners of Supermarts and Department Stores in our place
nowadays are mostly Chinese. This is not to belittle other nationalities. They have a different
happy story to tell. And life is not just about material wealth.

Read more: ... cess/#ixzz3bfEc5cDN

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Hey! That's great start!

I made some conclusions......<not conclusive or comprehensive>

LOVE has 3 categories!
No.1 Inherited LOVE, those of the FAMILY.
which is critical FAMILY IS PRECIOUS!

No.2 Physiological LOVE between MEN and GIRLS <estrogen rich females>
(Estrogen is the hormone that prepares a GIRL for attracting MEN <not boys - maturity is vital>, and is naturally SCULPTURED to be prepared for CHILD BEARING.)

No.3 Psychological LOVE.
This is more complex, and I supposed your Messrs. Heir Publication; MUST BE VERY HELPFUL!

This kind of LOVE, if involving the BASIC NUCLEAR family - would mean basically - BEING THERE for your PARTNER, <a ROCK for each other - psychologically, materially, educationally supportive of each other and VITAL for INDEPENDENT SOLUTION to psychological, physiological, material issues.>

It can spread to other - but it would be POLITICAL-ECONOMIC sphere - which I'm avoiding due to BAD EXPERIENCE.

Thanks for sharing!

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Be wary of the LIFESTYLE and CAREER of your SON or DAUGHTER.
Your daughter should have their BABIES after the age of 25, not later than age 35.

Careers that encompasses CONTACT with the OPPOSITE sex like DOCTORS, NURSES, physiotheraphist, beauticians, therapist, teachers, masseurs, gym instructors etc. could have difficulties in FALLING IN LOVE. Then there are lifestyles of your DAUGHTER that reduces her ESTROGEN effects would do the same.

As parents in NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM, it's your duty to see your children have either 1.5 or 2.5 babies.

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I believe with KINDNESS, ENLIGHTENMENT and non JUDGEMENTAL efforts of CULTS, gangs and educated people.........

....we CAN and WILL help our FELLOW man FIND LOVE and HAPPINESS.

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With smaller families of mostly 1 child, 2 child (and some with 3,4 or 5 children) - unmarried Children could faced the PROBLEM of being

LONELY, AGED, ILL in their winter years!

How we can work out a SOLUTIONS for this problem - and the COMING introduction of TECHNOLOGIES in creating sufficient FOOD, new URBAN SOLUTIONS to allow larger population without overwhelming the capacity of their countries to support MATERIALLY, NUTRITIONALLY, ENERGY.

But HAPPINESS is critical.

Attending two CHRISTIAN CHURCH made me realize the IMPORTANCE of CULTS.
It provides FELLOWSHIP to aid against loneliness, provides SUPPORT to member in illness and BIBLE STUDY that is similar to scholarship that keeps the MINDS of their members from IDLENESS, and GUEST FRIENDS of the CHURCH with Friendship, also BENEFITS as the CHURCH is welcoming to all.

The ZEN organization, not surprising does almost the same BUT seems to CONGREGATE in larger number, similar to CATHOLICISM.

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SOMEBODY told me the entire THEATER was due to SOME FACTION unhappiness over my OVERLY FRANK and DIRECT discussion.

NOW i've got to solve the HATE and GREED problem.
Facing the entire machinery of the state is no joking matter........

.....China! Pray for me that I can find SALVATION and find a SOLUTION for the mess i'd got myself in.

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