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Do Cinese People Enjoy Planet Mars and Its Blue Sky and Plant-Covered Rocks?   [Copy link] 中文

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Are the Cinese people really enjoying Mars?  When the American Viking first landed, the first images  released showed blue skies and gray rocks covered with green mold/fungus/moss -like stuff, indicating basic plant life.  For the first few minutes, everyone in the Viking team was excited as they saw how Mars was beautiful, looking like Arizona, USA.  

After a few minutes, the Viking team leader got a call from the head of NASA, and the leader quickly adjusted all the images to show an orange tint, removing all the blue and green colors.

Daily Mail reports that:

“Ron Levin, a researcher at Lockheed Martin stated in a report:

'An excess of red is found on all of the Martian blue and green panels.

'Such extreme illuminations are shown to be incompatible with the grey panels.

'It appears that the true raw image data have been modified prior to publication to convert the blue and green pixels to grey, rendering a grossly changed image.’ ”

If you look at all the Mars surface images the country of West releases to the press, they all appear to have a fake orange tint added to them.  Even the rover, which appears white and normal on Earth, has altered pink-like colors on Mars, showing that an orange tint has been added.

Maybe the country of West does not want Russia, Cina, North Korea, and Iran to know that Mars is full of minerals and resources, including habitable land/atmosphere that has water rivers and lakes and simple plant life.  Perhaps West wants these countries to lose interest, allowing West to solely use Mars for resources.

It is also possible that West wants to keep the goyim feeling alone, helpless, futile, and with no purpose.  If the goyim suddenly knew that Mars has plant life and blue skies with running water, it might fill them with vigor and hope, and thus harder to control, manipulate, and enslave.  

Who knows.  And maybe all this data is wrong and Mars really does have an orange sky with no life.  

We can only hope that once Cina sends their own rover to Mars’ surface at the end of 2015, their government will tell the truth to the world.  We can only hope that Cina does not cut a deal with the country of West to hide the truth in exchange for things like technology, economic opportunities, and reducing their meddling in Cinese affairs like the South Cina sea.

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Here are a few unaltered photographs of Mars taken by NASA.  Notice the blue edge around the planet indicating a blue atmosphere.  

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NASA description of the above three pictures:

EMBARGOED UNTIL:  2:00 P.M. EST  March 21, 1995

                           MARS AT OPPOSITION

These NASA Hubble Space Telescope views provide the most detailed
complete global coverage of the red planet Mars ever seen from Earth.
The pictures were taken on February 25, 1995, when Mars was at a
distance of 65 million miles (103 million km).

To the surprise of researchers, Mars is cloudier than seen in previous
years. This means the planet is cooler and drier, because water vapor
in the atmosphere freezes out to form ice-crystal clouds. Hubble
resolves Martian surface features with a level of detail only exceeded
by planetary probes, such as impact craters and other features as small
as 30 miles (50 kilometers) across.

[Tharsis region] - A crescent-shaped cloud just right of center
identifies the immense shield volcano Olympus Mons, which is 340 miles
(550 km) across at its base.  Warm afternoon air pushed up over the
summit forms ice-crystal clouds downwind from the volcano.  Farther to
the east (right) a line of clouds forms over a row of three extinct
volcanoes which are from north to south:  Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons,
Arsia Mons.  It's part of an unusual, recurring "W"-shaped cloud
formation that once mystified earlier ground-based observers.

[Valles Marineris region] - The 16 mile-high volcano Ascraeus Mons
pokes through the cloud deck along the western (left) limb of the
planet.  Other interesting geologic features include (lower left)
Valles Marineris, an immense rift valley the length of the continental
United States.  Near the image center lies the Chryse basin made up of
cratered and chaotic terrain. The oval-looking Argyre impact basin
(bottom) appears white due to clouds or frost.

[Syrtis Major region] - The dark "shark fin" feature left of center is
Syrtis Major.  Below it the giant impact basin Hellas.  Clouds cover
several great volcanos in the Elysium region near the eastern (right)
limb.  As clearly seen in the Hubble images, past dust storms in Mars'
southern hemisphere have scoured the plains of fine light dust and
transported the dust northward.  This leaves behind a relatively
coarser, and less reflective sand in, predominantly, the southern

The pictures were taken with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.

Credit:  Philip James (University of Toledo),
         Steven Lee (University of Colorado),

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Mars obviously has a blue sky; I don't know why NATO seeks to keep this information from the public.

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pimpernel2 Post time: 2015-4-3 19:31
Mars-Sky. Enjoyed your article on Mars info being "red washed" by the USA. I wrote a thread on the E ...

Not just the USA, but the entire NATO supports the red-washing.   Why?

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pimpernel2 Post time: 2015-4-3 19:31
Mars-Sky. Enjoyed your article on Mars info being "red washed" by the USA. I wrote a thread on the E ...

Naw dawg, ain't to blue on da Mars!  Why NASA would lie?  Paranoia!!!   Red be Mars, hommie!!

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