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Future [Copy link] 中文

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In this forum I see a lot of discussions about the history. Further I see a lot of comments on the behavior of other countries. I think it is a bit overdone. It is easy to defend your own mistakes by pointing on the mistakes of others.  And although it is important to learn from history one will come not any farther by only doing this. So I suggest to think more about the future. We could make a thread with the basic name future  and sub threads for the different areas. For instance: Future energy, Future society, Future technology, Future education and Future ??? up the community. How can we think about future?

First by seeing what is going wrong and try to find sustainable solutions not by pointing to others that they ought to start!
Second to see what developments we have and estimate if they go in the right or wrong direction.
Third where can we find sources of creativity, in the past we have seen people with great vision like Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci, this kind of people are among us today we have to find them and to listen.

To illustrate the last I can tell a little story. About 30 years ago I read a book about the planet Iarga. It describes a contact with extraterrestrials. In my opinion it can be true but it can be only science fiction as well. In both cases we can learn a lot. The world and the society described in this book gives a lot of ideas and philosophies about our own planet technically as well as social. On the following website you will find the whole story.
Jan Brugman

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what a coincidence

Brugman, you mentioned about history and future.  A while ago i was surfing and found these:

a) history forum, with some good articles and viewpoints:

b) innovation methodology called TRIZ:

Maybe these would be of interest to CD forumites;  i have some archived links to other material of interest on the subject of technology roadmaps and such.  As this thread expands, i will chip in.

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