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How Israel and China Can Deal With Their Ethnic Minority Problem   [Copy link] 中文

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DavidFeinstein Post time: 2017-1-30 14:39
The Nazis were bad people.

Which people arent bad people? Hitler tried to get rid of the Jews after he took citizenship away from them but nobody wanted to take them and this was long before the war. Even when the war had started the USA wouldnt even take any Jews and they even fired a warning shot at the SS Saint Louis that was full of Jewish refugees trying to escape Germany. Nobody would take the Jewish refugees on the SS Saint Lewis so they had to go back to Europe and most died in concentration camps. Most nations were 'racist' around the time of WW2 even after the war many nations did not want to take in any Jews, especially nations like Ireland. The fact is that no nation was a great fan of Jews around the time of WW2 and most global citizens were racist and nationalist bastards back then. And unfortunately things seem to be turning full circle in modern times with nationalist sentiment and racism at all time highs. Luckily for Jews most of the modern hate is directed at Muslims but the problem is that a racist is a racist so even if these anti-Muslim groups that are popping up all over have leadership that claim to be for 'Judeo-Christian' values the fact is that many of the racists that are drawn to support these groups will be racist against both Muslims as well as against Jews. It is a worry. Hate crimes against Jews have been on the rise for some time now.

Politically I see it as my number one priority to help do what I can to protect Jewish females. I want a Jewish wife and Jewish children some day and I am willing to fight on the front lines for them against the racists of the world. I think it is a good idea to stand against any official policies that promote racism against any group. The way I see it racism against Muslims encourages racism against Jews and against all minorities. The recent decision to make Muslims boys swim with girls in European schools that I read about concerned me because I know that there are Jewish womens groups in places like New York that like to swim without any men around. We need to make sure that Jews do not get caught up in policy that is intended to target Muslims.

It is a very fine line for Israel to walk this Jewish State stuff is. Isnt it. I think it is very important to draw lines between Muslims and terrorists. And it is most important to draw lines between Palestinians and everyone else. Palestinian society is most certainly terroristic but we shouldnt paint all Muslim nations or people with the same brush and a lot of care should be taken to ensure that that doesnt happen. Israel does not need a problem with all Muslims and neither does USA.

Protecting Jewish females is most important to me. I want my Jewish children to grow up in a world where what happened to Anne Frank is unthinkable. I am a good person.

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-1-14 00:31
The idea that "race" is a meaningful idea is wrong. All humans share DNA from all over the world and ...

WE need more love in the world.

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