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Who Rules America?   [Copy link] 中文

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petera Post time: 2015-6-9 18:49

He probably has Chosen people in his ancestry.

He has psychopathology in his ancestry.

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FBI. It selects politicians to rule the country.

Truth of 2016 president election

The core is to help Trump to grab the president power.
The mastermind is the FBI.
Russian is only a scapegoat hired to get the thing done.

Clinton is victim but has been targetted by the FBI

Hillary's email was hacked. She is a victim. Russian (or the FBI) is the thief. But in this election the FBI attacked Clinton all the way to help their candidate Trump to steal the president seat.

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Manipulate politicians by scandal.

992. How to pass "Tax Reform" bill? (11/22/2017)

18 months ago, in #902, I wrote, "Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story." From August till now, the Feds work day and night to frame a case on me. Of course, there is another mission for them, to help the ruling class to escape from the coming economic crisis. For this, Trump pushes out a "Tax Reform".

GOP Tax Bill Mostly Benefits The Wealthy, Tax Policy Center Finds

Arthur Delaney,HuffPost• November 6, 2017

WASHINGTON ? The richest 1 percent of Americans would reap 48 percent of the benefits of Republican tax reform legislation, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. ... fits-203734303.html

US already has a huge debt, that Tax Reform will add more on it. Before the debt mountain collapsing, they try to loot more for themselves in last minute. To get the Bill passing through, we saw Flake and Corker dropped out of the Senate race, then Roy Moore is revealed sex scandal, then Rand Paul was assaulted at Kentucky home by "acquaintance". All these are intimidations to GOP Senate, follow Donald Trump. Vote his way or otherwise, be Corker and Flake, or Rand paul, Roy Moore alike.

GOP Senators Believe Roy Moore's Accusers But Not Donald Trump's

Jennifer Bendery,HuffPost• November 14, 2017

Moore’s scandal has put his party in an incredibly uncomfortable predicament: the more Republicans say the allegations by five women against Moore are proof that he doesn’t belong in the Senate, the more hypocritical they look for ignoring the 16 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault and helping him become president.

So why do Republicans believe Moore’s accusers but not Trump’s? HuffPost spent Tuesday asking GOP senators why the situations are different. Few could offer a convincing argument, instead opting to shrug their shoulders, pivot or abruptly walk away. ... apos-232401331.html

That's the way how US government works.
Politicians are whipped to one direction by the Feds.

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Trump tax plan hits bump in Senate as Rand Paul weighs 'no' vote
David Morgan           OCTOBER 17, 2017 ... -vote-idUSKBN1CM378

Then he was attacked in early November. That's a Mafia style intimidation.

Rand Paul has 6 broken ribs following alleged assault
Sophie Tatum
By Sophie Tatum, CNN , Wed November 8, 2017

It works

11/27/2017 1:42 PM ET
Senator Rand Paul, R-Ken., revealed Monday he intends to vote for the Republican tax reform bill and urged his colleagues to do the same.

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GOP senators Corker and Flake both announced retirement obviously their leaving is because they were against Trump's policy. Then Trump showed off his victory in 'love fest' lunch. Because his master is the Feds. And the politicians have to obey their master.

Trump lashes out against Corker and Flake, touts GOP 'love fest' lunch

Gabby Kaufma             Yahoo News   October 25, 2017

President Trump mocked Sens. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Wednesday morning for acting “so hurt & wounded,” after both delivered striking criticism of Trump a day earlier.

Both GOP lawmakers, who are not running for reelection next year, repeatedly criticized Trump across cable news shows Tuesday and Wednesday morning. In response, Trump claimed that the senators opted to retire because both had “zero chance” of returning to the Senate for another term. ... unch-132710785.html


Wednesday, October 25

ANOTHER SENATOR ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT AND ATTACKS TRUMP In a stunning turn, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake announced he will not be seeking re-election in 2018, saying there "may not be a place" for him in President Donald Trump's GOP. Here's what this means for Senate Republicans and the GOP as a whole. Take a minute to read his entire remarkable speech condemning Trumpism from the floor. The whole speech and the White House response summed up 2017 in a nutshell. And the Arizona Senate race is now about to be bonkers.

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Spy agency rules US.

The Feds(FBI) rule this country by extortion and intimidation. Many  politicians committed  sex crimes. Roy Moore unfortunately is pick up as the scapegoat to intimidate others, be obedient or otherwise be Moore likewise. The purpose is to push through new law - tax reform bill. Trump is the candidate of the Feds. So he is exempted from such accusations.

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             Who Rules America?

  The three richest Americans have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the U.S. population.

  In other words, three richest Americans has same amount of wealth as 162 million Americans.

  [The current U.S. population is 325 millions.]

The world's richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of the global population combined.

  82% of the global wealth generated last year went to just 1% of the world's population.

  42 people in 2017 had wealth equivalent to the world's poorest 3.7 billion people.

  [the world's population is now 7.2 billion.]

                                                    ( excerpt from -  "3 richest own as much wealth as half of U.S." article, USA TODAY, Monday, January 22, 2018 )

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