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Who Rules America?   [Copy link] 中文

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ursula638 Post time: 2017-3-3 06:22
So there you have it! Politics in full-throttle Capitalist America is nothing more than polishi ...

What's wrong with capitalism?

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  Henry Kissinger was right in predicting both the fall of USSR and the steep decline of USA! So what's the president-elect Donald Trump got to do? Very little, I supposed!

By the way, I see some parallel hypothesis between Trump and Kennedy.

They both are wealthy, and have young beautiful glamorous photogenic wives, who speak multiple languages, and are also interested in fashion and decoration. While Kennedy was intensely popular with the common people, but deeply unpopular with the establishment; Trump was alright with the establishment but not so well-liked among the Democrats. While vice-president Johnson became president and has to deal with troublesome conflict in Indochina; there is some spooky probability that vice-president Pence might somehow became president, and he too has to deal with troublesome conflict in Asia: N. Korea/Taiwan/South China Sea, that's yet to be seen!

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chinoamigo Post time: 2017-3-16 07:10
Henry Kissinger was right in predicting both the fall of USSR and the steep decline of USA! So wh ...

May I condole you to your pathetic posts?

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seneca Post time: 2017-3-16 19:41
May I condole you to your pathetic posts?

Kissinger never should have given Egypt back to the Arabs; Israel won the nation fair and square in the war.

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There you have it! Politics in full-throttle Capitalist America is nothing more than polishing a shoe, meaning politicians (as well as the government) are nothing more than shoeshine men! The real power is firmly in the hands of the 15% wealthy folks; and to make up for the great unbalance between the 15% power holders and the rest 85% commoners, politics is projected out as part of democracy that gives an appearance of great volume but has little weight/substance. In other words, they are only as powerful as they are following the blueprint, the policy guideline laid out by the elite establishment, the real rulers of U.S.A.

Speaking of which, there's this very common deceptive appearance and impression the general populace of the West are made to believe, as the saying goes 'appearance can be misleading'. The truth of the matter is The West & Western Society under 'Capitalism, Slavery, Imperialism & Colonialism' historically had been ruled by the top wealthy elite establishment under the thinly coated pretenses of Democracy, Freedom & Liberty. The reality is that the major major issues are made up and decided by those wealthiest elite establishment, and expected to be followed by the government & general populace under the another thinly coated pretenses of Patriotism, National Interest & National Security, among others; while minor minor issues are given to the general populace to decide. That's how Slavery, Colonialism & Colonization of others' lands & territories [in the form of 'Extraction of Great Wealth'] tragically resulted in the past, and continue to the present day.

Capitalist system is centered upon herds of wealthy folks and their established companies, corporations, banks, etc, through which they thrive for one thing, wealth and more wealth, first and foremost.

Here in good old USA,

(excerpt from New York Times, June 7, 2017),

'The top 1 percent in U.S. owns more than the bottom 90 percent'.

  "There you have it! The very issue with Uncle Sam's Democracy is the fact that it is not actually a fully wholly developed democracy, but rather what I call it a 'pick and choose cafeteria democracy'. Fully developed democracy embrace with all, I mean literally all, without discrimination of any kind.
The one area U.S.A is so adamantly against is her inability to deal with people's democratic republic - societies and nations, that Uncle Sam will rather label them as leftist, corrupt, authoritarian, and terrorist nations which is bluntly incorrect. The main reason of this being that U.S.A is run by the the 10% minority wealthy elite that owned the nation's 85% of total wealth, so this naturally become enemy of the elite, since the the people's democratic society are run by the people and state collectively. As a world's model democracy, U.S.A must embrace all, no matter what system they choose for their societies. Only then, Uncle Sam will become fully developed, and acceptable world's leading model democracy nation."

'Wolves will always be wolves'. With wolves roaming around, there's NO way the innocent world will survive, let alone prosper.
  "The world community must united to empower them"

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satosan Post time: 2017-7-7 02:52
There you have it! Politics in full-throttle Capitalist America is nothing more than polishing a sho ...


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Ted180 Post time: 2016-9-15 00:15
This is a delusional racist comment.

True, we need more love in the world, and more ethnic diversity in racist China.

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