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Taoist Reflections 2017-01-31
As the shore measures an illusion of time.
(317) readings|(0) comments
Taoist Reflections 2017-01-30
As we swim between the centuries and ....
(332) readings|(0) comments
Taoist Reflections 2017-01-29
As we are carried along and down the sinuous stream....
(318) readings|(0) comments
Taoist Reflections 2017-01-27
 And they move along to find settlement where they will....
(361) readings|(0) comments
Taoist Reflections 2017-01-26
The wind swirls about with the seeds and dust of truth....
(578) readings|(0) comments
Taoist Reflections 2017-01-20
The sun reflects on the water which does not dazzle.
(859) readings|(0) comments

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Mishao 2017-8-13 19:27:04
Note-intelligent, well-reasoned ciriticism is always welcome. However, much of the traffic ranges from the coarsest stupidity,psuedo-intellectualism, trols of all types and motivations, liers who change the narrative to appear bright, the just plain stupid\ignorant and onto the despicable China haters. I will not respond to any of these people.
Mishao 2017-7-22 00:36:20
What are cedits used for-if anyting.
Mishao 2017-1-27 22:31:18
Can someone let me know what is the purpose of accumulating credits, I have no idea what they are used for in fact.
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