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JiuZhaigou County 2017-08-17
we visited JiuZhaigou in february. How fascinating it was .....
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No More Cookies 2017-08-11
if you haven't been to to a place , you can't really get a full picture of it . you only get a gloomy scene that is painted by the media or the word ...
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China: From Globalization To Technology 2017-07-31
Since the opening up in 1979, China has achieved miracles; it has lifted millions of its people out of poverty, built an incredible infrast ...
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American Radicalism Is As Bad As Radical Islam ! 2017-07-24
President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned Americans of what he called “ Radical Islam “ but that term disappeared from his dictionary ...
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Is America Really That Bad ??! 2017-07-18
America is known as the land of freedom, the paradise of human rights and the place of inventions and technologies. America is the world's only superp ...
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Why Most Chinese Students Are Good At Math But Have Trouble With Logic? 2017-07-14
I was shocked when I once asked a student to tell me his own opinion about an issue when he replied: please wait a moment; I have to Baidu it out. ...
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12345 2017-7-17 10:58:46
artificial intelligence keeps defeating huma nit is making countless victories WHERE IS IT COME? YOU WROTE THEM?
Springhua 2017-7-6 10:11:56
Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise .(塞翁失马,焉知非福)
bellababy12 2017-5-14 03:29:29
Hello my dear
how are you hope you are fine?  
please i will like you to contact me on my private email (
for more discourtion thank you
miss bella
vf84tcat 2017-4-30 00:26:11
Thanks for your Friend request.  Nice to meet you  
smile1233 2017-4-29 20:14:19
hey it was nice talking to you. ...i think i am leaving now though....take care, and good luck!!
ly950821 2017-4-27 09:35:48
mbursian 2017-4-7 14:43:37
It's nice to make your acquaintance and be friends!
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