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Customer beheads noodle seller after price dispute

A noodle restaurant owner in central China was beheaded during a quarrel with a customer over the price of his meal, a local newspaper reports. A 22-year-old man from Sichuan province was apprehended


Chengdu panda keeper becomes famous after feeding video goes viral

Giant pandas, as one of the world's most iconic animals, can always create a sensation. So getting to be the one who looks after the black and white stars, especially when they are babies, can land on


Should parents take charge of kid's red envelop money?

On a train from Nanchangxi to Xiamenbei, a 5-year-old girl attempted to run away from her mother with her gift money and unfortunately got caught by a conductor. The conductor asked her what's wrong a


Should parents help pay children's living expenses at college?

MyCOS posted a report on consuming behaviour of Chinese college students. The survey shows that the average expense of a Chinese college student is 1212RMB per month(tuition andround-trip transportati


What Trump's handshake might tell us

Last week, we noticed an interesting habit President Trump seems to display with regularity: forcefully jerking the arms of those he's shaking hands with. In several examples, President Trump is seen shaking someone's hand, then pulling it toward him in a quick motion that sometimes seems to throw the hand-shakee off balance.


Are Tsinghua's admissions requirements are too lenient for foreign applicants?

(People's Daily Online) China's Tsinghua University has been bombarded with crit ...


56-year-old cleaner donated 160,000 yuan for studets in 30 years

Zhao Yongjiu is 56 years old now. When he retired in 2006, he began to make a li ...


A school that only has two teachers

Two teachers and seven students, that's all this school has. The school is located in a small village in Shandong province. Except for giving the class, picking up and sending the students back home a


Boyfriends of Instagram

Here shares some photos about girls' boy friends from Instagram. Some of them are very hilarious.


Three thousands of Chinese students disappeared in Japan

The program which is produced by Tokyo televison reveals the plight of Chinese students' conditions in Japan.


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