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First day of school for Australian students

A lot of excited students arriving for their first day of school, this means police blitz on 40 K/ H speed limit and crazy parents dropping off their children. This after noon crazy 45 minutes will start again for the school


What are the advantages of living in China instead of US?

I get paid pretty much equal to what I would in the USA ($40-45k) as a history teacher at a local school, which includes a stipend for housing and round-trip flight home every year... but my salary go


'Empty-nest' youth on rise in China

China has lately witnessed an increase of so-called empty-nest youth, or young people who live alone, which experts believe is a cause for public concern. ...


Photos of John Lennon with his ex-wife

some photos describe the old memory of John and his wife.


Some funny moments in Trump's inauguration

Trump was a little nervous, but his son seem like uninterested in his Dad's inauguration. Ivanka is so pretty, her and her husband are created by nature.


College student walks 300 kilos to get home for Spring Festival

Zhang Chuang, a young college student in Henan province, is one of countless individuals taking part in this year's Spring Festival travel rush.


Lesbian mother calls on NPC members to grant unmarried women reproductive rights

Prior to China’s parliamentary session, a lesbian mother in Shenzhen, Guangdong province called on officials to end the limitations placed on unmarried women trying to have children through assisted reproductive technology (ART).


Song about how to deal with nagging family went viral

A new song by a Shanghai choir has become an instant hit in China. The song, titled "What I Do Is For Your Own Good," has gained 28 million views....


What can we do to stop school bullying?

According to the American Psychological Association, "40% to 80% of school-age children experience bullying at some point during their school careers."


The Spring Festival, the religion of the modern China

Have you any plan to go home during the China's Spring Festival? Each year, millions of Chinese people migrate back to their hometown where they usually spent their childhood from the young and moderator.


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