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Alibaba Singles Day sales frenzy surpasses records

Alibaba Group chief executive Daniel Zhang said the spending bonanza demonstrated "customers' continued pursuit to upgrade their everyday lifestyles".


Why US sanctions on Iran won't work

No violation of the agreement by Iran means that the US sanctions lack a moral or legal basis, undermining the legitimacy needed for the sanctions.


Homework overload affecting parents, not just students in China

Too much homework can be damaging to the health of students, and a recent medical case in China has shown that it's not healthy for their parents either.


Post-90s generation drives China's consumption growth

After decades of investment-led, export-driven growth, China's economy is now trying to shift towards a growth driven by domestic consumption.


Why do Americans have difficulty understanding China?

The problem now is that there are always people in the world who pay special attention to other people's internal affairs and want to assume a patriarchal role by making decisions for them. This is "annoying" and unwelcome. Unfortunately, some American politicians seem to be keen on doing that.


Man wakes from a 12-year coma after his mother nursed him day and night

The loving mother had spent her entire life savings on her son's medical expenses and had even taken on a 120,000 yuan debt. At one point, she was so poor that she didn't eat for an entire month.


Winner of T-mall sweepstakes donates prize to help find lost children

A woman who won the major prize for T-mall's Double Eleven Festival sweepstakes has decided to donate the majority of her prize to a charity that helps to locate lost children.


Dinosaur dad greets daughter at kindergarten

A Shanghai father became a huge hit onsocial media for making his young daughter's wish come true - to be picked upfrom kindergarten by a dinosaur.


China to be world's most popular travel destination by 2030

China will overtake France to be the world's most popular tourist destination by 2030, according to a new report released Tuesday by a London-based market research firm.


China to surpass France as top travel destination by 2030

China is forecast to overtake France as the world's number one tourist destination by 2030 as a growing middle class in Asia looks to spend more on travel, according to a report from the market resear


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