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Mooncake market heats up as Mid-Autumn Festival nears

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese market gets flooded with mooncakes, a kind of baked pastry that symbolizes family reunions and which is traditionally consumed as part of the celebrations.


Chinese animation movie to debut in Nigerian cinemas

A Chinese animation movie which will debut in Nigerian cinemas at the end of 2018 is expected to wow audiences with its special effects.


Autumn Equinox – a bit of history and a bite of food

As the air gets cooler, plants in the Northern Hemisphere are slowly starting to ...


Chinese university encourages exercise through running app

To help students make exercise a regular habit, a university in China has develo ...


Challenge not to lose temper over homewofor 21 days goes viral

A Chinese school teacher's challenge to third graders and their parents to “kee ...


Is China ready to take care of its aging population?

From the beginning of this century to mid-century, the average age in China will ...


Chinese embroiderer refuses NASA request to buy life-like sky pieces

In 2006, Chen saw pictures of the starry sky and was so amazed that she decided to produce versions using needlework. After numerous attempts, Chen completed a total of 16 starry-sky themed pieces of embroidery within two years.


What US can learn from China

China’s superhighways, most of them built since 1984, now cover almost twice as many miles as the U.S. interstates. On the rail side, China’s 15,000 miles of high-speed rail represents nearly two-thirds of all such rail in the world.


China follows investigations of Buddha head suspected from Longmen Grottoes

Researchers of China's Longmen Grottoes are watching closely the investigations into a stone Buddha head removed from an auction in New York, which may be from the UNESCO world heritage site, reports Henan Daily.


Armless man starts university life, refuses special treatment

A man who lost his arms at the age of 3 started university life in central China recently, but he's refused special treatment offered by the school, Changjiang Daily reported.


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