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Ningbo runners to “draw” image of dog to celebrate Year of Dog

A total of 200 runners from eastern China’s city of Ningbo celebrated the coming Year of the Dog on Saturday by turning their running route into art: an image of a puppy dog.


Jia wins silver of men's freestyle skiing aerials

PYEONGCHANG -- Jia Zongyang claimed China's fifth silver at the 2018 PyeongChang ...


Chinese New Year Family Day draws thousands of visitors to Kennedy Center

A Chinese New Year Family Day at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing A ...


Who give the most generous hongbao this Lunar New Year?

It is traditional during the Lunar New Year holiday for families and friends in China to exchange red envelopes containing money. How much they put inside, of course, is entirely up to them. ...


What is your favorite Spring Festival Gala moment?

Happy Chinese New Year! Did you watch the 2018 Spring Festival Gala? Was there a performance you particularly enjoyed?...


Spring Festival ─ What is that?

For Chinese around the world, the New Year begins on Chinese Lunar New Year, not ...


Chinese apps gain billions of overseas users

A customer uses Alipay at the check-out of a shopping mall in Singapore on Dece ...


Man proposes to girlfriend on high-speed train

A man surnamed Jiang from Beijing proposed to his girlfriend on a high-speed train heading to Chengdu from Beijing days before the 2018 Valentine’s Day.


Street lamps with Wi-Fi access appear in park

“Smart” street lamps landed in a central park of southwest China’s Chengdu last week. The lamps include various services, including Wi-Fi, battery charging, video monitoring, and push notifications


Have you seen these laowai stereotypes?

A few years ago, I travelled with a few British friends to Suzhou city, East China's Jiangsu Province. When I asked a middle-aged local guy the direction to a nearby Chinese restaurant, he insisted I


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