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Trump supporters propagate COVID-19 origin rumor about China on Twitter

An Australian think tank found that the 28 Twitter groups propagating coronavirus rumors are associated with Republican politicians....


China urges Britain to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs

Britain should recognize and respect the fact that Hong Kong has returned to China, and should not use the Sino-British Joint Declaration as an excuse to make irresponsible remarks, spokesperson Zhao Lijian said.


Scholar, student ban hurts US interests

On Monday, the US embassy to China announced the suspension of entry as non-immigrants of certain students and researchers from the People's Republic of China. According to the new policy, quite many Chinese students and researchers who wish to study in the US will be rejected entry.


Mass protests in US may speed up COVID-19 transmission, experts warn

As tens of thousands of demonstrators continue to take to the streets across the United States to protest the killing of George Floyd, an African American who died in police custody last week, health experts warned that mass gatherings may speed up COVID-19 transmission.


Racism, bad governance hallmark of US

Just as we thought that things in the United States could not get any worse with ...


Some students return to class as lockdown eases

Thousands of United Kingdom students were invited back to class on Monday as the ...


Thousands join new US anti-racism protests as Trump vows crackdown

While local leaders appealed to citizens to give constructive outlet to their rage over the death of an unarmed black man, night-time curfews were again imposed in cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and Minneapolis, which has been the epicenter of unrest.


Three reasons why HK security legislation needed now

Contrary to apocalyptic and emotionally exploitative rhetoric from some corners, there are compelling arguments that the new national security legislation endorsed by the National People's Congress is vital for Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland's security in both specific and general ways.


Pandemic unlikely to 'bring jobs back' to US, as Trump promised

It is unlikely the pandemic will bring manufacturing jobs back to the US from Ch ...


NASA, SpaceX launch astronauts to space

WASHINGTON -- NASA and SpaceX launched Crew Dragon spacecraft from NASA's Kenned ...


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