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China vs US: who is copying whom?

China is gradually shedding its reputation as the world’s technology copycat. It still spawns lookalikes, whether they be GoPro-style action cameras or Didi Chuxing...

Is war with North Korea inevitable?

Can you trust online dating sites?

Do single people harm economic growth?

China and US: Who needs who more?

What do you expect from UK Freshers' Week?

New university students were pictured sprawled on the pavement, requiring medical assistance and being wheeled into ambulances after a booze-fuelled night to kick-off Freshers' Week. Teenagers were seen collapsed on the concrete or supporting their unresponsive friends after a drunken night of partying.


Is China's math teaching an example to follow?

Some 70 British maths teachers have arrived in Shanghai to study the teaching techniques used in the city’s classrooms. Their visit is part of an ongoing initiative by the British government to improve standards in schools in England by studying successful techniques used around the world.


Chinese father drives daughter 30,000 km to US college

Along with the beginning of a new college year comes the season when parents have to say the hard goodbye to their little babies, who have transformed into a new creature called college freshmen. While


Sex dolls or shared girlfriends?

In the sharing economy of the Wild East it seems anything is rentable. A newly-launched app in China is proving this with its offering of shared sex dolls. Xiamen-based app developer Touch announced


Ethnic treasures of tourism in Qinghai

The Xunhua Salar autonomous county offers you a unique experience of local customs, traditions and lifestyle in an unhurried manner. If you want sample delicious food, an exotic culture and enjoy picturesque scenery in a less-crowded destination, the Xunhua Salar autonomous county is the place to visit.


China ranks 59th on world's health modernization list

He Chuanqi, head of the China Center for Modernization Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggested a road map for China's health development in five areas: systems, daily life, service, environment and treatment.


Copycat Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are prevalent in China

"I wear different sorts of lingerie and bikini, and carry exquisite wings. I am an angel," Jacques said. "I didn't get the chance to perform at the original Victoria's Secret fashion shows in the US,


More Tibetan mastiffs being abandoned in Tibet due to low prices

Thousands of Tibetan mastiffs have been abandoned due to a decline in their price in Northwest China's Qinghai Province and Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, threatening local residents' safety and creating challenges for local animal shelters to accommodate them.


You need a headgear to prevent your partner from unlocking your iPhone X

At its unveiling on Tuesday, Apple announced that the ultra-sophisticated smartphone, launched to celebrate the iPhone's 10th anniversary, uses facial recognition software to unlock users' phones.


China’s online education programs hire foreign teachers with strong accents

Should online programs remove teachers who speak English with "heavy accents"? A teacher with a perfect accent or with just being able to communicate? What do you think?


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