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It's fair or not to ban burkini in France?

The burkini, a body-concealing women's swimsuit that fits a conservative Islamic dress code, has stirred controversy in France, but on the beaches of North Africa, it has made few waves.


Corrupt officials come up with creative

China's anti-graft campaign continues to be intense, with 163,000 people punish


CEO courses for 3-year-olds now availabl

According to CRI News, many entrepreneurs are now setting up training institutio


Does Prisoners' organs harvest' a lie?

In March 2006, the "Falun Gong" cult began fabricating and disseminating rumors


Should France ban the burkini?

The ban on the Islamic burkini swimsuit on some French beaches has triggered di


Can school fire a teacher with ovarian cancer?

A college in Gansu province said on Monday that it would pay the salary of a teacher with ovarian cancer whom it fired for long-term absenteeism-and who subsequently died.


Car-hailing firms try new business frontier

New regulations and a blockbuster merger between the industry's largest players are reshaping the business landscape for China's car-hailing app companies.


Is homeschooling beneficial for children?

In 2005, Li Tiejun, a father in the southwestern city of Luzhou, made headlines across China when he challenged the public education system. He had his daughter


Should they be given the second chance?

US women’s 4×100-metre relay team dropped the baton in Thursday’s first-round heat, but after arguing sprinter Allyson Felix was impeded upon during a hand-off to English Gardner,


Saluting Olympic divers, 17-year-old jumped off 25-m bridge

After admiring the athletes at the Olympic games for the past several weeks, a 17-year-old boy in central China's Hunan province recently jumped off a 25-meter-high bridge


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