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Could this unattended store become new trend in China?

Do you have shopping experience in an unattended store where you can pay without cash? Recently, an unattended store was established near the Changyang Street of Shanghai, east China.


Is it necessary to correct public signs in poor English?

Chinese authorities on June 20 issued a national standard for the use of English in the public domain, eradicating poor translations that damage the country’s image.


Think you’re buying on Amazon? It’s actually from Alibaba

Peter Koch a 37-year-old engineer living in Serbia says he’s making $3000 every month by selling the same seven baby products on Amazon (AMZN) to American customers. His secret? Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA).


Should students be required to clean their classroom?

In China, students are required to clean their classrooms from the first grade through high school. Their cleaning duties include floor dusting, cleaning the hallways and moving the desks. Sometimes the school toilet is on the list. The purpose of students cleaning is to encourage respect for the school environment and more importantly, to learn how to be part of society and develop concern about collective interests. However, requiring students to clean at school is a foreign idea in many foreign countries.


Have you experienced discrimination during interviews?

Graduation season is around the corner. Approximately 7 million students are leaving their universities with the desire to land their dream job. For many graduates, employment discrimination has become a major problem, and there was recent outcry when a report by the China Youth Daily website revealed that more than 75.7 percent of the interviewed graduates coming from 100 universities admit


Why no one helped the student who drowned during a swimming test?

Freshman Ding Mengjia drowned to death over the weekend during a swimming test at China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing, capital of east China’s Jiangsu Province. Her teachers are now under fire


British teen gets life in prison for brutally murdering Chinese grandpa

A court in the city of Preston, England has sentenced 19 year-old Nathan Richardson to a minimum of 19 years in jail for the brutal and heinous murder of an elderly Chinese man on New Year’s Day. ...


DPRK joins bike-sharing revolution

China’s recent bike-sharing boom seems to have inspired its northeastern neighbor to take a similar move. According to an official in charge of the program, all the main streets around the city will


Finding any time to study!

A young girl has become sensational on China's social media. She is seen doing her homework on the back of an electronic motorcycle while cruising along a road in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province.


Students afraid to cross pool of water seek help of female cleaners

College students who were carried by middle-aged female cleaners on their backs across the rain-flooded campus have come under criticism.


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