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Hainan to offer 30-day visa-free period for visitors from 59 countries

China will adopt a new 30-day visa-free policy in Hainan province for people from 59 countries starting May 1.


The first Asian woman who directs Hollywood superhero movie

Director Cathy Yan is making history as the first Asian woman to direct a big budget superhero movie at a major Hollywood studio.


Why do many Chinese look younger than their age?

In a video posted online showing a collection of footage from 1996 to 2018 of forecaster Yang Dan, netizens found that Yang, now aged 44, looks no different than her 22-year-old self. Many who have followed Yang's career expounded about how they have aged over the decades while she has not.


An elderly couple prove that marathon running is a lifelong passion

A grey-haired couple from east China' Anhui Province just completed another road running race last Sunday, proving that races are not just for the young. Sunday saw a total of more than 40 road races across China featuring at least 260,000 runners. Zhang Liangyou, 91, and his wife Shang Diane, 86, have just participated in a half-marathon in Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province.


Before-and-after pics reveal what war did to the largest city in Syria

20 photos of the same places, before and after the Syrian war of the city of Aleppo. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. ...


Fake diploma case prompts concerns over English teacher qualifications

Two Chinese employees at an English teaching school in Beijing were given suspended sentences after fabricating diplomas for foreign teachers, prompting widespread suspicions over foreign English teachers' qualifications.


Computer programming education goes viral

As Chinese parents are paving the way for their children's bright futures, computer programming has gone viral across China.


Monkey with a human-like face goes viral

Unlike ordinary monkeys in China, which normally have pointed chins, this monkey with a squared face is a tufted capuchin from South America.


How high-tech helps aliens when it comes to language?

Mastering a foreign language can take years of effort, but a new gadget can help ease the labor. The instant-translation device unveiled at the recently concluded Boao Forum has amazed many users.


Fish oil supplements don't help dry eye disease

Fish oil supplements have long been recommended to people suffering from dry eye disease, a common ailment that affects millions worldwide – but a study out on Friday says they don't work.


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