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What pushed Hong Kong to the brink?

Hong Kong is now in its tenth consecutive week of mass protests. The violent clashes between police and protesters have grabbed global attention.

Chinese ambassador on HK: Beijing not to 'sit by and watch'

Fans in China: More than a cooling accessory

DPRK rejects Seoul's dialogue pledge

Is it time to curb game addiction?

What a shame Liu Yifei is being attacked for her support for HK police

Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Mulan, is under attack for expressing her support for police in Hong Kong, who have struggled to maintain public order after violent protests broke out in the city.


Youngest ever swimmer crosses Qiongzhou Strait

A 9-year-old girl beat back attacks by jelly fish and overcame high seas to successfully swim 26.7 kilometers across the Qiongzhou Strait.


Oil markets: New rules of the game

The entrance of the United States as the most important producer in the world, based on fracking technology, is changing the rules of the international market.


New momentum driving China's high-quality development

China’s National Bureau of Statistics has reported that growth in the country’s high-tech manufacturing industry was 2.9 percentage points higher than growth for overall industrial output.


Instagram adds tool for users to flag false information

Instagram is adding an option for users to report posts they think are false, the company announced on Thursday, as the Facebook-owned photo-sharing site tries to stem misinformation and other abuses


DPRK rejects Seoul's dialogue pledge

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said on Friday it will never sit down with the Republic of Korea (ROK) for talks again.


Is the US to blame for what is going on in Hong Kong?

The chaos and violence in Hong Kong reached a new and troubling level on Tuesday. Radical protesters at Hong Kong’s airport seized a journalist from the Global Times, bound his hands and feet, and beat him. Images and videos of the extreme violence quickly circulated online, prompting anger in China and around the world.


So-called "forced technology transfer" a ridiculous lie

The so-called "forced technology transfer" does not exist in China. It is a lie cooked up by U.S. politicians. Those who fabricated the story about the Chinese government forcing foreign companies to transfer technologies cannot prove their claims.


Condemnation pours in over brutal attack on GT reporter

Condemnation for violence poured in after Global Times reporter Fu Guohao was illegally seized and brutally assaulted by rioters at the Hong Kong International Airport around midnight Tuesday.


Why don't theme parks allow outside food?

In response to a lawsuit against its "no outside food and beverage" policy, Shanghai Disneyland said on Monday that the rule is "consistent with many other theme parks across China" and "guests are welcome to enjoy their own food and beverages outside the park".


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