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Aren't they the most considerate construction workers?

Here is the scene that has gone viral on the Internet. After a day of exhausting work, several construction workers in Shenyang, capital of Northwest China's Liaoning province, chose to sit on the floor.


US seeks clarity on Duterte 'separation' comments

The US has said it will seek clarity on the Philippine president's announcement of a "separation from the US". Rodrigo Duterte made the comments in China on Thursday at an economic forum, saying the separation applied to military and economic co-operation.


Get a job or get out?

This is a challenge almost every international student in the UK has to face, especially for those who want to remain the country. With record numbers of Chinese students studying in the UK, the volume of graduates finding work


Should Halloween cosplay be banned from subway?

With Halloween coming, a group of young people dressed like Death Bride and vampires recently boarded Line 2 of the Chengdu metro, looking as if the recent Korean film "Train to Busan" had turned into


Orchadists' woe over the apple harvest

Apple farmers in Shandong now frown over their harvest due to the low prices of the fruit. Some of them could not make the ends meet afte year-long hardworking.


Mom Teaches Her Son That Chores Aren't 'Just For Women'

I teach my son to cook and do household chores. Why? Because household work isn’t just for women.” This is what mom-of-two Nikkole Paulun from Monroe, Michigan wrote on Facebook recently.


Tiny Animals In Tiny Sweaters

With winter around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to stay warm during those long dark months until spring. But it isn't just us humans who need to start stocking up on cold weather.


The Americans campaigning for 'none the above'

Given the tremendous antipathy towards Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, many Americans will be holding their noses on 8 November and voting for the lesser of two evils - whomever they believe that mi


Should the confession rock painting be removed?

One poll from a Wechat survey suggested that 83% of people want to keep this artwork. However, another poll by Weibo suggested that 75% people wanted the artwork to be erased.


Celebraton of wedding or display of wealth?

Pictures of the luxurious wedding were posted online, which took place in Putian, in eastern China's Fujian province. The bride is pictured wearing over 20 gold bracelets. Is the wedding becoming


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