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China tightens housing rules to fight fake divorce?

For those who are planning to use divorces as a tool to purchase a second house, they are going to be disappointed, after China's central bank announced Friday tightened housing mortgage rules to curb


Chinese man subdues skyjacker who threatened to crash plane

A Chinese man on Saturday tackled a violent passenger who allegedly threatened to take over the cockpit and crash a plane from Ethiopia to Beijing, saving more than 200 passengers....


What would happen if Hillary were president of the US?

Trump and Clinton: their stances on China Clinton is more likely to be confron ...


British schools hope to improve performance wiith Chinese textbooks

British education authorities communicate with Chinese pupils. /CGTN Photo Har ...


Interesting words in subways of China

Hangzhou: Music comments of NetEase cloud music NetEase cloud music, an internet ...


Five popular milk teas in China

A classic British tea is made by adding boiling water to black tea leaves and adding a splash of milk, and sometimes sugar. It's usually served with a selection of savory desserts or cakes.


Dancing amid sea of flowers in E China

A girl from the Department of Dance at Shandong Normal University strikes a pose in Jinan.


Are you willing to help professional beggers?

Recently, a girl from Shaanxi Province located in the Northwest China, gave a beggar a pocket of fried dough twist out of her sympathy. However, passers-by wew shocked to see the beggar throw food int


Why are they willing to risk their life to take the ultimate selfie?

Young people take risks for thrill. But the trend towards dangerous selfies is g ...


Who is to blame for 21 death in the care center?

After the death of Lei Wenfeng, a 15-year-old boy with autism, came to light, re ...


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