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Secondhand home market 'stable'

A Shanghai resident surnamed Dai, who is selling a secondhand home in the city center area of Jing'an district, said that his home has been available for sale for several months but is yet to be sold. "I have lowered the home price twice on the suggestion of the real estate broker, and yet there are hardly any enquiries," he told the Global Times on Friday.


The feng shui of eyebrows

Many people around the world believe in the Chinese practice of feng shui and devoutly apply its method of arranging furniture to promote balance, comfort and good fortune. According to the teacher, people's eyebrows - one of the five organs: the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears - in facial feng shui, are especially important in deciding one's fate.


Villager builds giant golden Buddha to protect her 'nail house'

In Zhengzhou, a 10-meter-tall Buddha keeps watch over a wasteland where a village once stood, protecting one final home from being turned to dust.


Status or personality: which is more important in the marriage choice?

An article on how Beijing residents choose their spouses has triggered heated discussion, with many claiming that the article shows society is becoming too materialistic and utilitarian when it comes to marriage.


Wedding goes ahead despite absence of groom serving in PLA

A woman has chosen to go ahead with her marriage to a PLA soldier despite him having to miss their wedding because of an emergency summons to serve on the country’s “west side”, a local newspaper reported.


Man risks life to save boy, 4, dangling by his neck from window grilles

A daring neighbour risked his life to rescue a four-year-old boy in eastern China whose head became stuck between window grilles.


Male doctoral students become leftovers in China’s marriage market

What is the first impression that comes to mind when talking about a male PhD student - knowledgeable, smart or a nerd? Most people would not expect that highly educated people would be associated with disadvantages in the marriage market. However, that is the reality for many men who have been pursuing high academic achievements.


Audi ad compares women to used cars

The 30-second commercial takes place at a wedding, right when the bride and groom are about the exchange vows. The bride’s mother-in-law suddenly storms the stage and halts the wedding, before closely inspecting the bride’s face and then pulling at her nose, ears and mouth.


Bet, you won’t be able to do this yourself

So yeah you are the superman, you can do the impossible, you can roll your eyes, you can raise your brows and shit like that, but still there are some amazing things in this world that you cannot do.


A man dresses as his dead sister to help his grieving mum

A video about a man in his fifties who hasbeen dressing as a woman for 20 years "to help his mentally ill mum copewith the death of his sister" is being widely shared on Chinese socialmedia.


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