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Hong Kong-style riots to haunt West

Supporters of the Catalan separatist movement publicly declared to have learned from the Hong Kong demonstrators, promoting the latter's tactics such as to "be water" and wearing masks to reduce the risk of being arrested.


Chinese economy resilient enough to withstand external headwinds

Amid trade tensions and the country's transition from a phase of rapid economic growth to high-quality development, it was a good result and in line with the basic law of economic development. ...


Consumption tax law in the pipeline

Measure to focus on reform of existing system, boost local govt capabilities ...


K-pop star's death prompts closer look at depression

South Korean K-pop star Sulli, who has long been subjected to abusive online co ...


China to accelerate purchase of US farm products

Since the beginning of this year, Chinese enterprises purchased 20 million tons of soybeans, 700,000 tons of pork, 700,000 tons of sorghum, 230,000 tons of wheat, and 320,000 tons of cotton, said the


Preparing for China's homegrown space station

China is preparing for upcoming frequent space missions to construct China’s space station and the Long March-5B carrier rocket, set to launch capsules for the space station, is expected to make its


Civil service hopefuls prepare for exam

Graduates are encouraged to apply for grassroots positions in remote areas Col ...


Action plan released for pollution control

Measures designed to improve quality of air in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region An ...


Avril Lavigne, Chinese man have the same number

A man from Central China and Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has something very much in common: They have the exact same phone number and the man is not amused.


China's first astronaut expects stepping onto moon

Chinese first astronaut Yang Liwei said he was looking forward to setting foot on the moon.


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