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The beauty Of rescued black market animals Attachments ... 1 2 Fun 11 1194 nwd8717 5 HourEarlier
  So glad to see awareness being raised for these poor animals!
Both sides to be blamed for Charlottesville violence: Trump Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 World Affairs 37 1590 fatdragon 4 HourEarlier
  The nazis, KKK members, and white nationalists are not marching and rioting and committing acts of ...
KKK, Nazis, white supremacists plan 'largest hate-gathering in decades' Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 World Affairs 27 1271 emanreus 3 HourEarlier
  Meanwhile, Trump sits in the heart of the White House, hiding from the American citizens that demand ...
White America’s Unshakeable Confidence in the Police Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 62 World Affairs 429 6977 fatdragon 6 DayEarlier
  Being a police officer does not place them above the law either. If police officers are unable to se ...
Trees grow out from concrete buildings Attachments ... 1 2 Fun 10 709 senoritazhao 2017-8-4 09:16:29
  For our cities to become a sustainable one, city planning needs to begin incorporating more greener ...
Man praised for making every meal for 88-yr-old mother for two years Attachments ... 1 2 China Watch 10 7079 markwu 2017-8-3 10:28:55
  Very true! But it is still nice to see someone taking the time to care for their parents. Praise s ...
What It’s Like To Live In Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’ ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 10 China Watch 65 19237 sfphoto 2017-8-7 08:20:19
  The U.N. is right on the mark with this one. There needs to be more help provided for the lower clas ...
Transgender man Jaimie Wilson Shares Before and After photos Attachments ... 1 2 Free Talk 10 423 Sallywrj 2017-8-2 09:56:29
  Good for him! I hope his family comes around and sees the error in their ways. Everyone should be fr ...
What is normal in China but is beyond your understanding ... 1 2 3 Free Talk 20 1452 Cdogg 2017-8-6 11:30:20
  I think what is most unique about China is the sheer size of the population and the economic (and of ...
Is Trump racist for ignoring Asian girls? ... 1 2 3 4 5 World Affairs 34 1593 LCSULLA 2017-8-11 21:25:53
  Trump being racist is unfortunately something that is entirely unsurprising. This incident is, howev ...
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      • Getting stared at in China 2017-8-18 14:34

        Swifty55: I am a white citizen of the United States and now live retired in China. In a country as populated as China there are many Chinese who have never seen ...
        Thank you to everyone who has commented, I enjoy reading all the different experiences.

        Swifty55 - I too understand the curiosity that Chinese people have towards me and other foreigners. However, the world has become far more globalized since you or I were children. Like I mentioned in the article, it is not simply taking a picture 'with' me. Rather, they often take photographs 'of' me, as they would an animal in a zoo. I am aware this staring has become the norm in China, but I wanted to analyze and critique this phenomenon (that is often entrenched in ethnocentrism) in hopes that there could be some positive change or awareness.

        Everyone reacts to these experiences differently. It can be hurtful and isolating to groups who have lived with micro-aggressions, while others do not mind/or are not sensitive to it. We should respect everyone's perspective and attempt to understand where they are coming from, rather than tell them how they should feel about a very personal experience.

      • Getting stared at in China 2017-8-17 16:18

        I am a white citizen of the United States and now live retired in China. In a country as populated as China there are many Chinese who have never seen a foreigner in person. It is natural to stare at something you have not seen before. When I was a child and would walk near a black or Mexican area the kids would stare at me.Never bothered me in the USA. I think it is nice when they ask for a picture with you. It should not bother you if you appear different then a Chinese when they stare It is normal.

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