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  • A visit to the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan Park) 2018-3-14 17:49

    Igo: A very beautiful place! Many thanks to Comrade Yehenara Hinjen (叶赫那拉·杏贞同志) (a.k.a. Empress Dowager Cixi) because the majority of Summer Palac ...
    In the Summer Palace we can see many places built for the Qing Emperors' entertainment,  like theatre, pavilion, stone boat, long corridor. The Qing Emperors didn't spend money on economic and military construction, they spent that on the extravagant life ,  leading the country to be weaker and weaker. Thank you for telling us that part of history! We should remember the history,  for it reminds us what we should do to make our motherland  strong !

  • A visit to the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan Park) 2018-3-14 08:54

    There are quite a number of factors result into the loss. But if China had Yoshino (speed at 22.5 knots) instead of Japan had it, Yellow Sea Battle would have been another story. Most of the warships on China's side were much slower than Japan's, nominal speed was about 15 knots, but actual speed on that day was only 10.5 knots because of poor quality of fuel.

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