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2014-5-28 22:59
This post is somewhat overdue as our Spring Break was more than three weeks ago, but as finals are fast approaching, I need a reminder of the good ole vacation days. To start the trip, Christa Lee ’15 and I went to visit last year’s Chinese language assistant in Xi’an! Catherine was the best host and it was so fun to see her again as Christa and I had both lived with her in the Asian Studies House. Rachel Palfini ’15, Catherine Qu and Christa Lee ’15 View from ato ...
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Share Volunteering at a Migrant School
2014-5-22 18:07
There are a lot of migrant workers in China, over 130 million. Most migrant workers are leaving poor, rural villages and moving to cities on China’s eastern coast in search of better job opportunities. Most of these jobs are in factories, low-paying according to American standards, but much higher wages than what these workers would receive if they remained in their rural villages. If you are not familiar with China’s migrant worker situation, I recommend watching Last Train Hom ...
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Share The Most Popular Game in China
2014-5-21 14:16
I’m about to let you all in on a little secret. It’s…how to play the most popular game in China! Now, there really is no name to this game, although I presume nicknames have popped up all over China. It is really easy to play, but you rarely win, and you don’t even need to have someone explain the rules to you. I guarantee (保证-learned that vocab word this morning) that if you spend a few days in Shanghai, you’ll pick up on the rules very soon. The game involves a lot of p ...
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Share Marriage Corner at People's Park
2014-5-21 14:15
As many of you probably know, Chinese culture, like so many others, places great emphasis on marriage. China has been a patriarchal society since its origin over 5000 years ago, and as such, much value is placed on producing sons. With recent medical advances in the past few decades, the sex ratio in China has become skewed so that in 2020 there will be 30 million more men than women (Brooks). As such, there is increasing anxiety among Chinese parents to find a spouse for their son ...
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2014-4-27 00:03
Thick Skin Mandarin is the first oral language I have studied. In high school, I took four years of Latin, but we rarely read aloud, as Latin is a dead language and impossibly difficult to converse in (Latin grammar is very complicated). One of the reasons I enjoyed studying Mandarin so much my first year at Whitman was because there was a lot of emphasis on speaking, which I had never had in my other language classes. That being said, when I originally decided ...
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Share Ancient Tea and Horse Road
2014-4-26 17:55
This past week was the CIEE Weeklong Excursion and I went to Yunnan Province with 30 other students and 3 teachers. We were traveling along the Ancient Tea and Horse Road (茶马古道) and stopped at different towns that used to be along the route. The Ancient Tea and Horse Road is sort of like the southern equivalent of the Silk Road. This route connected southwest China with Tibet and India. The Chinese traded tea bricks for Tibetan ponies, which were needed for the various wars Chin ...
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Share Qingming Festival
2014-4-26 17:54
Last week I had midterms, which is why I have not posted in awhile. A lot has happened in the past few weeks though (besides midterms), so I’ll fill you in on one of the more exciting activities. April 4-6 was the Qingming Festival (清明节) in China. In English, it is often referred to as Tomb-Sweeping Day. It is an important day of sacrifice for all ethnic groups in China in which they offer sacrifices (food and flowers) to their ancestors and sweep away debris from their tombs ...
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Share Celebrating 21st Birthday in China
2014-4-26 17:51
Last Saturday, I, along with my Chinese tutor (Alex), and CIEE classmate (Kasia), went to Tianzifang (天子方) to celebrate our birthdays (mine was on Sunday and Kasia’s was Tuesday). Tianzifang is this relatively new “old-style” shopping area in Shanghai that mostly serves foreign tourists. My host dad had never heard of it and when Kasia’s eight-year old host brother asked his mom where Kasia was going, his mom said “the place where foreigners buy things.” Despite being pa ...
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Share 南京周末旅行 (Weekend Trip to Nanjing)
2014-3-30 12:37
This past weekend was the CIEE Weekend Trip and I along with 27 other students and 3 professors went to Nanjing. The other options were Hangzhou, Yangzhou, and Wu Zhen but I chosen Nanjing because of its rich history. Nanjing (南京)is the capital of Jiangsu province in Eastern China and literally translates as “Southern Capital” because 南 = south and 京 = capital.* Fun language tangent: Beijing (北京)literally translates as “Northern Capital,” because 北 = north and京 = ...
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Share "The Goddess"
2014-3-30 12:36
Despite what some days may feel like, I am taking other courses in Shanghai besides my Chinese language class! Last week in Chinese Film and Cinema, we watched Wu Yonggong’s “The Goddess,” which was released in 1934. “The Goddess” was part of the 1930s overall leftist-turn of Chinese cinema, which was all about “reviving national cinema by connecting film-making with the May 4th movement spirit and calling for a socially engaged cinema” (from the class’ PPT slide). Many of ...
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        • Top 10 2014-5-29 13:13

          Xian! I will go there next June! It was my 2nd visit to Xian and I REALLY LOVE that city...hahaha

        • Volunteering at a Migrant School 2014-5-24 15:12

          why green handerchief?

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