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Share Things I will miss about China. And things I will not.
2014-7-14 23:59
It’s almost that time! Time for this little chapter of life to come to an end. While of course I’m happy to see my family and stateside friends, there are some things about life here I will definitely be missing. Like what you say? Well, since you asked: Things About China/Qingdao I Will Miss · Senior citizen playgrounds. Seriously, it’s full of low-impact type exercise equipment. · &nbs ...
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Share A Survey of Streetfood
2014-6-29 19:20
I threw caution to the wind concerning the warnings on street food. No regrets. ------------------------------------------------------------- F irst, let's address the FRUIT. It's everywhere! Stands and carts and baskets. Apples, pears, melons, mangoes, bananas, grapes, blueberries, watermelon, cherries, apricots, dragonfruit, pineapple...all dependent on the season of course. It's fabulous and has made up a large ...
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Share Being in Two Places at Once
2014-6-23 16:11
Staying connected. In the right places, in the right ways. ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- I love to venture off, but I also have a very strong loyalty to a select number of people. I care about them deeply, and the thought of not sharing in life with them is appalling to me. So I make an intentional effort to remain connected. In addition to staying updated, it’s also nice knowing people back home care that you still exist. It’s magical to ...
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Share Lessons in Chinese Culture (中国文化)
2014-6-8 23:01
As part of the exchange program between Qingdao and Missouri State, our little group of MSU expats had to take a chinese culture class. I say had, but other than the fact it fell smack in the middle of naptime I rather enjoyed it. The class was taught by a Chinese professor, from a Chinese textbook (in English). Getting to read a history and culture book from the perspective of a country that’s not my own was a great learning experience. The differences were subtle, but still interesting ...
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Share Adventure With Adrienne: Part 2-Li River (漓江)
2014-5-27 21:51
As promised, let’s continue! First, how did the rest of our Tuesday night of travel pan out? Well, the train stopped around 4:00 am or so in LiuZhou. If you’re taking the overnight train in China, don’t worry about waking up for your stop. They take your ticket from you in the beginning, and make sure everyone who needs it gets it back at their stop. We disembark, and here I am keeping my eyes out for a sign directing us to the bus portion of this station (Mr. Proprietor said getting a bus ...
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Share Adventure With Adrienne: PART 1-Zhangjiajie (张家界)
2014-5-26 18:15
When given a week off classes midway through the semester, my friend Adrienne and I decided to head out in search of a more rural experience in the land of mountains and rivers. AKA China. This half of our journey led us to some of the most breathtaking mountain vistas on the planet. And Adrienne’s name just alliterates so awesomely with ‘adventure’ :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday-Getting t ...
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Share Midway Progress!
2014-5-13 15:50
It's midterm time for me, which means my time in Qingdao is about halfway done. Take a gander at how my 'bucket list' for this city is going so far! Fu Shan-mountain range super close to campus, I'm 90% sure I can walk to the closest part quite easily The section we went to, although not directly behind campus, had old WWII bunkers. This is a view of Qingdao out of one of their windows. Old Observatory International Youth Hostel-deal on unlimited burgers, burritos, and beer on Friday n ...
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Share Solo Venture to Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou
2014-5-8 15:09
On such an excursion I clearly learned things. I hope you find this interesting and/or useful! Preface: Tips While I myself would rather go adventuring with a friend, don’t let a lack of available travel buddies keep you from going anywhere. This entire holiday was a solo venture. Make use of your connections, however loose. Consider it a chance to make it stronger! I stayed with an acquaintance living in Shanghai, and I’m really glad I did. Before going ANYWHERE make su ...
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Share "STUDY" Abroad
2014-4-28 16:33
"STUDY" Abroad
It's not all fun and games. Except it kind of is if you want it to be. I believe anyone who has spent any amount of time studying a foreign language can agree with me that there are five things to focus on: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. Here’s how after almost two years of studying Chinese (when I say Chinese I mean simplified Mandarin) the importance of these different focuses have come into play for me: Reading a.k.a Character Recognition The ...
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Share Easter as a student expat
2014-4-21 21:17
While not my first major American holiday spent overseas (last Fourth of July I was in Istanbul), this was the first family-oriented, Christian celebration I did not spend with my family. Despite that fact (or maybe because of) it will remain one of my most memorable. The day started at 4:00 a.m. I’m not insane, I can explain! The international church I’ve been attending was offering a sunrise service on the beach, and we were not about to miss that. So I woke up before the sun, p ...
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  • Things I will miss about China. And things I will not. 2014-8-12 11:14

    ColinSpeakman: That is a comprehensive list! There is more on the miss side than not miss side, which is good. And of course, China will miss Kelsey! Do you think yo ...
    I hope so, someday!

  • Lessons in Chinese Culture (中国文化) 2014-6-9 13:38

    A very good post!  It rings a bell! Yes we need Chinese profs to talk about Chinese culture, but in my world, we have a comparison of Western and Chinese culture, so it is team taught! I started following the Chinese Culture aspect formally in 2008 and I have picked up a bit!

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