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Share you should always smile at people
2014-5-29 18:06
Because you never know what you represent to them. Okay, so maybe sometimes that can be stereotype-confirming about blondes or “FAT PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY”, but for foreigners in China, I think that this is still a good idea. Particularly given the impermeability of most of China to international news (cough), you never know what experience the person sitting next to you has/hasn’t. Last night on the subway, I sat next to a middle-aged Chinese man, of t ...
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Share wonderful moment on my favorite chinese dating show
2014-5-29 18:05
非 诚 勿 扰 (fei1cheng2wu4rao3, “serious inquiries only”) is a popular television show that provides a stage for 24 bachelorettes to observe, judge, and potentially walk away with one of the five bachelors that presents himself during the 90-minute episode. The bachelorettes’ podiums are lit up blue, and whenever they are sufficiently unimpressed by the bachelors’ banter with the hosts, video presentations of his home/work/friends, or the love ballad he has chosen to sing despi ...
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Share me vs. grocery store, round two
2014-5-26 10:56
Got my own basket at the beginning, no bout with Mr. Grumpy Cart-Guy. Have been researching ways to be more frugal, so I skip the plastic-wrapped “organic” veggies and head straight for the ramen. The sauce that came with the imitation 炸 酱 面 (zha1jiang4mian4, classic Beijing noodle dish with meat and brown / fermented bean sauce) ramen that I bought last time was RATHER awful, so I look for something in the classical instant noodle genre: and come across a “ 葱香排骨面 ...
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Share activities! part two
2014-5-26 10:53
Last night I went to dragon boat practice; there’s a small dock outside one of the lakeside bars where a group of people meet up to paddle twice a week. After a circuitous cab/trolley ride past the lake and back (alternately complaining to the trolley driver that 50RMB was too expensive, squeaking in terror as we squeezed between cars, and scolding the driver that I wouldn’t pay him if I died), we found the bar and I rushed out - though I was technically late, we sat around and chatte ...
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Share adventures in bookmaking
2014-5-1 21:20
adventures in bookmaking
Setting aside intellectual property rights concerns for one moment, I helped some classmates get copies of a course’s required text. Because I like to be a conscientious consumer, I usually do not frequent the printcopy shop closest to my apartment, where the cranky little gentleman doesn’t get how to print double-sided (with a vertical page turn instead of horizontal on a 2 pages/sheet document; I admit it might be a little unusual). Instead, I prefer the shop staffed by an impish 1 ...
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Share the MOST MASSIVE banana
2014-4-30 16:50
the MOST MASSIVE banana
I got this at the cafeteria - doubts about whether or not I've been ingesting GMOs have been COMPLETELY resolved - and didn't work up the courage to eat it until a few days later.
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Share we are confusing the waiters
2014-4-30 16:46
All of the other students and I went to dinner together yesterday, and, as is standard practice in China, the waitress gives the menu to the most Chinese-looking person at the table. Here the system is for one person to order all the dishes for the table; a skill that one may have or not is the ability to order food well, and some people will say “ 我很不会点菜 “ which essentially means “I am bad at ordering food”. As though everyone had to have sommelier-level facility with diffe ...
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Share two sides to every coin
2014-4-18 10:30
The other day I realized that I hadn’t spent a lot of time considering the possibility that this might be - hard. That moving for a relatively long period of time to a country where I don’t particularly understand the rules, norms of social behavior, and language might be emotionally taxing. I had generally been feeling pretty good (more on that later so that this post can be *upbeat!*), but the other day at the supermarket I almost broke down into tears in front of the mushrooms. ...
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Share activities! part one
2014-4-9 09:04
This week, I tried some new things and got out into the community a little! After one of our program activities, I hustled off to a free improv class hosted by a little bar/restaurant off the nearby lake. It was so much fun! About half the people in the class spoke fluent Chinese and varying degrees of English, and the other half spoke fluent English and varying degrees of Chinese, which made for really interesting trans-language scenes. And the (European?) instructor was fantastic: not ...
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Share code switching?
2014-4-8 15:58
Yesterday I bumped into a group of students from Mexico who are living somewhere underneath my floor in the same dormitory. At this point, I’d been working pretty hard just on communicating in Chinese, but I thought I should say “hola” anyway. I was chatting with two students while simultaneously buying an umbrella from the lovely lady in charge of the dormitory convenience store, and at the end of the transaction, I wanted to say “thank you” to the shopkeeper and “g ...
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