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Share Fashion in China
2014-5-24 15:21
China is known as a country with thousand years of history. So does the fashion is changing from times to times. I think the dress is very beautiful. Here I share some pictures of the clothes: It is said that during the old ages of Dynasty, people with different social status can’t wear the same pattern of clothes. So, we can recognize people’s status at that time. Chinese people are like clothes with dragon, phoenix, or combination of both for pattern o ...
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Share The Most Favorite Snack in China
2014-5-24 13:16
I want to share my favorite snacks while I live in China: 1. Sugar Coated Haws/Tanghulu If you like to watch Chinese movies, you will probably see this tanghulu in it. Tanghulu is popular in the northern part of China, but you can also find it in Southern part of China. It is a sugar-coated hawthorn on stick which colored is brightly red. The taste is combination of sour and sweet. 2. Jianbing ...
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Share Pearl Milk Tea
2014-5-24 13:09
Since you are in China, you can’t miss to drink Pearl Milk Tea or Bubble Tea. This tea was first invented in Taiwan in 1980. It is so popular in China that you can find the Pearl Milk Tea shop all over China. I love to drink Pearl Milk Tea. This is the flavor I drink the most: 1. Matcha Bubble Tea 2. Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea 3. Taro Bubble Tea 4. Grass Jelly Bubble Tea
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Share One Little Step can Change the World to be a better place – Protect the Environ
2014-5-24 13:05
Yesterday I joined an activity to collect garbage around Li River, Guilin. This activity was initiated by the students of Indonesian Language Department in Guangxi Normal University. I joined this activity because I’ve never been to Li River Crown Cave Scenic Spot before and I definitely need refreshing from my boring and tiring daily routines. But then I realized I learned a lot from the Chinese students of Indonesian Language Departments and from this social activity. First, one littl ...
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Share Learn Mandarin through Movies
2014-4-27 23:22
Some people who like to watch movies can learn language faster through watching movies. I recommend these movies for those who want to learn mandarin: 1. Warlords 《投名状》 2. Love is not Blind 《失恋 33 天》 3. If You are the One 《非诚勿扰》 4. A World Without Thieves 《天下无贼》 ...
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Share 7 Fun Facts about China
2014-4-27 23:17
I don’t know whether this is true or not. I just feel it is fun to share this with readers: 1. 1. One of the five populations in the world is Chinese. The population of Chinese is four times Americans. 2. 2. The most popular hobby of Chinese people is collecting stamps. 3. 3. Toilet paper was invented in China at the end of year 1300. At that time, toilet paper was only used by ...
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Share Learn Chinese through Novels
2014-4-27 23:11
During my studying of Master degree, my lecturer asked us to have a reading habit. Comparing to others, I seem to have less reading habit. I actually like reading novels rather than textbooks. The first novel in mandarin that I read is 春草 (read:chuncao). It is a story about a girl who struggle to get happiness in her life. Her family is quite poor so that from the age of 5, Chuncao have to help her mother to work at the farm. she learnt from her aunt that if she study at school she w ...
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Share Easy Cooking Chinese Food
2014-4-27 23:06
I like to cook mushrooms because I can find a lot of mushrooms here in China. The dish that I like the most is sautéed cole with shiitake. It can serves as a vegetarian appetizer for all people. It is rich of nutrition, I think. You just need cole and shiitake to cook it also some seasonings such as vegetable oil, salt, sugar, water, and cornstarch with water mixture. First, you need to clean the cole and cut it into small pieces. Then, wash the shiitake, keep the small ones ...
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Share How did I get the scholarship to China?
2014-3-20 06:39
How did I get the scholarship to China?
I was always dreaming about getting scholarship to study abroad. However, I never imagined that I will get the scholarship to China. In fact, I always search a scholarship to Australia or United States. I almost got the scholarship to United States. But, if I take the chance I would have to delay my graduation for half a year so that I dropped the chance. How sad! After I graduated, I got nice job but the salary wasn’t enough. So, I decided to apply for the scholarship to C ...
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Share What happened on the train?
2014-3-16 22:35
What will you do to survive on the train for 38 hours? (Still on the train from Guilin to Qingdao....) We played many possible games we can do that helped us to kill the time. However, we can still be bored of it. My friends and I have the Chinese ancestor so that our face looks like Chinese people. One of my friend, Grace, can speak perfect Putonghua (standard Mandarin) while my other friends and I can’t. While we were playing games, there was a young man who kept h ...
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Recent comments
  • Fashion in China 2014-5-25 08:43

    Thanks for the photos! Some beautiful ones! And China will rise to a modern day fashion capital in Shanghai!

  • The Most Favorite Snack in China 2014-5-24 19:20

    On number 1 .. Soooo sugary! Cannot be healthy!  

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