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Share is it what it seems
2015-11-21 00:14
Is it what it seems. Assume you ran adeclining empire and it was the lastfewweeks of your time to rule, would you fundexternal terrorist to create the impression that your empire was not in decline andthat the money system your empire had created was not wrong or corrupt. In the hope that the world would go to war on a small scale and create a market for the sale of weapons. Convincingthe public that fighting the little wars was important as oppose ...
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Share The silk belt education
2015-4-30 13:03
When I speak to students and Chinese friends, I ask the question what is the silk belt, most times the answer is “a silk band you put around your waist”, if I enlarge the subject by asking what is the silk road the answer is invariably an ancient road between china and the west for camels to take silk to Europe, its is likely that a good percentage of Chinese people will work for or work with the results of this development, It is a huge development to open up china’s import export routes by ...
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Share 2015-04-30
2015-4-30 12:59
Failing empires ? The latest agreement between Japan and the USA appears to be directed against China totally, Could it be that the USA fear china new bank and worries that china my become the reserve currency of the new world, meaning that the USA would have to pay back all the money it has borrowed from the world. Or could it be that the disputed islands in the South China Sea have vast quantities of oil and could supply China’s oil and gas requirements for the next 20 years meaning that ...
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Share a beautiful Chinese lady
2014-5-24 10:19
This week I married a beautiful Chinese lady, it is the technically 5th time I have married. For me it was such a wonderful thing, to have finally found the right woman to spend my life with. In China is considered slightly different, to be married 5 times is terrible, I should of stayed with my first wife and be eternally unpappy Each time I married I hope it would be forever, but it was not to be so. This time I feel in my heart it will be forever. How long is forever ?
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Share forbidden subject
2014-5-24 10:17
I have been studying sex education and how it is carried out globally. Since there was an item on my qq international news. In England by law they must teach sex education at 5 years old in school. Which when I think about it is not a bad idea, children at five have no need for sex and no interest. So the information is taken in to there little head stored and ignored, great preparation for there future when they will need it. In China it is a forbidden subject, the unspoken shadow that ...
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Share happy people are fit people
2014-5-24 10:14
During my life have managed to damage parts of my body over the years. I lost the use of an eye when I was shot at, they missed me but the bullet ricochet of a car I ducked behind and entered my eye, a good job we have two eyes, A few years later I mange to jump over a small wall into what I thought was a grass field but alas happened to be at the entrance to a train railway tunnel, landing on the rail I managed to crack open my head, splitting the ear drum, such a good job we have two e ...
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Share A calm China
2014-5-24 10:07
China ’s new deals with Russia seem to be the best political move at moment, the vast resources of Russia and the fact they don’t have many friends at the moment permit the Chinese to make some wonderful deals. The abstaining from the Syria vote allows the continued trade to carry on and really who cares about the civil war there, when the Ukraine is in such a mess. The economic climate is showing signs similar to those of pre economic cash period, and the housing bubble in china is ...
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Share 2014-04-30
2014-4-30 20:21
Is a blog competition a test of writing and communication skills or is it a way to analyze the members of the group. An interesting question to ask, if I was running a country I would want to understand the attitude and habits of the foreign population that work amidst the general population of my country. If you were to analyze, what a particular group chatted about, what hours they used to chat etc, I am sure that the results could be used in one way or another to categorize the actual ...
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Share the riding game
2014-4-30 20:18
I ride a motorbike, I live in the south but I work in the north of the city, each day I must cross the city two times. I join the parade of motorcycles that frequent this route. What never ceases to amaze me is the number of people using a mobile phone while riding, it would or could be understandable if the were taking an emergency call but I don’t think that there are that many emergency calls in china to justify the number using the phone to chat each day, that could be the end to th ...
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Share USA tribal thinking
2014-4-25 20:00
I thought about how to write this blog, but after a little contemplation I thought fuck it if the president of the USA wants to be stupid why can’t I. If you are a country that depends on its growth and its cash supply from the market growth of another it would seem relatively stupid to aggravate that country. In trying to sweet talk japan the USA stuck its foot into a pile of shit again. My vision of the future does not ever see another black president for the USA ,as at the end of this ...
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      • a beautiful Chinese lady 2014-5-28 16:26

        财神: wow,what a romantic life you have. jealous to you.   
        Perhaps the times of marrige take worse influence to woman than man,so that's why you feel jealous,then I feel sorry...

      • forbidden subject 2014-5-28 16:12

        It needs great courage to teach physiology in China,especially in junior high school,the shyness of the students may make the calss hard to process,even our teachers ,so that's the class we often skip.

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