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Share The Strangest Food I've Eaten in China
2014-5-30 22:22
The Strangest Food I've Eaten in China
Being in a pretty big city in China, I don't often have chances to eat some of the more exotic foods like perhaps the foods in Guangzhou. My experience is pretty typical, but when I am invited out to eat by Chinese colleagues or asked to have a fancy dinner, I try my best to try everything. To be honest, before I came to China I had expected to be trying new crazy food all the time, but the city I'm living in is so westernized already that the adjustment hasn't been too big. Recently, the motiva ...
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Share Arcades in America, and why everyone should enjoy them!
2014-5-30 18:33
Arcades in America, and why everyone should enjoy them!
In a society full of adults striving to be at the top of their careers with hardly any time for fun, it may be a common opinion to not consider arcades as a nice choice for a date. In truth, many western people love going to arcades and consider it a really fun place to take your partner on a night of reliving your favorite childhood adventures. In America, places like Chuck e' Cheese's and DB are common places for the young and old to relax and have fun. In this blog, I'd like to share with yo ...
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Share How Often Do Americans Use Google?
2014-5-25 17:34
How Often Do Americans Use Google?
Even for the Chinese government it has become harder and harder to track the number of Google services that are available. Many have been blocked of course, but still some slip through the crack of the great firewall. How can Google offer so many services, and do Americans really use all of them. Well, we can't use them all, but it may surprise you how many Google services the typical American uses during the average day. The most common services include: - Search - Youtube - G ...
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Share The Stories behind Some American Rituals
2014-5-4 20:13
Although America is a young country compared to, well everyone, it is unique in that many different cultures came together and brought their rituals with them. Some of these rituals are probably very strange to Chinese people so I thought that I’d explain the origins of them so that you can better understand them. 1. Suntanning It must be strange for Chinese people to see Americans talking positively about tan skin. ...
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Share Do You Help Those in Need in China?
2014-4-25 20:00
I was driving my e-bike down the narrow bike lane on my way home last week when I saw a young woman accidentally bump into an older woman forcing her to crash her e-bike into some bushes next to the road. As I turned my head back to watch the old lady lying there and the younger woman awkwardly trying to decide what to do, two internal voices were having an argument in my head. The first voice in my head was telling me, “Go and help, make sure that she’s okay.” B ...
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Share The Secrets of Chinese Students
2014-4-15 09:17
(This article required a lot of extra time so sorry for the delay. It is also important to know that I received permission to publish the secrets in this article from my students. Enjoy!) During the last two weeks I asked my students to learn about being concise in English and trying to understand sentences that have a very strong meaning. During the lesson I used a couple different resources. The first thing I did was introduce a couple of the better-known 6 word stories including ...
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Share On Foreign Teacher-Student Relationships
2014-4-9 23:26
Something that is often brought up to new male foreign teachers is the rule that teachers should not spend time with students outside of the classroom going to bars, clubs, etc. Many teachers I've met acknowledge the rule, and then continue to just do what they want to do. I believe that a professional relationship is key in conducting a proper classroom which requires teachers to choose proper times to spend time with their students outside of class. As someone who doesn't pa ...
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Share Good Husbands: Be Careful this Weekend!
2014-4-5 15:22
Good Husbands: Be Careful this Weekend!
So you're walking down the street and you pass by the corner flower shop and you see some nice colorful flowers. You reach down and pick them up and give them a sniff. You think, “Wow! These are some nice flowers, and they smell nice too!” Then the nice worker sees you and smiles. She gives you a strange stare, but you’re a foreigner! Come on! You are used to seeing Chinese people staring at you a little curiously. You’ve been so busy at work and you worry that you’ve been neglecti ...
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Share More things Chinese people say that Americans don't
2014-4-1 21:27
My first post about this was a really wonderful hit. I had some people even post their own lists which was really great. I think this is a very great way to give a nice lesson for free that instantly improves English for Chinese people Before I begin my list though, I'd like to share some thoughts about the idea of what we call Chinglish. I have a very long answer for the reasons behind Chinglish, but I'm going to cut that down into something I think is more manageable. The short answer c ...
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Share The Good Things about China that Are Hard to Explain
2014-3-27 19:58
First, I’d like to say ‘Thank You’ for all the people who have been reading my blog posts so far. My other recent posts have received a lot of attention, and it is definitely encouraging for me to continue to post more. Having said that, I think having a blog about China from an American perspective is tricky. It’s hard not to get caught up in discussing negative things about China without considering an objective view. The truth is, I’m the type of person that ...
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