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Share Rain in Desert
2015-7-1 14:21
Rain in Desert
One third geography of the earth is covered by desert and because of climate change many parts of the earth are converting to the desert, gradually. But scientists have invented a technology which can rain on desert land too. its not any miracle but the blessing of science and technology. Desert Greening named organization has discovered a technology that can drag the two hundred meter far cloud. There is fitted a metal tube in the machine that can rele ...
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Share Why Journalists Run?
2015-6-30 15:17
There is worldwide whim of press freedom and freedom of expression. Journalism is the crucial organ of the nation and plays vital role in our life. The major tasks and the first priorities of the journalists are to spread accurate, balance and credible news on the basis of media values. You can see some US journalists have been running in front of Supreme Court, so whats wrong with them? Don’t be confused, they are not in demonstration, also that is not any marathon compe ...
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Share Industrial tour to Xining
2015-6-30 08:37
This was my second visit to Qinghai province, last year I have visited of the vast land of Qinghai, so many spectacular scenes were captured in my lance too. this time while I was there an important program had been organized titled ‘Xining international forum and cooperation forum of cities along the Silk Road. Innovating the opening up of cities in western china, promoting pragmatic cooperation with international sister cities’. I’ve mentioned a little bit in my previous post too ...
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Share My body my right
2015-6-29 17:49
A short description about My body my right- some feminists/ woman right activists and woman oriented organizations have evolved the concept to eliminate gender discrimination. The issue is highlighted all over the world but how many women are sincere about this? Mostly, female possessed with womb, so they have great responsibility to be a mother or to handle the descendant productivity. However, statistically female are suffered with dozens of problems comparat ...
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Share Wow, Google!
2015-6-28 17:02
Internet giant Google is planning to worldwide free Wifi. For the initial experiment it has been servicing in New York City. Sidewalk labs, the separate company of Google is also on the process to buy two more companies related high speed internet. According to the bloom burg News, ahead of winter season Google will complete the trail so that it will accelerate further extension process in other cities too. Best wishes to Google for free wifi task so that all we c ...
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Share Do you agree?
2015-6-28 10:37
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Share Business trip to Qinghai
2015-6-27 14:57
Recently, I revisited China’s largest province Qinghai for few days. This time visit was not focused on sightseeing as last year I had but the business/industries trip. However Qinghai province has comparatively less contribution in China’s GDP but it has been striving to catch the flow of China’s rapid development stream. I will share about my industrial tour later on my next post but right now I would like to describe an interaction program held in Xin ...
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Share Stress management
2015-6-26 18:15
Who is not suffering from our social crowds that are surrounded with numerous pressures and competition? The race for being top or number one is always being challenging to all. We have to think more that mental burden is rising day by day. So, in this case how can we manage our mental stresses? While you are buried of stresses, just analyze the moments of progress till the life, ascending ups, achievements and happiest situation that occurred in life. ...
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Share Inspirational quote
2015-6-25 19:13
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Share Media strengthening Chinese Lifestyle
2015-6-25 15:13
Media is the pioneer and the powerful invention of 21st century. Chinese authority has recently released a ‘China New media development report 2015 which has shed light that media are playing a vital role in changing China’s economic sectors. China is upgrading its life structure sticking on media in daily life. Specially, information sharing, travel, shopping, tourism, education and consumption businesses are almost depending on media. Not only business sectors bu ...
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  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-3-27 13:53

    Before a few days, I hearded a story that said there be a parents who wanted to promote her  son's english level, so taken part in a english course which costed her much money. Finaly, her son can speak english very well, but his english score was not be promoted  after his english exam be delivered.

  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-2-13 15:59

    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

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