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Share China's Poverty Alleviation Resolution
2015-7-21 18:20
Determined china is persisting to alleviate the poverty and insisting for the economic shape. Before leading the world economy China must be concentrated on its own major requirements/demands on prosperous society. Amid the China’s upcoming target to alleviate the poverty, the World Bank has approved about 15 million USD which will be used from July 2015 to March 2021 in agro project Network; promote agricultural products; build up peasant’s confidence; industrial development etc. so, ...
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Share Benefits of Kiss!
2015-7-20 18:28
Youths use to seem kissing on the streets; while waiting at the bus/subway station; running elevators of shopping malls; all those scenes are common in modern society. How do people kiss others lips and tongues without any pre-plan? Don’t they feel contamination of putrid hot air coming from mouth? How do they digest the stinking inner parts of the mouth while having kiss? How they can enjoy without vomiting after the tongue kiss? Amid the questions, in fact personally, I don’t like to ...
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Share Miseries of Hard Life
2015-7-20 10:23
May you have heard the News about the refugees who are migrated from one place to another and encountered tough moments during their journey. because of wars, violations, rifts, unstable political ups and downs and human crisis many people are forced for oasis in this world. they are wandering with high risks for a better livelihood. mostly, African immigrants are flooding to the west European nations. the latest pictures show that migrants striving to board on a rail in Macedonia and Gr ...
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Share Body as Canvas
2015-7-19 10:25
Body as Canvas
Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky is depicted on model's naked body. its not an ordinary art creation on human body with nuanced natural auras. An American John Popleton, 44 has demonstrated such an amazing art on body. the natural scenes galaxy, lightening, sky, light colors etc are included. lets check those artistic and outstanding arts completed within 3 hours per painting.
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Share Think before you Laugh
2015-7-18 17:48
Think before you Laugh
Nobody is perfect, may we have some flaws either that is mentally or physically however we deserve dignity, self respect and values of humanity. the real phenomena is that backbiting about others physical anatomy and laughing at them is common around us. They are the same human possessed a heart as others though physically disabled or strange body figure. we human have the equal right to live in this earth either ugly or beauty but hidden resist veins in us are not ...
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Share Dream Superstition
2015-7-16 15:37
Normally, dreaming is a normal process in human life whether dreamers are aged or child. There might be different logics about the dream in different religions, cultures and societies. Some exponents talk about auspicious and inauspicious part of dream. In Hinduism prudent says dream can signify the future events. According to the dream astrologers there are four types of dreams like: supernatural, auspicious, sinister and mixed. There are various seque ...
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Share Pop-star Grandma
2015-7-15 14:10
Pop-star Grandma
The face is decorated with wrinkles; body is bowing down; but the heart is evergreen young. There is a pop band in Japan named Girl pop band KBG-84. There are 33 members over 84 years old, one of the oldest members of the band is 92 years old. We may be surprised seeing their active lifestyle and envious towards their mental stamina. Recently, they had a stage show in Tokyo which made people cheerful and excited. ...
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Share Lazy English Teachers in China
2015-7-14 17:05
Lazy English Teachers in China
To grab a handsome salary with less hard work is being mostly prioritized job in this congested and stressful competitive market. We all are looking for a cozy job that could make money easily. The result was surveyed in, a website of question answer founded in 2009. The latest survey topic was about effortless job for smart career! BBC media had delivered the question which could be the best job for the smart and lazy job hunters? The four top answers ...
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Share Hug a Python
2015-7-14 10:25
Personally I am a timid towards carnivore animals and even frightened of footage on TV too. i didn't converted to a vegetarian because I scared of animal. I suppose non vegetarians can intimate with those untamed animals . A Photo feature became viral on social media recently, a courageous girl use to hug Pythons. Pythons are found in Africa, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Southern China, Southeast Asia and Philipp ...
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Share Laughing Star
2015-7-12 15:12
Many of you have seen this man in social sites in the comedy, jokes or kidding corners. Who is that character which makes us laughing and boosts the atmosphere on funny stuffs? The laughing character is brimful with humorous, his sketch creates happy waves, wrinkles on face, eyes and lips all depicted the natural impulse of bursting laugh. Sometimes jokes might be less ridiculous but his smile adds funny vibration. Who made the sketch, is ...
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  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-3-27 13:53

    Before a few days, I hearded a story that said there be a parents who wanted to promote her  son's english level, so taken part in a english course which costed her much money. Finaly, her son can speak english very well, but his english score was not be promoted  after his english exam be delivered.

  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-2-13 15:59

    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

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