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Share Optimum Moral (religious) Stream
2015-9-6 19:33
Optimum Moral (religious) Stream
-‘Once upon I’d earned a lot of money from my business but some years later I lost a big amount, was that as punishment of impurity?’’ -One of my classmates got cancer; she went hospital without any hope but faiths gave her new life. Was it reward from god? -‘Can I turn to religious after all uncountable lies? Or could god revenge of my misdeeds? Couples of days ago my Chinese Au ...
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Share RIP: Worlds Shortest Man :(
2015-9-5 09:13
RIP: Worlds Shortest Man :(
The worlds shortest man with a height of 54.6 cm, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 76 passed away on Friday In the USA. the Midwestern part of Nepal resident Dangi passed away during the treatment in Lyondn B Johnson Tropical Medical Center in United States. He was suffering from pneumonia. He had two Guinness world records – Worlds shortest living man and the worlds shortest person ever recorded. He was awarded those titles on February 26,2012. RIP! ( ...
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Share Memorial Parade Coming soon
2015-8-22 19:48
China is preparing for military parade to commemorate the 70 th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War II. Some 10 countries’ troops are going to join the ceremony in September. Meanwhile, it is declared that there will be clean air and blue sky until 3rd September; construction sites and industries will be closed. Some congested places (Sanlitun for parade’s rehearsal) will be less crowded or prohibited for gatherings; Beijing subway lines connected with Tiananmen Squa ...
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  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-2-13 15:59

    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

  • Merry Christmas 2017-12-26 20:59

    I would like offer you a red hat and dress you as the Christmas old man for our celebration-party! lol!

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