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Share Better luck next time youngest Olympian.
2016-8-8 09:06
Better luck next time youngest Olympian.
Nepali swimmer Gaurika Singh secured 1st position at the first heat of 100 meters backstroke at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on Sunday. The youngest athlete in the Rio Olympics finished her race in 1 minute and 8.45 seconds. However, Singh’s personal best is 1 minute and 7.31 seconds. Although she beat Evelina Afoa of Samoa and Rita Zeqiri of Kosovo to become first in the first heat, she failed to enter the next round. Gaurika became 31st among the thirty-four swimmers from v ...
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Share Ghazal !
2016-7-28 15:05
Ghazal ! (Nobody can Stop) - Pretend if you want, nobody can stop! But what I understand, nobody can stop! : You have authority to misjudge me today Believe! I ain’t a sycophant, nobody can stop! ……….. …. …. ……. ……….. But what I understand, nobody can stop! …. …. ……. ……….. Pretend if you want, nobody can stop! ……….. …. …. ……. ……….. But what I understand, nobody can stop!   ...
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Share Stone forest: photo feature
2016-6-23 16:38
Stone forest: photo feature
Ignoring rainy forecast we started our 80 kilometers long journey from the capital city of Yunnan province, Kunming. I was eager to explore the name of a forest that is created by stones. Can there be a jungle with stones? Can it be described as jungle? There are lots of stones around the earth why that one is called strange Stone forest? There are unique and adventurous stones and rocks around the world? Why those stones are listed in the world heritage? Almost two hours lat ...
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Share Are Chinese housemaids 保姆 reliable?
2016-5-27 16:03
Are Chinese housemaids 保姆 reliable?
One of my Chinese friends recruited a housemaid - Bao Mu ( 保姆 ) to take care of her septuagenarian father who lives far from her place. China has a huge old generation who needs helpers in their old age. Their family members are engaged away for their own reason, also all the time family members can’t manage time to care them. She has changed many Bao Mu within a year because she blames they all not worked properly with their kind heart. The latest B ...
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Share A bitter truth
2015-10-22 14:16
A bitter truth
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  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-3-27 13:53

    Before a few days, I hearded a story that said there be a parents who wanted to promote her  son's english level, so taken part in a english course which costed her much money. Finaly, her son can speak english very well, but his english score was not be promoted  after his english exam be delivered.

  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-2-13 15:59

    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

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