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Share Expo message for economic enhancement
2015-6-12 19:44
The third china-south Asia expo or 23rdKunming import-export trade fair has been kicked off on 12thjune 2015 in Yunnan province of China. the forum is very crucial because of whole south Asia and Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASEAN) were gathered and vice president of China along many high profiles were there to attract the participants. What message would this expo explore towards South Asian nations and rest of the economic powers? ...
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Share Amazing Sky in Beijing
2015-6-11 15:48
It was incredible purity in Beijing Sky today. It was blue, clouds were white, air was cool and light of sun was bright. Extremely romantic scenes can be seen here today. I guess it will be recorded as the clean and the best day of the year in China. not only me but many friends were enjoying with the sunshine lovely day here in Beijing. I’ve noticed lots of moments depicted about the beautiful day in words and photos. Some photos I borrowed from my WeChat friends and shared here. Let’ ...
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Share Longest and highest Sky-bridge in China
2015-6-11 09:51
The next historical creation has been made by China for the world surprise. World’s largest and longest bridge is ready now in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. People who have strong heart and possessed with great guts can walk on the bridge due to the transparent glasses. One can feel dizzy or scared due to the height of the bridge and deep scene of the earth. The bridge can b ...
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Share Bravo Jackie Chan!
2015-6-10 19:41
Hollywood actor Jackie Chan is one of the superb superstars of the world. Recently, he went to Nepal and distributed relief items to the earthquake victims on Tuesday. The program was organized by his welfare organization and International Red Cross Society, China. He has a great fame on Hong Kong film industry and martial Arts. He is a film director, producer and singer too. Jackie Chan is associated in various social campaigns as well. Nepalese media have highlig ...
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Share Xi’an-ancient city wall
2015-6-10 16:17
Walls have an important role in Chinese geological history. Along with great wall (well known in Beijing) and many others wall can be found China made in history. Many people remember the Beijing located great wall while climbing the Xian wall. The wall is about 12 meter high and 15 meter width which is the next attraction of the city. Visitors can ride bus or bicycles over the wall and see the ancient scenes. About 600 years long history carrying wall was ma ...
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Share Blue sky of Lhasa
2015-6-9 17:06
Blue sky of Lhasa
I haven’t been to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region but learnt and cherished a good impression about its cultural background and environmental impression. As the latest News disseminated by the authority of Lhasa that it has harvested 356 days blue sky. Lhasa possessed air quality rate of 97.54 percent and ranked 3 rd position out of country's 74 major cities. Bright sun and blue sky is being our recent public demand in the world bu ...
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Share China’s Human Right progress
2015-6-8 19:20
China has issued a Progress report on Human Rights in 2014 white paper which is focused on progress of China's human rights in the past year. The report allocates some major aspects like China's achievements in human rights, including the right to development, personal rights, democratic rights, fair trial, minority rights, the rights of women children and the elderly, the disabled rights, environmental rights, international exchanges and cooperation. According to the white p ...
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Share General Attitude
2015-6-6 15:50
General Attitude
Personal category: funny stuffs|573 views|1 comments Popularity 2
Share Attitude Problem
2015-6-6 15:38
Once a devotee prayed and worshiped God for a long time. God ; Oh my devotee! I am extremely happy with your dedication and worships, want to bless you, tell me what do you want? Devotee ; Almighty God! if you ’ re really happy with my worships then please grant two times more to my neighbor than me whatever i achieve in this life. God ; ok, As your wish. .............. Devotee cut/broke his one leg.
Personal category: funny stuffs|364 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share Xi’an - bell tower
2015-6-4 14:56
This May 18 to 24 th I visited Shanxi provinces, a historical city Xi’an as a task to visualize documentary. I along with my director, two camera persons and bilingual character of the documentary, visited the cultural destinations. The next attraction of Xi’an is the bell tower which is located as a pride and history of China. I didn’t get chance to take a whole tower building photo, so copied from . I have taken pictures of parts. ...
Personal category: Journey|897 views|0 comments Popularity 5
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    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

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    I would like offer you a red hat and dress you as the Christmas old man for our celebration-party! lol!

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