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Share Being Polite and Fake Expectation
2015-4-30 22:20
If you have a Chinese friend, you will often hear them say : "Next time, I will invite you to come over to my place" Most of your Chinese friend will tell you that, but how many really did invite you to come over the next time? One, or two...a few, if you're lucky One day in Chinese Culture class, I asked my teacher about this and she laughed at me "Being polite is a part of common courtesy in China...but it doesn't mean that they will really do it" The next night, I met a ...
Personal category: Life in China|2025 views|0 comments Popularity 3
2015-4-3 02:20
Hello everyone. Some of you might know me, but I'm sure most of you don't. I'm a former participant in the first expat blog contest together with ColinSpeakman , Anming, mutafire, Maierwei (how are you guys?) and my blog(s) used to headline the mainpage of Chinadaily Blog back in the days. You want proof? Here it is : I have been away from this forum for almost 6 months now. What happen? Well, LIFE happens. I started my Master Degree in Guili ...
Personal category: Life Lessons|3821 views|19 comments Popularity 13
Share The Origin of Qixi Festival
2014-8-2 11:53
Zhinü (weavergirl) is a goddess whose job is to weave colourful clouds in the heaven. One day she feels bored and decided to have some fun in earth. There, she met a Niulang, a young cowherd. They soon fell in love with each other, and decided to secretly got married without the knowledge of the Jade Emperor of Heaven. Zhinü proved to be a wonderful wife, and Niulang to be a good husband. They lived happily and had two children. But one day the Jade Emperor found out that Zhin ...
Personal category: Chinese Culture|4889 views|0 comments Popularity 3
Share Your Exist Inside My Song
2014-7-31 23:59
I want to share with all of you my favorite Chinese song. This song is a song about love and destiny, how fate bring two people together. Have you ever felt how strange it is for one person to suddenly appear in our life but it feels like that we've waiting for their arrival all along? One day a stranger, lovers the next day. That's what this song's about. Enjoy. The lyrics are in Hanzi, Pinyin, English, and also Indonesian. If you are outside of China, you can find the song in Youtu ...
Personal category: Review|3373 views|0 comments Popularity 1
Share The day when I ate a DONKEY...
2014-7-31 23:42
In China I've seen a lot of strange dishes : turtle soup, fried silkworm, deep-friend snake skin, dog stew etc etc but I'm afraid to try them. Some disgust me, and the other I just can't muster enough courage to try a bite. But when I'm studying in Shijiazhuang last year, I finally had a chance to try the local "special dish" : Donkey Meat (驴肉). It was a cold winter afternoon, just a few days after Chinese New Year, and everything was closed. Me and my Ukrainian roommate, Max, h ...
Personal category: Culinary|5148 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share Best Chinese Movies You Should Watch (July Edition)
2014-7-31 14:02
3. Sophie's Revenge ( 非常完美 ) Approximately one month before her wedding to handsome doctor Jeff, pretty cartoonist Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) finds herself kicked to the curb and replaced by glamorous actress Joanna (Fan Bingbing). Devastated, Sophie comes up with a master plan to win Jeff back using "scientific methods," and walk down the aisle on schedule. To ensure her mission is a success she recruits Taiwanese photographer Gordon (Peter Ho) to be her right hand man. 2. A W ...
Personal category: Review|3165 views|0 comments
Share Is SEX Really That Important?
2014-7-14 20:20
So, what do you think, guys? Is SEX really that important? Can you accept if your wife only will do it with you once a year? Please write your response in comment section bellow =) Disclaimer : Scenes from the movie "If You Are The One" aka 非诚勿扰 starring Ge You and Shu Qi. If you are interested, look for it in Youku or Asiatorrent. I made the image by myself.
Personal category: Funny|3354 views|1 comments Popularity 13
Share 6 BEST Places I Have Visited in China
2014-6-21 12:27
Met a lot of people in China, and when I asked them, where they have been in China, most of the answers are those five cities : "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong" Well, I've only lived in China for less than two years now and as an ordinary students from an average family, my income is limited to only scholarships and part-time jobs, but I could proudly say that I've traveled to at least 12 provinces in China and about 20 different cities. Some of them are because I particip ...
Personal category: Travel|17596 views|0 comments Popularity 12
Share The Most Delicious Zongzi
2014-6-2 10:43
June 2013, last year, was my first time celebrating Dragon Boat Festival / Duanwujie ( 端午节 ) . Me and my foreign student friends were so excited about it. We would like to go eat Zongzi ( 粽子 - Glutinous Rice ), watch the Dragon Boat Competition ( 龙舟赛 ), etc etc. But sadly,our plan didn't turn out well. First problem is, in Shijiazhuang, the place where I lived last year, they didn't have any special celebration for the ...
Personal category: Life Lessons|9897 views|37 comments Popularity 18
Share Euphemism in Chinese Language
2014-5-29 22:10
Even though we are not Chinese, but there are some basic things we should know if we're going to live in China. One of the most important things is common courtesy or manners. Of course most of you maybe already know the basic courtesy such as presenting business card with both hands, stand when you are going to shake hands, etc etc. As a student who's studying Chinese language, I want to share with you some common courtesy in terms of language. When you first start studying Chinese ...
Personal category: Chinese Culture|10448 views|23 comments Popularity 15

I am interested in all forms of perception, of seeing through the eyes of another. I love the rain, and colours your eyes change with the sunset behind you. Randomness flows through my veins, as does a sense of self-discovery. I\'m curious in finding where I fit into the grand scheme of life. I\'m just interested in finding someone who wants to enjoy the ride with me.

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