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Share This Broken World
2014-5-30 22:25
This world is a messed-up place. I wouldn’t call myself a news maven, but I do try to keep up with current events. And it’s usually quite depressing. Brazilians accusing the government of corruption before the World Cup begins in their backyard, Syrians killing each other in a prolonged civil war, pro-Russian Ukrainians shooting fellow Ukrainians, terrorists murdering innocent villagers in Western China, and Vietnamese rioting in the streets against Chinese aggression. And that’s ...
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Share Disembodied Graduation
2014-5-25 19:06
Last week I graduated with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Rather, I watched my friends graduate in their gowns while I wore a T-shirt and shorts. Something about living halfway around the world and teaching that week made it somewhat difficult to come back. And there was the exorbitant flight ticket too. Frankly, for someone paying off college debt and living modestly abroad, anything over $100 qualifies as exorbitant. At any rate, I did watch my graduation through liv ...
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Share Travels to Chengdu: Part 3
2014-5-9 17:07
Only two days left in Chengdu. Holidays always go too fast, but at least we were enjoying ours down south. On Friday we traveled to the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project where Li Bing, an engineer in 300 BC, redirected the Min River to improve farming in the province. Today there are some modern locks, but his initial work has endured through the centuries. Later we went to Qingcheng Shan, the smaller brother of Emei Shan. It may not have monkeys, but it has plenty of steps and temples o ...
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Share Travels to Chengdu: Part 2
2014-5-6 18:38
The next day we left our hotel for Leshan, a somewhat misleading name. It's not really a mountain at all. It's more of a lush, oversized hill with a mountain of a Buddha. And this Buddha is gargantuan - 73 meters high and 28 meters wide from one shoulder to the other. In other words, if he sat in front of an apartment complex, he could effortlessly block your view from a 14-story building. But why was he even built? As the story goes, a monk had heard about the river's flooding in Le ...
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Share Travels to Chengdu: Part 1
2014-4-30 22:59
Before I traveled to Chengdu, I was told to expect three things in Sichuan Province: spicy food, beautiful women, and prolific teahouses. So after visiting the city for the first day, I decided to test this supposed hearsay. I'm not sure if Chengdu is indicative of all Sichuan cities, but they aren't squeamish when it comes to eating spicy food. After we, that is, the small contingent of English teachers from our university in Qingdao, had arrived in Chengdu, we toured a walking street, which h ...
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Share Terrorists: inhuman or human?
2014-4-26 18:40
Yesterday I went to a World Youth Leadership Summit, basically a mock U.N. assembly, where the students discussed the human rights of terrorists. The world was amply represented with delegates from North America (2), Europe (4), the Middle East (3), Africa (5), India and Australia. For each of the countries, there were two delegates, a Chinese and foreign delegate. Most were from the Middle East or Africa. It was interesting to see an African passionately defending America, but I ...
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Share Easter: It's not just about the Bunny
2014-4-21 21:25
Good Friday is neither good, nor on a Friday. But it is a sobering day to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross - the most excruciating form of death that existed during Roman rule. Whether it happened on a Friday or not does not really matter. What matters is that Jesus did it for us - sinners wholly undeserving of his grace. His death was the greatest act of love this world will ever know. Yet we forget how much it cost our Lord to endure such humiliation and pain fo ...
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Share Finding Krusty Krab
2014-4-10 22:33
"This is ridiculous," I thought. "Why can't I find any crabs underneath these rocks? This shouldn't be that hard." And so I moved on to another rock, searching for the elusive crab. Nope, not here either. Somehow it must have sensed my presence andwarned all other crabs near me to avoid the groping giant. My friend Jackman and I had used the extended weekend, courtesy of Qingming Holiday, to visit three coastal cities: Weihai, Yantai, and Penglai. And now we were in Pengla ...
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Share Beauty Defined
2014-3-30 13:56
Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I believe there's some truth to that. Your wife may be the most beautiful woman in the world to you, but to another man, she is just one of billions of women living on this earth. To the outdoor enthusiast, jagged mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and teeming wildlife are beautiful to see. For the urbanite, sheer skyscrapers, innumerable neon lights, and masses of people are beautiful to see. And for others, there may be be ...
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Share Growing Up
2014-3-20 19:14
This past week I gave final exams to my graduate students and among the four topics they discussed, one was a favorite childhood memory. For some, childhood consisted of intensive study and little free time. For others, childhood was a carefree life where they played hide 'n seek with their friends, swam in the river, and climbed the mountains near their village. And for some, it was both a time of studies and play. Many of my students recalled those times with nostalgia. And so ...
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      • Travels to Chengdu: Part 2 2014-5-20 21:45

        I am so glad that you have visited my hometown---Chengdu. It's such an attractive city with many things awaiting you to discover, isn't it?

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