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The physical world is so colorful that is ideal school-yard for kids' natural growth if they touch the real things with the hand!
2018-1-20 10:54:38 Reply
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  • Bloging is also important! 2018-5-24 16:53

    My blog goes like autobiography through which you could see the depth of my mind.

  • Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice 2018-5-22 22:52

    In China I don't think teachers are the real master of their teaching job who in fact act as actor while the headmaster is the movie-director!----------You would be judged as lazy-worker if you lecture for less time in the class.
    It is common for everyone to act as a fool since we often do things in a wrong way!
    Parents are always looking forward to the moment when their kid win the shining gold medal in fierce competition on lessons!
    ------------the natural development on Intellecture

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