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Share Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids!
2018-2-18 15:06
Parent is children‘s first teacher who would influence the young for the whole life! That is the Chinese saying ‘龙生龙, 凤生凤,老鼠的孩子会打洞!’’ ----------‘Dragon would produce dragon, phoenix can give birth to another one pretty bird,while mouse‘ child could naturally dig cave!’ -------------All hint one truth: Different growth-environments would play different roles for the kids‘ growth on intelligence and ability! ----------So if you want to let your next generation become more ...
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Share What is 'weak' in Chinese?
2018-2-18 11:31
The word 弱(weak)is opposite to strong(强)and the former also has something to do with bow(弓). How do you think of what under the 弓? ------- That (the two strokes) should be the bottom of the arrow that is leather-like thing which could let the arrow fly straight without direction changing. The last part of the bow is relatively 'weak' compared with its sharp (even poisonous) metal-head.
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Share 2018-02-13
2018-2-13 20:51
Greedy and new year May I answer your question in this way?: When I was young, people were not well off who often worried about food, clothing, firewood, etc. Children always looked forward to the coming of the Spring Festival that might mean delicious dishes, beautiful dress and flowers for girls while crackers to boys! So there was a strong relationship between greed and the important festival which was the sensitive atmosphere of the new-year celebration! I have posted ma ...
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Share The story behind the greedy?
2018-2-13 00:03
As the Chinese traditional Spring festival is just around the corner with people are busy to prepare good food for the family-reunion, the special character 馋 arises my great interest!-----------which first part is the simple form of 食(food); 免 means ‘avoiding’; the bottom two drops shape like what flowing down out of the mouth whenyou see some good food in hunger!------------馋 is so funny that shows: 'Before delicious dish, anyone could not avoid dropping of saliva! ' ...
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Share My reply to friend‘s comment
2018-2-10 14:25
After senior middle school I entered the Qvfu Teacher College one year later which was promoted as ‘university’! It iwas said the former had been controled by the Provincial Education Department and the later would be directly led by the State-level one! One university may own many colleges as child-company! Needless to say our trade education has developed rapidly as the government has invested more on the cause! In 1989, the headmaster asked me to buy one sec ...
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Share My memory on university education
2018-2-9 22:56
That was a special class on mechatronics within the physics department of the Qv-fu Teacher University where is Confucius' hometown. During the period we were taught on theory with some physics tests and some professional practice, such as how to make a radio-set, camera-using and film-washing for perfect photo. That was wonder that our headteacher lead us to visit some famous university-labs and factories! But to tell the truth, most of the college time was not ideal as I had expecte ...
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Share Firewood and axe
2018-2-7 22:28
This winter I often split log into pieces for firewood! ----------Living in the village with my old mom, I have to burn coal to warm up the house against the cold weather. The job of making firewood let me think more about 柴---------止 shapes like your two feet; 匕 is ‘knife’(to me it is an axe!); 木 means ‘wood' or ’tree'. ----------I fix the tree-branch with one foot while raising up and dropping downthe axe, wood easily becomesburning-material! &n ...
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Share What is 达?
2018-2-5 23:13
In ancient Chinese, 走 meant ‘running’ while 步 was ‘walking’,the shape of the ‘walking component’ could show that someone is running in a hurry! You may sense such atmosphere through 达 in which 大 is big man(人) with arms stretching out who is running, 达 means ‘get to'!
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Share The truth from the phrase ‘左右’
2018-1-20 13:50
左 means ‘left’. Its part 工 is ‘work’ and the remaining component looks like ‘head, shoulders plus arm’. Do you often use the ‘left’ arm or hand to work? Maybe, our ancestors believed that the left hand was for the main labor job in daily life. Then the 右 (right)hand is used to serve the mouth at the dining table. In general,the structure of 左右 tells us that our hands work hard for food! (Human beings could make a living with our own hands!------In other words, “ Lazine ...
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Share Is professor superior than pupil?
2018-1-20 10:47
When I was little, I worshipped that big-brother scholar so much that I imitated his walking-style after him in silence! Needless to say a professor would be a fairy who knows all things in world. Now I have realized we adults are not surely wiser than child! To the opposite side, in some degree kids are more clever on language-leaning and other aspects since they have pure mind to sense the outside! How many Chinese professors do feel shameful when that farme ...
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  • Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids! 2018-2-21 16:48

    There would be no Roman Catholic Church without my blood.

  • Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids! 2018-2-21 16:43

    Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. - F Scott Fitzgerald

    Very old money. My blood may have sank beneath you - but it has made me hard - harder than you. And I do not think I am better than you - I know it. My blood is Noble. I come from Dragons. I am a Dragon.

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