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Share Writings could make you smarter
2018-5-23 11:31
To do some writing is better than reading! One famous saying goes like this: "Don't be bookcase for whole life without making use of knowledge!" -----------------Writing is good form of speaking that also includes reading but the first is more powerful than others since that could drive you think in a smart way! Writing is the top level state of learning!
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Share One-word master!
2018-5-22 23:58
The following real story is nice material for my topic!------------ At the graduation-moment one naughty boy asked my colleague Mr. Si for some advice to his up-coming career. The teacher thought for a while and said:“According my observation you are fit to join in the army where you would be able to make full use of your talent and then have a nice future!” The master‘s conclusion was based on the facts which he got from the teaching work. Maybe encouraged by the senior‘s judgement, the ...
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Share Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice
2018-5-22 16:10
which process is finished in an un-natural process, that is not the normal way in which humans learn the physical world! --------Even in language lecture, too much of teaching has dried out the children‘s interest in express themselves in free style! ------------It is not for students to run like trolley-bus which iron-routine-learning-mood may limit kids‘ natural growth on Intellecture! ’
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Share What is touching story?
2018-5-21 15:38
Have you watched or heard of the CCTV program Toughing China that is held at the end of every year to honor ten people whose deed have moved all Chinese to tears! ---------I believe that hero-pilot would be chosen for the TV-show in 2018. -----------Till then the language-expert would offer him a poem-like remark about his ex-ordinary experience before the risk in the sky. --------------Those words would be enough to make you cry again! (The above is my reply to Seneca‘s comment who wonder ...
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Share Where is the book <The Art of Education>?
2018-5-20 23:17
I remembered that in 1987 when we were going to graduate the dean-professor made such a remark in his office:'Your science textbooks have some contentwhile the study of education and psychology are empty and not practical for your future use!”His frankness left me a deep impression! Now I think fellow Chinese should have a cool thinking about the education-history and do a close research on foreign experience! -----------What are they teaching and how the job is done? ...
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Share Education theory is study about people of all ages
2018-5-20 19:15
In my big family there are two special students! One is my fifteen-month-old grand-daughter who can learn to use cellphone to entertain herself by touching the screen of the machine with the little finger!-----------(Of course I don't think it is fit for such a baby if she spends too much time on the Internet. ) ; The other is my brother‘s wife who is studying painting in the seniors' university after retirement: The other day she showed off her home-work-drawing through the wechat. He ...
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Share What is feudalism in the end?
2018-5-20 11:50
What is ‘feudal’ in the end? This question has puzzled me for so long since I was as young as student! In Chinese feudalism is 封建 with the first character refers to ‘dividing the country‘s land to some high-rank officials’ while the second one means ’setting up provinces with their top leader named by the Emperor'.----------In that special period farm-land played an important role for the economy and politics! As an expert in this area, could you show us your personal comp ...
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Share Read rat?
2018-5-17 22:14
I think you are puzzled with “Acts as the rat-tail beaten with stick for three times without blood coming out!”--------------In Chinese 念书(nian-shu) means ’read book' which often refers to ‘go to school’. But 书 (shu) sounds like 鼠 (rat)! ----------So some people may joke a bad student in this way: "You read rat even rat-tail! ---------------You could not see blood coming out when you hit the long tail with a stick. That means you are too stupid or naughty for schooling from which yo ...
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Share Salute to the hero-pilot!
2018-5-16 16:35
Yes, the thin pilot has created a miracle in Chinese flying-history who has save so many travellers aboard. The story could move everyone to tearing! 功大难奖-------His contribution to the state is so great that it is hard for the government to judge how much should be offered to him as prize! On the other hand, it is human's instinct sense and ability to struggle for survival when the condition permits! Furthemore it is pilot’s career-requirement that he must do all means to make s ...
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  • Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice 2018-5-22 22:52

    In China I don't think teachers are the real master of their teaching job who in fact act as actor while the headmaster is the movie-director!----------You would be judged as lazy-worker if you lecture for less time in the class.
    It is common for everyone to act as a fool since we often do things in a wrong way!
    Parents are always looking forward to the moment when their kid win the shining gold medal in fierce competition on lessons!
    ------------the natural development on Intellecture

  • Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice 2018-5-22 17:08

    For more, please check my new thread.

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