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The story behind the greedy?

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As the Chinese traditional Spring festival is just around the corner with people are busy to prepare good food for the family-reunion, the special character 馋 arises my great interest!-----------which first part is the simple form of 食(food); 免 means ‘avoiding’; the bottom two drops shape like what flowing down out of the mouth when  you see some good food in hunger!------------馋 is so funny that shows: 'Before delicious dish, anyone could not avoid dropping of saliva! '

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Some western friends may feel strange to my description above who think that is not graceful to talk about saliva! ----------Here you had better take me as a doctor whose advice is good for your health!

My 82-year-old uncle-in-law still has perfect teeth and his experience is:  'Often use the tongue to brush teeth since he belives saliva is the best tooth-paste that could kill bacteria around the chewing tools!'  Furthermore the old man always pretends to chew candy through the way more saliva would be produced that is good for digestion!

Yes, another Chinese character 活(alive)could explain the secret: The left of 活 shapes like streams to the river(江)which represents the saliva glands; 舌 is tongue. ---------Saliva   flows to the tongue from the glands that shows you are alive! -----------Life could live without saliva!
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  • Bloging is also important! 2018-5-24 16:53

    My blog goes like autobiography through which you could see the depth of my mind.

  • Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice 2018-5-22 22:52

    In China I don't think teachers are the real master of their teaching job who in fact act as actor while the headmaster is the movie-director!----------You would be judged as lazy-worker if you lecture for less time in the class.
    It is common for everyone to act as a fool since we often do things in a wrong way!
    Parents are always looking forward to the moment when their kid win the shining gold medal in fierce competition on lessons!
    ------------the natural development on Intellecture

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