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In the September 12th, we joined in 1st International Rural Tourism Conference 2015 in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

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  • An ID for Everything on the Internet-of-Things 2018-3-19 12:24

    Sounds exciting, yet a little scary, doesn't it? lol

  • A History of Positive Gun Culture in the USA 2018-3-12 08:16

    TedM: High time to change this attitude. The arguments for retaining the right to bear arms are outdated and ridiculous in a modern democracy with laws to p ...
    thanks for your comment. I however think the idea of all citizens taking in a bit of responsibility in self-defence and common security is laudable and best found in the USA's constitution and culture. Comparing the USA to Somalia or Afghanistan or Pakistan is not really reasonable - those people, their culture and present conditions are very different from that of the people of the USA who have built up their country to great levels on their strengths. For all of history, humans like all social creatures have always taken on some measure of personal responsibility for themselves and contributing to common security. It is best done properly in a lawful, trained and educated manner as among the law abiding in the USA as opposed to the lawless, wild and predominantly corrupt street culture now in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Somalia. There too, the good people carry guns and make a positive difference - else they would be almost eliminated completely.  Your wishes are a bit fanciful in my opinion - not much chance of being reality anywhere in the world. There are pitfalls to a mostly disarmed population even if most of it is socially and economically well off. They have to wait for armed police to show up in a crisis and lives are lost needlessly.

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