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snowipine: Does Germany have  public broadcast station in  English?
Yesterday 08:23 Reply
snowipine: Does Germany have  public broadcast station in  English?
Yesterday 08:23 Reply
snowipine: Obviously I said too much.  The question here is do they really know what I said? Dying for mutual understanding, however, misunderstading is always there, so, what should I say or do now?
2 DayEarlier 21:18 Reply
snowipine: Only completed half of the assigned work of the day, this evening if here is time, be done the rest .
3 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: I am not god, so, I shouldn't say too much about this and that  to others, maybe i can say this and that willfully to my own, becouse i am not saint, when that day comes, i would say nothing, really.
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: Dare not to review what I said before, obviously here is  sea of things I have the responsibility to do, do well, before the coming of my judgement day. Somewhat anxiousness.
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: For quickly back home, I turned to another road which I thought I could get home earlier, however, there was lots of vehicles on the road, I can't sure whether I broke the  road rule, run the red ligh
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: When I have free time, i would review the pacific islands neations once again, due to many of them have much more good things to be explored, miss them very much.
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: Everyday you have to have a new plan to upgrade your current status with innovative thinking and, pay more attention on the practices, big talk doesn't solve anything at all, be practical and carry on
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: What's happened with web?
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: What's the next trend?
7 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: The first stage works must be finished within three workdays, effected from now on.
7 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: Quickly back  the daily life on the right track. Current state is not my ideal way, but  i can't stop at the midway, otherwise, all my efforts will be wasted.
2017-3-22 22:56:42 Reply
snowipine: In my mind, Opinion sector--including editorials--is the spirit core of a news website, then when you visit a new web, read its opinion articles has great benefits in quick familiar with the host.
2017-3-21 17:09:27 Reply
snowipine: I finally find out wy I am so sensitive, it is not all bad, i could turn it serve my life , but how to do?
2017-3-20 23:56:47 Reply
snowipine: Leave you alone, but,  I could not say I  forgot our pure  love stories.
2017-3-20 23:03:56 Reply
snowipine: Though I donnot favor homework, I have to do it, thus you cannot blame me for taking the shortcut,  you know I am improving the efficency everyday, cannot you see that?
2017-3-20 21:16:27 Reply
snowipine: It's great to be free from the harassment of illness, I'm not fond of visiting hospital.
2017-3-20 17:12:40 Reply
FLYINGPIG1990: I feel frustrated now. I don't adore him. He doesn't spoil me like a child. What's the meaning between our relationship? Is there any love thing? Doubt it then... Not sure if we are suitable together ...
2017-3-20 13:41:51 Reply
snowipine: What should be next goal?
2017-3-19 13:08:54 Reply

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