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SEARU: Warm greetings to reader friends at the beginning of the Chinese lunar new year!
  • fantcy: Happy new year! (2-18 10:22)
2 DayEarlier 00:14 Reply
snowipine: Happy 2018, An all new new year is coming. Reflecting the past year, lots of things need to be remembered and recorded, however, turning the thought to words and action, ultimately the ideal fruit?
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: I do want to do what I want to do, facts tell me, it is a good dream. A dream  is just a dream. Not very good.
2018-2-8 00:30:08 Reply
SEARU: Insisting means victory, bloging is also fit for the principal!
2018-1-30 22:43:42 Reply
SEARU: The physical world is so colorful that is ideal school-yard for kids' natural growth if they touch the real things with the hand!
2018-1-20 10:54:38 Reply
Toogood: I'm in the mood to explore new relationships......Any 'Explorers' out there?
2018-1-17 03:58:48 Reply
Toogood: Any Explorers out there?.
2018-1-17 03:57:16 Reply
snowipine: bipolar disorder. Strive to be the mediocre.
2018-1-15 21:59:23 Reply
snowipine: the more you know about the world around you, the better you can contribute to it. This is particularly true when you are starting from scratch, either living in a new country or trying to understand  ...
2018-1-14 20:42:51 Reply
snowipine: Heating system is not very good.
2018-1-13 22:19:39 Reply
snowipine: Bit by bit, even though it is in a snail step  but you can make up the lost time.
2018-1-7 02:01:54 Reply
snowipine: World, China, my living ground, everything has its roots, so u gotta back to yr concerns asap. What are the media for u starting with? u cannot monkey around, since time is flying
2018-1-5 12:17:26 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... Country music
2018-1-4 22:09:04 Reply
snowipine: It's the first snow of 2018, though I am not as excited as used to be,  nonthelese, I want to take a walk on the streets, there must be some interesting things. waiting for me. Following the feeling.
2018-1-4 18:51:40 Reply
SEARU: Loving to the people and the  environment is special feeling that could lead you have a good study about the world!
2018-1-4 16:15:33 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... Tidy up the widespreading thought, focusing something that is most. needed,.
2018-1-4 10:40:28 Reply
sharoncuizz: I was away from here for quite a long time and finally I'm back. :)
2018-1-3 12:52:02 Reply
luckyann: If you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.
2018-1-3 09:35:58 Reply
SEARU: Great happy new year to everyone here!  I wish our forum would become scenic garden for pleasure and progress on thinking!
2017-12-31 17:29:29 Reply

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