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snowipine: Nothing.
2017-9-4 12:39:58 Reply
JohnV: Blog about the on going foreign teacher without qualifications dispute. Feedback welcome and appreciated.
2017-8-30 17:25:30 Reply
cwdy: Refreshed.
2017-8-19 02:13:02 Reply
snowipine: To see the sea landscape of Dalian.
2017-8-11 21:07:31 Reply
Swifty55: What's on your mind...To all the studnets in China.Make sure you do your best in order to make your life better.
2017-8-11 02:39:32 Reply
Swifty55: If anyone ever needs a dentist in China. Do not go to Mr.Dentist"..They managed to make my teeth worse and would not fix the problem.Cost me 3,000 RMB and I had to go to another dentist to get it fixe ...
2017-8-8 04:26:35 Reply
snowipine: A thoughtful Monday.
2017-8-7 20:20:53 Reply
snowipine: A pleasant Sunday.
2017-8-6 19:23:41 Reply
snowipine: A new cool morning is arriving. Maybe here is something wrong with the approach I was dealling with it, but i had exert lots of efforts to change the status quo, no way out here, quite down.
2017-8-3 06:05:01 Reply
snowipine: Shadow.
2017-8-2 23:43:22 Reply
snowipine: If I want to have a visit to your place, what should  I not think too much?
2017-8-2 22:36:54 Reply
snowipine: What are you thinking right now?
2017-7-31 10:15:50 Reply
loverain6449: everyday is a new day,please cherish present and be happy
2017-7-26 08:39:22 Reply
liu5222512: Hi, everyone!
2017-7-14 20:49:02 Reply
snowipine: China.
2017-7-13 03:46:01 Reply
snowipine: China, as a whole, how much do I know? Then how about I myself and how long can I live? No answer, sure. Just hurry up.
2017-7-12 01:51:03 Reply
liu5222512: !Hi, Everyone!
2017-7-12 01:31:13 Reply
snowipine: Read a little bit Chinese history, espeically the period of post Three Kingdoms to Pre-Sui Dynasty.
2017-6-29 10:24:35 Reply
snowipine: It's lunchtime now, but what diesh do I want to cook? No idea at all, nonetheless, I want to eat well even i do not like put too much time on it, thus i gotta put down the game, do some good things.
2017-6-25 11:57:12 Reply
Achyol: I never forget  to say:Thank You !!!
2017-6-21 19:48:52 Reply

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