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SEARU: Thinking ability and interest is the life of education
6 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind... What is going on about It?
2018-4-11 21:34:33 Reply
snowipine: When will you get on the right track?
2018-4-11 12:33:57 Reply
snowipine: Within one minute, I have 3600 ideals, that's my I have no idea what is really my ideal, a big deal, isn·t it?
2018-4-8 21:20:53 Reply
snowipine: a good move, a wise verbiage can make routine works easier and smoothier.
2018-4-3 16:58:51 Reply
snowipine: Made a comment, i got one awarding point. It's a little bit, what, what, oh troublesome, but it worthes to have an effort, if i can.
2018-4-3 12:36:26 Reply
snowipine: Idea ia idea, if it cannot bring good results, it is just a fancy dream. Are u living in daydreams?
2018-3-29 22:15:34 Reply
SEARU: Let's make or take life as simple as possible! That would save you a lot of unnecessary troubles. ---------------It is precious experience that I have learned from Mom.
2018-3-27 13:27:15 Reply
snowipine: Closing to total colapse, hopefuly, here is a sliver lining ahead, though it is a little bit dim. Yielding to the undesired pressure, no way, even here is no way out.
2018-3-25 21:17:36 Reply
snowipine: Fell in love your names and your fancy unique stories. Who are you, then?
2018-3-24 22:39:55 Reply
snowipine: When you finally  find your solution, it is just so easy to crack the nut..
2018-3-23 13:54:37 Reply
enlighting: Back to this web-page after more than a year.
2018-3-22 17:57:57 Reply
snowipine: Do not tell me your thought behind your stories, it is just a game, playful, is'nt it?
2018-3-21 22:14:27 Reply
snowipine: Life equals time. Once you don't have time to tending your lives and your loved ones the most loved ones and yourself, then what? Time is over, YOU are over. Status, fame, money or weath and spaces.. ...
  • luckyann: What's life? they say it's from B to D. From Birth to Death. But what's between B & D,it's a C.What's C? It's the Choice what we make. (3-23 09:36)
2018-3-21 21:05:34 Reply
snowipine: When your brain is cruising globe right now, how could you place its very location and telepathize with it, whispering your dizziness in confronting with mountains of tricks?
2018-3-21 01:49:18 Reply
sharoncuizz: I am on the way to becoming a teacher. Fighting :)
  • Swifty55: You will make a good teacher (3-21 05:11)
  • sharoncuizz: Thank you . :) (3-21 12:44)
  • Swifty55: Welcome my friend. Best wishes on your future. (3-22 13:34)
  • sharoncuizz: I will work hard. Thank you very much :) (3-23 12:44)
  • Swifty55: Correct frame of mind is half the battle. Good for you. (3-24 09:13)
2018-3-20 12:57:09 Reply
snowipine: I am quite happy, it's because I know I could oneday bathing in the warm spring sunray after this smothering cloudy days.
2018-3-18 22:59:05 Reply
snowipine: Perseverance is somewhat kinds of lunatic attitude in confronting adverse living condition,  however, when you know what und whyereabout is your destination, meanwhile, walk your way kind of lifestyle
2018-3-18 12:30:22 Reply
snowipine: Lots of stories to be reviewed carefully, it's the cause you wish to stay alone, you are not alone.
2018-3-15 22:07:51 Reply
snowipine: Do you want to do, say you do not want to do.
2018-3-15 22:01:58 Reply

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