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loverain6449: everyday is a new day,please cherish present and be happy
2 DayEarlier 08:39 Reply
liu5222512: Hi, everyone!
2017-7-14 20:49:02 Reply
snowipine: You are clever than me,sure
2017-7-13 04:17:46 Reply
snowipine: China.
2017-7-13 03:46:01 Reply
snowipine: China, as a whole, how much do I know? Then how about I myself and how long can I live? No answer, sure. Just hurry up.
2017-7-12 01:51:03 Reply
liu5222512: !Hi, Everyone!
2017-7-12 01:31:13 Reply
snowipine: Read a little bit Chinese history, espeically the period of post Three Kingdoms to Pre-Sui Dynasty.
2017-6-29 10:24:35 Reply
snowipine: It's lunchtime now, but what diesh do I want to cook? No idea at all, nonetheless, I want to eat well even i do not like put too much time on it, thus i gotta put down the game, do some good things.
2017-6-25 11:57:12 Reply
Achyol: I never forget  to say:Thank You !!!
2017-6-21 19:48:52 Reply
ArkOne: What's on your mind...
2017-6-20 07:38:00 Reply
SEARU: I am a begger_like man who struggles with hands for his goal with mortal mindset!   This exactly is what 赢(win) shows!
2017-6-19 21:33:02 Reply
snowipine: How can i switch off the Xiami music player when i don't want to listen the songs? I have shut all the webpages, but it is still there broadcasting, i cannot find the music box now, here is no sign
2017-6-19 17:17:47 Reply
Cher123: Hope it's a new start~~
2017-6-19 14:40:57 Reply
snowipine: Why have i tell you what I am thinking, now?
2017-6-16 03:09:36 Reply
snowipine: Don't fool oneself
2017-6-13 23:34:08 Reply
snowipine: Today IS MY WIFE'S BIRtHDAY, i should send her a presnent.
2017-6-13 18:43:49 Reply
christina_liu: I started to work again after 5-month maternity leave, leaving my daughter at home with a nanny. I miss her the moment I leave home. Hopefully she grows up healthily and happily.
2017-6-12 09:31:29 Reply
snowipine: My reading efficiency has  to be accelerated, thus I can feel free to focus on meaningful subjects, then here can a little achievements in the long run.
2017-6-10 12:09:08 Reply
snowipine: What's on your mind...
2017-6-10 12:03:12 Reply
snowipine: My e-bike refuses to carrying me futher miles, what's wrong with it
  • luckyann: Perhaps it reminds you that you'd better drive your own car instead of that.    (6-10 08:59)
2017-6-8 14:47:28 Reply


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