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Share is the west really any cleaner than china
PAPAI 2017-4-30 16:58
is the west really any cleaner than china
activists say, not necesarily. here's a bus stop at an ordinary western city. this doesnt necesarily look any cleaner than china here's another random shot of a western park in the outskirts of a big city with trash obviously all over the floor, despite there being a garbage can in clear view. the area is not heavily populated, yet has garbage all over the place the question then becomes, why are westerners criticizing china as being "dirty", when their countries are also dirty. a word ...
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Share Chongqing Offers Free Training to Men Who Want to Be Preschool Teachers
Women_of_China 2017-4-30 07:56
Chongqing Offers Free Training to Men Who Want to Be Preschool Teachers
Chongqing will fund the training of 77 male nursery teachers to address the gender imbalance in the municipality's kindergartens. According to a government notice released on April 21, the 77 candidates will receive five years of free training and be given a cash allowance during this period, news portal reported Wednesday. According to the notice, these teachers will be required to work in the kindergartens to which they are assigned for at least six years after their traini ...
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Ted180 2017-4-30 04:17
I am a Canadian, an ally of the USA, a liberal supporter of a progressive capitalism, and proud of our "Western traditions". I feel badly about the mistakes the West made in colonialism; but I'm not "overwhelmed by guilt" because other cultures have done just as terrible things. This current Korea problem disturbs me because it could cause the deaths of millions. However, in it, I see an opportunity for "the West" to build a much better relationship with China. Basically, a look at the map sho ...
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Share 婉约派词人----李清照的名篇及翻译
luckyann 2017-4-29 08:48
自踏入文学殿堂以来,一直对李清照怀有高山仰止般的景仰,她风姿绰约的一生,她香如兰芷的慧心,她婉约清丽的词章,无数次让我感动让我唏嘘让我迷失。 记住了李清照,是从那首《声声慢》开始。 原文: 声声慢.寻寻觅觅 寻寻觅觅,冷冷清清,凄凄惨惨戚戚。 乍暖还寒时候,最难将息。 三杯两盏淡酒,怎敌他,晚来风急? 雁过也,正伤心,却是旧时相识。 满地黄花堆积。 憔悴损,如今有谁堪摘? 守着窗儿,独自怎生得黑? 梧桐更兼细雨,到黄昏、点点滴滴。 这次第,怎一个愁字了得! 译文: So dim, so dark, S ...
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Share English Teacher
Sealight1 2017-4-28 20:22
If you want to make a difference in the real world by your strength, knowledge, or power, I think being a teacher is a good way. Not only will your knowledge skill be expanded, developed and evolved, but also your mind soul will be extended and spread. At the same time, if you have other identities besides teacher, like a philosopher, traveler, explorer, geologist, that has strong interest to understand and explore each part of the world. Then, I have a good idea, 1. Country: With age- ...
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Share What I like and Dislike About China
arabchinalover 2017-4-28 16:08
I like: The food: hotpot is the best The language: it’s interesting Public transportation: bullet trains top them all The history: full of wisdom Economy: growing very rapidly Hospitality of most of Chinese people The diversity of Chinese culture Harmony: Chinese people live in harmony Safety: no worries to walk home in the middle of the night Family value Local parks ...
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Share Why Beijing and Aidi Could be a Fit for You…
aidi365 2017-4-28 14:30
Teaching in Beijing Aidi school Teacher Recruitment in Aidi School Aidi International School China If you have ever considered working China, you probably have wondered a few things. You may have thought about just what opportunities are available to you. You have probably considered just what is it that you have to offer to a school or company. And of course you have thought about what that school or company has to offer you. These are all very important questions that need answering ...
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Share The World Needs More Nuclear Weapons to Maintain Peace!
arabchinalover 2017-4-28 12:47
I was browsing the news this morning and I read this “ Israel shot down a target over the Golan heights, hours after it was accused of a missile strike at a military site near Damascus international airport” and they called it preventive measures . Oh seriously? Preventive measures or preparations to invade and occupy Syria? The fight in the Middle East will never end since the Forces are unequal. Now they call on North Korea to refrain from provocative, destabilizing action ...
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Share The Extra Benefits of Being a Foreign Teacher at Aidi
aidi365 2017-4-28 11:17
Some special benefits foreign teachers can expect at Aidi. Patrick Chandler Beijing Aidi school Teaching In Aidi School Teacher Recruitment in Aidi School When deciding on a potential employer, one of the first things to look at is the compensation and benefits package. Obviously that is an important factor, but there are many more reasons that should influence a decision. Aidi has quite a lot to offer its foreign teachers outside of the ...
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