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Share My reply to Mr.Motika
SEARU 2017-12-14 06:58
Motika Post time: 2017-12-14 02:37 What about social culture ? Searu replied: "Through your avatar, I see you have toured many regions on the donkey just as our ancestors did with the primary transport tool! ------------So with the modern computer handy, you could offer us some nice reply on social culture that you mentioned! On one hand, thewords from the mouth could reflect many stories about the speaker!---------So with the mirror of dictionary ...
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Share Is 京 court?
SEARU 2017-12-14 00:43
Now let's have a close look at 京(jing).Why does it mean ‘capital’? I think the middle part 口(mouth or man)represents the Emperor and the top component should be his crown; 小 (small)shapes like a little child who is standing with the short arms stretching out, here it should hint the ministers and other officials.---------In ancient China, for every day in early morning all officials should go to the court to meet the emperor for the state affairs. ...
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Share 2017-12-14
SEARU 2017-12-14 00:21
In 1980s my elder brother did culture products in his spare time. He bought many folk calligraphy works and took them to the Harbin city for sale. I have learned something from the dealing since sometime he showed me why he appreciated certain handwriting. ----------Now I have realized that each Chinese character in fact is a wonderful painting that contains too much things about the soul of our nation! For an example: 海 (sea)_ --------The first part is called "three-drop-water', but it o ...
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Share What is 国 in Chinese?
SEARU 2017-12-13 23:37
What is 国 in Chinese? Now I have got the real meaning of 国( country ) that would be as interesting to you as my note to 國 some days ago! Obviously its 口 is the boundary-line; Then how to understand 玉( jade ) ? ------What inside the boundary-line is our beautiful territory. We should take all the land as one single piece of jade. If someone wants to invade our country and conquer some place, I think the jade would be ...
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Share How to develop traditional culture?
SEARU 2017-12-13 21:13
On many occasions, President Xi emphasizes that we must be confident with our system, road, theory and culture! The top leader himself has been deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture who often uses old poems or stories to express his ideas. The new era urges us to domore research about the old civilization! As a teacher, Inotice that many Chinese characters were invented in a logical way since their unique structure could direct show you the meaning!   ...
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Share President Xi Attends State Memorial Ceremony for Nanjing Massacre Victims
Women_of_China 2017-12-13 16:09
People pay tribute to the victims of the Nanjing Massacre at the Nanjing Massacre Museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Dec. 13, 2017. People attend the state memorial ceremony for China's National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims at the Nanjing Massacre Museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Dec. 13, 2017. President Xi Jinping attended the state memorial ceremony in Nanjing to remember the victims Wednesday morning. On Dec. 13, 1937, Japanese in ...
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Share Prevent lurking viruses and bacteria from the begining
renhong 2017-12-13 10:01
Ren Hong A movie, Unseen Enemy tells a story about unseen epidemic diseases in the world. It was directed by Janet Tobias. It shows the audience true scenes of exploring diseases and cure the diseases. The fact is that epidemic disease is the biggest threat for the humans to live and live a better life. Due to the inappropriae hehaviors in differernt industries, we must offord disastrous consequences in the long term. Fortunately, we have already took actions to prevent and cure these disea ...
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Share What is soldier in Chinese?
SEARU 2017-12-13 07:15
How to understand 战士 in Chinese as ‘soldier’? 占 means ‘ conquer ’ since its upper part is one of your legs and feet and 口 should represent a piece of ( square ) land; 戈 is a special kind of ancient weapon that I have never seen!------In this way 战 means ‘ fighting’ that is must-be if you want to safeguard some land or invade some country ! 士 is ‘man’. Why ? Its cross ‘ + ’ is th ...
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Share How to read books and write a paper
renhong 2017-12-13 00:24
Ren Hong Today Itook a class which taught by Professor Zhu. He has retired but still teach history and Western Civilization in Peking University. The theme of his class is about reading and writing. That's helpful for students to complete their paper and learn writing skills. He introduced the process of writing that is divided into four parts. Firstly, create a small topic and reflect the deep meaning. Secondly, find your own original ideas. Thirdly, do it with scientific way and sti ...
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Share 'Blind Date of Tujia Girls' An Ancient Courtship Rituals
Women_of_China 2017-12-12 14:44
'Blind Date of Tujia Girls' An Ancient Courtship Rituals
Young Tujia women attend the Blind Date of Tujia Girls in their traditional costumes. Over the past over 300 years, young people from the Tujia ethnic group have celebrated the twelfth day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar as a red-letter day in the city of Enshi, central China's Hubei Province . The day, known as "Blind Date of Tujia Girls", maintains the customs of the ancient Ba people and witnesses the advancement of the indigen ...
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