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Share Coach Educators
55555terry 2017-8-20 03:13
Coach Educators
Great day @ Loughborough University with leaders and coach educators from China Sharing and caring my experiences Grassroots football in china China Football Coach Educators
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Share NYSE Group President: Inspector overestimated the true value of Aramco shares
TariqAlShammari 2017-8-19 21:22
NYSE Group President: Inspector overestimated the true value of Aramco shares
As Saudi Arabia, based on 2030 Vision policies, is aiming for the issuance and acceptance of Aramco's stock at global stock exchanges, NYSE Group President Thomas W. Farley stated that capital market participants have serious doubts regarding the true value of Aramco. In a conversation with Bloomberg, Farley emphasized on serious concerns over the true value of Aramco at a meeting between NYSE chief executives and representatives of international oil discovery and sale compani ...
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Share Please, Don't Embarrass Your Country
MichaelM 2017-8-19 16:58
We all do stupid things from time to time. I know that I've done more than my fair share in my life. If we are honest, we know that we do. Most are not willing to admit it, but, they know. We are all human. The old adage, 'to err is human; to forgive is divine' is still true in these modern times. However, we need to live by certain personal standards that reflect and reveal our own personal integrity and character. I've always said, "You can be a character (a person who purposely does things t ...
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Share Healthy Eating Lifestyles Popular among Chinese Youths
Women_of_China 2017-8-19 16:51
Healthy Eating Lifestyles Popular among Chinese Youths
Eaters enjoy their light meals in a cafe in Beijing. Still obsessed with China's many, diverse cuisines? That may not be the case for Chinese youths anymore, as healthy eating has become the norm for them. Following the trend, an increasing number of light foodrestaurants have created a buzz in many Chinese cities. Yan Qi is a white-collar worker living in Beijing. She feeds herself light food like salads and sandwiches almost six days a week. She believes ...
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Share Opium is the opium of the American people
HailChina! 2017-8-19 07:50
Opium is the opium of the American people
Apparently the communist Karl Mark said that -"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people" and since then calling this or that 'the opium of the masses/people' has become somewhat of a meme with people often calling this or that 'the opium of the masses/people'. People seem to be forever coming up with new 'opiums of the people' whether it be rock and roll, football, tv, ...
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Share Lost our minds
cwdy 2017-8-19 02:01
  The stars are so bright in the sky,   eagles hover in the moonshine;   people fear to look at the dark clouds high,   sages drop their pens and give a deep sigh.   Walking aimlessly without asking why,   by poison they try to keep their spirit hyped;   like a herd of timid lambs lost their minds,   in silence they live, in silence they die.
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Share The value of a human life
HailChina! 2017-8-18 21:42
" The value of life is an economic value used to quantify the benefit of avoiding a fatality" - wikipedia/Value of life One thing that I truly hate are insurance commercials. I am Australian and when I was a young kid in the 80s you would never see insurance commercials but now that Australian society has been Americanized and people have to get every kind of insurance under the sun apparently it seems that every second commercial on tv & ...
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Share Shanghai Establishes Workplace Nurseries to Ease Employee Childcare Burdens
Women_of_China 2017-8-18 12:37
Several firms in the city have established so-called"parent-child studios"to alleviate employees'child-rearing burden, with assistance from socialorganizations. Under the guidance of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, several firms in the city have established so-called "parent-child studios" to alleviate employees' child-rearing burden, with assistance from social organizations. With the implementation of the universal two-c ...
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