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tatata69 2018-6-18 15:15
Let me tell you something about Murdoch and his wife. To my knowledge, Murdoch made no secret that his former wife was born in China when he still had a pash on his former wife ,Wendi Deng, who is said to have been a scheming, tough-as-nails sort willing to stand the gaff and put through the wringer, just like most Chinese girls who were born in hardscrabble families. From my perspective, the principle reason why Murdoch chose to tie the knot with Wendi Deng ...
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Share It’s Father’s Day – Got to Hold that Sky
tradervic 2018-6-18 00:19
It’s Father’s Day – Got to Hold that Sky
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 What is the old quote from Mao that has been misconstrued by a good deal of ‘Progressives’ over the years? “Women hold up half the sky.” I am reminded of this after seeing articles about the ‘humorous’ t-shirt from an American store called ‘Old Navy’ (picture included with this article). As the picture implies, there is an attitude with a good deal of progressives in the western world tha ...
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Share 2018-06-17
55555terry 2018-6-17 22:08
Last time #China was in a final of a major tournament The 2004 AFC Asian Cup was the 13th edition of the men's AFC Asian Cup, organised by the Asian Football Confederation ( #AFC ). The defending champions #Japan defeated China in the final Wonderful Memories With Friends at the workers stadium #Beijing China last cup final 2004
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Share We should not be selfish on academy!
SEARU 2018-6-17 21:40
In China we often say that one tree can not be called woods! In other words one good man needs three helpers for success while one fence must be supported with at least three poles! In football match or volleyball competition, all athletes work together for the same goal! Such friendship and atmosphere are rare to see in class when we deal with books or technology! In ancient China it was common for a master to teach his whole technique or skill to only one or few apprentices! --------- ...
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Share Is housing more important than eating?
SEARU 2018-6-17 09:06
The house price topic is quite sensitive in China. That means a lot to state economy as well as the quality of ordinary citizens‘ life! It seems that all society has been driven by the special market in the past two decades! It is hard and impossible for the government to solve the house problems overnight since that has a history reason. Before 1980 that urban people had been troubled with housing-shortage where it was common one big family shared a small home! In nowdays Chinese care littl ...
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Share "TOEFL" or "S.A.T." ?
Swifty55 2018-6-16 14:38
With the USA university's now letting Chinese use the very easy"TOEFL" college entrance exam instead of the "SAT" or "ACT" students get a false sense that they are actually going to be better with a foreign college degree. Getting into a foreign University is easy being a foreigner, but what students are finding out after coming back to China ,after they get their degree is that Chinese Employers are taking Chinese University grads over them.. Why? There are many reasons here are ...
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Share My English Names
Joey-k 2018-6-15 15:47
As English majors, we were asked to write down our English names alongside our Chinese ones in the roll-call book back in college. My dorm mates and I went back, rummaging through the dictionary to find a suitable name. The strategy was clear: it should be similar in pronunciation with one’s Chinese name. In the end, the girl whose family name is Su chose the obvious Sue, Jia selected Jocelyn, Liang Lisa and I went for Connie as my surname is Kang. But I felt really ...
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Share The Sick Old Man
KIyer 2018-6-15 11:50
Wisps of hair, like streaky clouds Gathered 'round his head He lay under a tattered quilt Reclining on his bed The musty air smelled, Oh! so foul As I manfully held the bowl He struggled so noisily with his breath I feared he just might cough to his death A spoon of soup I tried to feed him Some dribbled down his chin He looked at me with his rheumy eyes ...
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Share Amazing Chinese Student
MichaelM 2018-6-15 04:13
Amazing Chinese Student
Yesterday was the most interesting of days. Being half way around the world from your home and choosing to do what you can to make a difference in the lives of Chinese children can be both exhilarating and sometimes, exhausting. Here is how my day unfolded. It started out with plans to go to the hospital to get checked out regarding some pain that I'm feeling in my body. It was nearly noon and we knew that there likely wouldn't be any doctors available. So, I went to a professional massage th ...
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Share What is Hanjian?
SEARU 2018-6-14 22:44
About “ what's Hanjian?” Hanjian(罕见) means ‘rare’ in Chinese!My major is physics with special hobby of English!I have kept writing in forum for more than four years through which I want to note down the lightning ideas about education reform that isgreat challenge for my language ability as well as energy. So this is miracle for Searu that is why you think I am ‘rare’ in the teacher-group! If ‘Hanjian’ is ‘traitor’ in your words,that ought ...
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