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Share Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted
shehemego 2018-2-24 14:02
Mother's love isn't what to be taken for granted, but Mother's love is from what to be taken for granted. What I mean is simple. Mother's love comes from no trigger but everyday life with kids. Mothers have no reasons not to care for their kids just as we kids have never got a flash of mind to appreicate our mothers' love. We kids so easily forget or ignore the warmth of Mother's love; we take it for granted. But mothers never stop to take care of us for the sake of their destiny to love thei ...
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Share China's Gun Control Laws Make It A Very Safe Place To Live!
pnp 2018-2-23 11:07
Many people in China, including foreigners living here, seem to take China's gun control laws and the resulting safety, for granted! We hardly hear anyone expressing a desire for gun control in China;certainly no students marching down the streets demanding gun control, as is happening in the US now.Credit must be given the Chinese Government for its tough gun control laws.The reverse situation is true in the US where powerful gun lobby like the N ...
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Share A History of Positive Gun Culture in the USA
KIyer 2018-2-23 07:50
There is a culture of responsible and positive ownership and use of guns in the USA that preceeded the recent culture of glorifying wanton random senseless violence and killing for petty vendetta or raging against society while mentally disturbed. That original gun culture is valued by many - it is just like the sword or bow-and arrow culture of other people around the world - the 'kukri' or 'kirpan' or 'samurai sword' etc - responsible positive use of weapons. The positive gun culture contrib ...
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Share Celebration of Chinese New Year in Panama
Toogood 2018-2-23 00:09
The celebration of the Lunar New Year goes beyond the borders of the Asian continent and is celebrated in Panama where a Chinese community with at least 164 years of history maintains its traditions. Several activities have been scheduled in February. Festivities, cultural and sports activities will welcome the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year 4716 and it is the "year of the dog" that symbolizes commitment and loyalty. "It is the first Chinese Ne ...
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Share I am back!
fantcy 2018-2-22 17:56
A few days ago because some reason can not log in,I am back here today!
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Share 21 February International Mother Language Day
Ashikujaman 2018-2-22 16:55
21 February International Mother Language Day
Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and planet. Yet, due to globalization processes, they are increasingly under threat, or disappearing altogether. When languages fade, so does the world's rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Opportunities, traditions, memory, unique modes of thinking and expression — valuable resources for ensuring a better future — are also lost. ...
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Share Immortal Residence
dovexu 2018-2-22 10:43
Immortal Residence
Immortal Residence The cliff valley is ten-thousand zhang deep, where the immortal residence shows fairyism. At the gate of the valley, the ghostly rocks are embracing a deep-green summit. and a rocky chivalrous couple on the east side are quietly watching. Remark: “ Immortal Residence ” is a famous scenery in Xianju county, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. 1 ...
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Share 记忆清扬
LianCHEN 2018-2-20 08:32
1228: ;
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Share 2018-02-19
55555terry 2018-2-19 03:00
Wonderful Day @londonchinatown with my former student william Family
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