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Share A soldier's memories or just a dream
mperach 2017-9-19 10:08
A dream about a year ago: Someone got off a ramp/vehicle where more people were standing. A black man very tall, very thin, with small head, the face-skin was considerably pockmarked. Wearing, I am not sure here, light Khaki outfit. He went off and gave the story-teller/"me" a kiss, and in general was friendly. And then, about 4 or 5 or 6 (I did not count..) big dogs with white fur were seen lying around like lions along/on the way the teller had to go through. He said: "Mama" wi ...
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Share hi,i am kelly
kelly12 2017-9-19 10:03
hi,everyone,i am kelly.i am working now.the reason why i come here is to make friends with all of you .we can chat and talk about everything that u like.i will gald to meet u .
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Share Australian Promotes Cultural Exchange on Social Media in China
Women_of_China 2017-9-18 16:46
Australian Promotes Cultural Exchange on Social Media in China
Australian woman Amy Lyons What does it feel like for a foreigner living in China to be an Internet celebrity ? Well, here comes the answer. Amy Lyons from Australia recently shared her experience as an Internet celebrity in China with Under the advice of her friends, Lyons began to post pictures and videos of herself over the web in 2016. Now, she has more than 65,000 followers on social media, and her videos have a maximum of 3 ...
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Share Serbia Welcomes 'Days of Beijing in Belgrade' Exhibit
Women_of_China 2017-9-18 16:40
Serbia Welcomes 'Days of Beijing in Belgrade' Exhibit
Serbian citizens look at a photo exhibition presenting Chinese traditional culture during the event 'Days of Beijing in Belgrade' at the Kalemegdan medieval fortress in downtown Belgrade, September 16, 2017. The event "Days of Beijing in Belgrade" kicked off here on September 16to present intangible cultural heritage and sights of the Chinese capital to local people. The opening ceremony was held at the Kalemegdan medieval fortress in downtown Belgrad ...
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12dream 2017-9-18 12:59
Chief scientist for FAST project dies at 72 ( China Daily )10:14, September 17, 2017 Nan Rendong, chief scientist for the world's largest radio telescope, died of lung cancer on Friday night at 72. Nan was the initiator and founder of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope project, which helps humans to explore the universe and search for extraterrestrial civilizations. ............. ............... An extremely high regard ...
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Share CHINESE DREAM 6 : Belt and Road ( China’s Initiatives )
12dream 2017-9-18 12:24
CHINESE DREAM 6 : Belt and Road ( China’s Initiatives )
Belt and Road ( China’s Initiatives ) After living in China off and on since my early self managed retirement from the workforce overseas in 1998 at 50, I have been observing the varied modes of rapid changes in China which are rather dramatic, measureable and dynamic in magnitudes of big leaps and bounces. Who said China’s socialist-communism model is bad, unfair or out dated? Far from its truth; let’s study and assimilate facts and fictions. ...
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Share CHINESE DREAM 5: Very keenly sought after needs within CPC (China)
12dream 2017-9-18 11:20
Verykeenly sought afterneedswithin CPC (China): Asmall portion of the script is displayed herein from today's People Daily News topic as follows: CPC improves overall quality of Party officials. ( Xinhua )13:22, September 17, 2017 The Communist Party of China (CPC) has been improving the overall quality of Party officials by selecting the most competent and sacking the corrupt. ...
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Share The teacher
hanzhong2017 2017-9-18 09:00
The teacher
Hello students, Welcome to our blog! I hope you will find it interesting to exchange ideas here, if you have any problems connecting or posting your entries, let me know (you can do that by commenting on this post or by talking to me at school). Information about me: - My name is Roman, I am 28 years old. - I am from Lithuania (a beautiful country in easter ...
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Share Deep thought in human evolution to us
shehemego 2017-9-17 11:09
think about the history of human evolution. now is part of the human evolution which is going forward to where it is impossible for this century's people to see where it is going to stop or it won't come to an end only to end with the earth's devastation. So we are individuals but we are nothing bigger than an dust during the whole process of human evolution starting from many billion years ago to now and to the very future which also cannot be caught up with. But for the civilization of ...
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Share Arbeit macht frei (German: Work brings liberation)
mperach 2017-9-17 11:01
A dream: 10 Feb 2016 5:20: One, very thin, half naked, with 2 protrudes on his abdomen area and on his side. The protrudes were about 10 cm long, posing ~80 degrees up (about 10 degrees from the body outward), to hang stuff on them. It was needed for his job. He was waiting for someone to replace him. The story-teller came when it become known there was an available job. He was looking for one. The man showed him what the job was, also, that there was a need for such protrudes, to hang things. H ...
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