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Share Bilingual Narrator Offers Quality Services to Tourists at Famous Historical Site
Women_of_China 2017-7-28 14:58
Bilingual Narrator Offers Quality Services to Tourists at Famous Historical Site
Zhang Hongmei consults relevant ancient books. A bilingual tour guide in her 30s has enthusiastically served visitors to Tiantan Park, a famous historical site in Beijing,for more than 10 years. Nowadays, Zhang Hongmei, who speaks Mandarin and English, is tour leader at the Tiantan Park Tourist Service Center. Since she took up the job, she said she has been trying her best to show every single person around that she can. Being a guide is not as ...
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Share Torch Festival: Major Celebration of Yi Ethnic Group
Women_of_China 2017-7-28 14:33
Torch Festival: Major Celebration of Yi Ethnic Group
People of Yi ethnic group attend a celebration of the annual torch festival in Chuxiong, southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 17, 2017. Torch Festival, the most significant traditional festival of Yi ethnic group , takes place from the 24-27th day of the sixth lunar month every year. During these days, Yi people from different villages hold grand rituals to bring the luck for a good harvest. Day 1: Fire Worship On the first day, local residents s ...
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Share Virgin Atlantic looks to the future .
ColinSpeakman 2017-7-28 12:40
Sir Richard Branson is a role model entrepreneur and innovator and I have enjoyed reading his autobiographies and I am looking forward to his latest one when I am back in London mid August. He adds great value to the Virgin Brand. Yet he has passed the traditional retirement age in the UK though that means nothing these days and he shows no signs of slowing down. However it makes sense to secure the future investment in Virgin Atlantic which is one part of the Virgin Group. In the past Virgin At ...
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Share To carry out "studies and one to do" learning education, we should ins
kullize 2017-7-28 10:47
Scientific theory arming the mind, insisting on the combination of learning, knowing and doing, sticking to the problem-oriented, paying attention to the actual effect, adhering to leadership, the above rate; We should take the party branch as the basic unit, take the life of the "Three will one lesson" as the fundamental form, and make arrangements for the different situations of the leaders, the leading group and the party members and the ordinary party members. We should give the grassroots ...
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Share carry out "two studies and one do" learning education, to enhance pert
kullize 2017-7-28 10:39
"Learn" to take questions, "Do" to change the problem. To solve the problem of fuzzy wavering of some party members ' ideals and beliefs, mainly the lack of faith in communism, the lack of confidence in socialism with Chinese characteristics, spiritual emptiness, the promotion of Western values, enthusiasm for organizing, participation in feudal superstition activities; Efforts to solve some party members ' consciousness dilution, mainly in line with the consciousness is not strong, do not abide ...
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Share The general requirements of two studies
kullize 2017-7-28 10:37
To carry out "two studies and one" learning education, it is an important practice of implementing the Party Constitution on strengthening the education management requirement of party members and facing all the party members to deepen the inner-party education, and it is a significant measure to promote the expansion of the inner-party education from the "key minority" to the majority party members and from the concentrated education to the regular education. "Two studies and one to do" educa ...
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Share How to do two studies
kullize 2017-7-28 10:30
In-depth study and implementation of the important speeches of the General secretary of Xi Jinping, promote the comprehensive and strict treatment of the party to the grassroots extension, consolidate and expand the party's mass line education practice and the "three strict three realities" of the special education results, to further resolve the problems existing in the thought, organization, style and discipline of the party members, keep the development of the party's progressiveness and pu ...
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Share The meaning of two studies
kullize 2017-7-28 10:22
The notice emphasizes that "two studies and one do" is not an activity, to highlight the normal education, differentiated levels, targeted to solve the problem, relying on the "three will one lesson" and other party's life system, to play the party branch of Self purification, self-improvement initiative, the real ideological and political construction of the CPC caught in the day-to-day, strict in the regular. Each department of each region should combine with practice to determine the learni ...
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Share Why do you do two learning?
kullize 2017-7-28 10:20
Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "about in all the members of the" Party, Learning series speech, to do qualified party members "learning Education Program", and issued a notice, require all regions to conscientiously implement. The notice pointed out that the "Study party constitution Party, the Study series speech, to be a qualified party member" Learning Education (hereinafter referred to as "two learning and one doing") is an important practic ...
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