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Good Riddance Trump, Welcome Biden!



Jan 21, 2021, 11:36

Finally, the cancer on US politics and indeed on the world, that has festered for the past four years,  has been excised and removed.  Trump has been sent packing, far away from Washington DC, to sulk and contemplate his election defeat!  Biden has just been sworn in, giving fresh hopes to Americans and the rest of the world, of a more stable, rational regime that is serious in tackling the pressing issues facing the US and the world at large! 

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tenith post time: 2021-01-22 09:21

Trump has been condemned by political analysts and experts as the 'worst US president in history", and rightly so.  He lied his way to the White House telling voters in 2016 that he was a sucessful businessman (in fact he was bankrupted several times),  who could cure all the econmic ills and bring jobs back to the rustbelt where thousands were jobless; he painted himself as their savior and played on their fear and racial prejudices by erecting the borde wall, stop Muslims coming to US etc.  That's how he got into the White House.  Four years of poor governance has resulted in 400,000 deaths from Covid so far and still counting.  How else should we judge Trump?  Your kind words for Trump, putting him in the same category as Obama, Bush, etc is disingenuos!

GhostBuster post time: 2021-01-22 11:06

I won't be too quick to condemn Biden.  Let's give him the benefit of the doubt; he definitely is a better president than the rogue president Trump who lied and lied and instigated his followers to riot at the Capitol in which a number of people died, in an attempt to steal the election from Biden!  

pnp post time: 2021-01-21 14:24

Make no mistake!

Biden must ensure that US remains as the SOLE SINGLE SUPER POWER OF THE WORLD to retain its position, he will unleash schemes more powerful than those from Trump with pretext of being good without harm on the surface but with depth that none could reach!


China need not see things as GOOD or BAD. For example one cannot see Trump era as bad and Obama era as good etc. what more Biden era when it hasn't even kicked off yet.

Whether it is Trump, Obama or Biden or Bush for the matter, every situation has its ups and downs. It is just that if it a Trump era stay true to your own course unswayed and dish out a response suitable to manage Turmp's antics. If it is an Obama era, be unswayed again to your own course and dish an act that can work with Obama. That Trump could cause China much discomfort it demonstrates that China still is still in its development mode and has a lot of work to do.

Coming to Biden. He is elderly, so accord him the respect as an elder. That in a way is demonstrating to your people how to respect elders in politics. Biden was part of the Obama administration therefore he may have a share some views of that time. He might focus on trade within the Asia Pacific. So it is good to be prepared for that. For China perhaps more important is its own reunification and how to make things work with Russia. With US, China's engagement is how to make US see that China is not an enemy and does not wish to be an enemy. Biden's era might be a good opportunity. Let US know that it need not be a your camp and my camp. A reunified China serves China's as well as Russia's interest excellently and it will not affect US in truth. Taiwan is not too far away for US to make it a a viable post but it is too near to China to be valuable to the US. Taiwan isn't as good a chip to stall China as US makes it out to be. US needs to invest just as much resources as China into Taiwan for which US is unlikely to have any future with because no matter how US doesn't trust Taiwan as much as it likes to show internaitonally. With Taiwan, US will have to balance an already difficult Japan. which it doesn't trust too but likes to show as if Japan is an ever important ally. If Taiwan joins US, Japan will know it can make a very good friend out of China. Just imagine if Taiwan ever becomes US' 51st state, US' politics might be shifted over to Taiwan and it will be good for Taiwan to register another 50 million citizens from the Mainland if it joins US. China should never be afraid to lose - just keep on exploring even the extreme.


World leaders heaved a sigh of relief at the exit of Trump, the troublemaker, and welcomed President Biden as someone they could work with.  China too should be able to work well with the Biden regime, something it couldn't do with the Trump regime despite having bent backwards to appease Trump!   With genuine desire to work together, and understanding on both sides to resolve problematic issues, US-China relations should see better days ahead, and that is to the benefit of the world!