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China ready for peace, and war



Sept 16, 2020, 14:47

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh addressed parliament on Tuesday. Singh bragged of how righteous and brave Indian troops were, while emphasizing the importance of peacefully resolving the border crisis to China-India ties. The latter part was the keynote of his speech. 

Indian military's moves on border areas have eased these days, which coincided with Singh's address. This is the result of strong pressure from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

The PLA has been increasing its deployment in China-India border areas and taking resolute actions, which have formed an overwhelming momentum to annihilate the Indian troops on site once an armed clash breaks out. It has made the Indian army truly feel that engaging in a military confrontation with China is a gamble they simply cannot afford. 

There are different forces in India. Some ultra-nationalist ones stubbornly refuse the easy way, and stick to the hard way. When China engages in diplomatic negotiations with India, it must also use the only language those forces could understand - cooperation will last long when it is achieved through struggles. 

China should continue to strive for a peaceful settlement of China-India border disputes, but must keep its army prepared. Without strong military pressure, India won't behave on border issues. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. 

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Clearly India is bolstered by the US-Japan-Australia-India theme of encirclement of Indo-Pacific, which more or less assured India that US will not stand on China's side but on India's on whatever negative rife that arises between India and China. This symbolizes that India is never a peaceful nation as perceived. Its desire to boss around and bully is definitely there. The moment it has garnered enough power it will behave differently.

For China it is a challenge of re-directing such character back towards its current supporters. Let them suffer severely under India's power.


India has a military depends on imported military hardware. Unfortunately, Indians do not know what that means if war breaks out.