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Trump's mumble jumbo about a COVID-19 vaccine



May 05, 2020, 16:53

Donald Trump is not only a quack (not even a charlatan, because he's not a medic) when it comes to dispensing advice about cures and vaccines, he is a dangerous and irresponsible futurist.
He couldn't name any scientific or medical authoritative sources to substantiate his claim that the U.S. will come up with a vaccine against COVID-19 by the end of 2020, but the real-estate man still finds it conscionable to announce that the U.S. would have a coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year. Here's what he said:


WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump on Sunday said the United States would have a coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year.
"We are very confident that we're going to have a vaccine at the end of the year, by the end of the year," Trump said in a Fox News "town hall" show broadcast from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

He also said he would urge the reopening of schools and universities in September, saying "I want them to go back."


Let me emphasize that so far none of the U.S. medical experts has seconded his statement because no one really knows how long it would take to truly develop such a vaccine given the novel nature of the virus. Just the part authenticating the efficacy of any new vaccine would take more than a year, and now it is less than eight months before the end of 2020.

So what does he really mean?

He's actually challenging Chinese medics to hasten their vaccine-making efforts so that he can reap the benefits of their efforts to salvage the U.S. economy. He's really not talking about the American researchers.

If Chinese leaders fall into the trap that's being set for them, then when China succeeds in making such a vaccine for COVID-19 he would field another lie and claim with any evidence that the Chinese have stolen it from the U.S.

He would then demand that China supplies the fifty states with all the vaccines they need without paying a cent for them.

Will our side be foolhardy enough to fall into his preset trap and help him solve all his nagging problems -- first by restoring the U.S. economy and second by rebuilding its war machine which has been traumatized by COVID-19 -- by tripling our investments into finding such a cure and sharing it with the Americans?

I am not worried about Chinese medics coming up with a vaccine, but I am worried that once we've successfully helped the U.S. to recover from the disease, it will benefit their armed forces enough for them to threaten us again.

238 437260

Trump's wanton disregard of the basic human right of all Americans to protect themselves from COVID-19 has resulted in more than half-a-million totally unnecessary deaths.

Remember that the mortality count was 400,000 when Joe Biden went to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.  for a commemorative Virgil on January 19, 2021, a day before his inauguration as the 46th U.S. President and just a month before the half-million mark was reached on February 21, 2021.

If China had been vengeful and unwilling to help the Americans on account of the latter's treacherous lack of basic human decency in groundlessly scapegoating China at the beginning of the Wuhan outbreak and did not supply the U.S. with a humongous amount of medical supplies including masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ECMO respirators, the number of U.S. deaths would have exceeded 2 million by now.  

In other words, China has helped to save at least 1.5 million American lives as of this very moment.

And what has China received back from the U.S. in return?  Not even a thank-you note for acknowledgment.  Worse than that -- a thinly-veiled threat of nuclear war from the newly-appointed U.S. defense chief was the most recent response from the Pentagon.  There was continuing scapegoating by U.S. officials even after the WHO investigation had found no evidence about Chinese culpability.

All you hear these days in the aftermath of the WHO investigation trip are the continued scapegoating accusations from Anglo nations that China has not been sufficiently "transparent" -- it is obvious from their narrative that unless the verdict is a groundless "GUILTY", they will never be satisfied. It is a typical case of "thief yelling catch thief."  From this fact alone you can deduce who is more qualified to lead a world government that arbitrates human problems in the future -- the exclusively self-centered, immature civilization of the Anglos or the inclusively altruistic, mature civilization of the East.

Their continuing U.S. refusal to allow Fort Detrick and the CDC to be investigated is a glaring commentary on its culpability.  Not a single visa has been issued for any WHO official to do any amount of investigation.  Not one serological sample from the five evacuated military athletes has been collected from the U.S. side.  So it is time to be steadfast with our demand that the WHO be allowed to enter the U.S. or else their inaction or lack of response will be interpreted as self-acknowledgment that the Fort is guilty as charged -- for the leak and then purposeful contamination of the Wuhan Seafood Market near where the Military Games were held in 2019.

Yes, let me emphasize that you do not hear U.S. health officials even responding to widespread demands for investigation of Fort Detrick and The CDC at Atlanta, Georgia.  A possible ploy of individual inspectors was to establish a toehold by first gaining entrance into China and giving no cause for complaint while they were physically inside the country, and having Chinese journalists on record praising them for their "fairness."  Such an individual would change his attitude once he is outside China.  In fact, one of them at this moment is actually saying Wuhan is not out of the woods yet, and that he might have "unfinished business" to do in China -- which is very different from what he said while inside China.

So it is important for us to deny them further access until reciprocity is established for investigative trips to Fort Detrick and other places that WHO officials would like to visit-- in the same fashion and with the same intensity that these officials had enjoyed in China.  Moreover, tests should be performed on the serological samples of the five military athletes who participated in the Wuhan Sports Meet and then evacuated on a special plane 2-3 days ahead of the rest of the 350-member delegation.  The aim would be to detect the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 in all of the five evacuees.

A related investigation should be made into the background check of Samantha Hill -- the key whistleblower in the case.  The WHO officials should be allowed to investigate the cause for the sudden demise of her boss in the COVID-19 project in which she claimed to have personally participated.  Time is of the essence and Samantha needs to be contacted and any corroborative evidence established through special channels before she herself is murdered.  In short, unless the WHO obtains full access to Fort Detrick, the CDC, and other U.S. facilities to do a thorough investigation, no one should be allowed to re-start a new investigation in China.

Here is a more detailed message from Samantha Hill -- the key whistleblower in the case.

And here are the names of the five of the 28 China-sanctioned U.S. officials who did the mudslinging and scapegoating dirty work in the Trump administration.  They and their relatives have been forbidden to travel to or do business in China, and any business entity which opts to have anything to do with these officials would be sanctioned and blacklisted. All of these nincompoops know about Fort Detrick and WHO officials should be allowed to gain access to them.  You should note the absence of the former vice-president Mike Pence, which shows that the list was not haphazardly drawn, but put together with overall consideration and pinpointed accuracy.  Sanctioning is a weapon that will see more use in the future as the Chinese economy grows into a huge network touching all big businesses, so much so that a Chinese sanction is equivalent to economic castration.  It should be applied to existing officials -- in the same fashion that the Trump administration sanctioned senior Chinese officials during the final few weeks of the aberration.

Finally, you need to understand that the difficulty in making even a seemingly small item like a mask in massive quantities cannot be underestimated.  It is not just a piece of bluish paper we are talking about.  The chemical content in the material making that mask has to be able to prevent infinitesimally small viral particles from penetrating the thin material, which is no small task.  A piece of cloth would not do the job, and that's why at the beginning of the pandemic we heard of so many instances of medical-supply seizures or heists inflicted by one Western nation upon another -- especially those between the U.S. and either Germany or Italy.  They all understood the importance of the right kind of masks. Westerners wear masks covering their eyes, and Asians their mouths.  That's how Westerners die from pandemics because that's how bugs get to their lungs -- through the respiratory tract.  Take a look:


US Trump told US citizens that there was no COVID-19 in US. Then, he said the no death from COVID-19 in US. He also said that COVID-19 will disappear one fine day!

Glory to US!


Oh dear me!

Did I hear correctly that our dear Indian neighbors are vehemently protesting and denying the authenticity of the casualty figures just released by Beijing?

While our military chief said that the casualty figures on our side consisted of four dead and one wounded (4 1/2) as a result of the Galwan Valley skirmish last year, the Indians say no no no that just can't be true because Indian braves couldn't have been beaten so badly.

Well in my mind that figure was already 450% more than I had ever expected.  The actual number should have been zero.  Why would we need four and a half lions to maul two dozen skunks?

So salute our brave martyrs, but that's not the only comment I need to make.

You see, the Chinese military did not divulge the casualty figures until now because it didn't want to aggravate the situation by revealing such bad news to our dear neighbors, since there wasn't any sense of glory in killing a hundred rabid dogs while sacrificing even one of our lions.

If the world had been told immediately after the Galwan Valley battle that China suffered only four casualties, then the populist sentiments in India would have boiled over and used by the U.S. to goad the Indians onto more misadventures.

That's why most Indians do not believe the veracity of Chinese figures because India is such a funny country -- it always wants to hang onto China's coat-tail and compare the two mirror images even though the two countries aren't even in the same league.  

So after losing the battle, the Indians still want to win the war of words even though the Chinese side has videos to support its claim as to what truly happened during the skirmish.

It is impossible for China to fake the casualty figure because the latter constitutes an eternal historical record that will need to stand the test of history. 

That's why the personal history of each Chinese martyr from cradle to grave has been authenticated to the last detail before the final announcement. 

No matter how the Indians want to deny it, the fact remains that their casualties in that battle were much heavier, or else the Indians would have some evidential videos to disprove our claims. 

The fact that only the Chinese military has produced a video showing that the Indians were beaten into a retreat, that the dead bodies on the ground belonged to the Indian side, and that many Indians were taken prisoner shows that the losers were not Chinese. 

From now on, any provocation by the Indians needs to be repelled swiftly and forcefully to ward off recurrent intrusions.  No more small-team negotiations are possible with trap-setting faithless Indians.

Let me repeat: China has never wanted to fight a war with India because there is no glory in beating a rabid, barking dog.  We do not want to squander the lives of even one PLA soldier by trying to send a small company of men to negotiate with faithless goons bent on setting a trap for our soldiers.

The hard reality remains that no matter how many Indians we can wipe out, they are still not worth the life of one single Chinese soldier.  So we will have to use overwhelming firepower as soon as any cross-border intrusion is detected.

Note the Galwan Valley where the military confrontation occurred:

Invasion authenticated by an aerial view of bridge construction by Indian military engineers -- across the icy river separating the two countries. 

More construction work in the valley:

Nice trap-setting effort:

"Sitting ducks" was not what I said:


Let us just get down to brass tacks and continue where we left off.

Han Xin's admonishment to Liu Bei was to establish a stark contrast between him and Xiang Yu in the public’s eye.  In today’s political parlance, that means to wrestle the right of discourse (话语权) from Xiang Yu by seeking out the latter’s foibles for precision targeting.  

The same principle can be applied to the Sino-U.S. relationship because the U.S. has become a paranoid, schizophrenic, self-destructive hegemon trying to goad its remaining allies into adopting a confrontational stance towards China to the detriment of their own interests, and so China needs to respond fully by leveraging her clout as the sole economic engine for economic growth during and after the pandemic.

Unlike the U.S., ever since 1982 when China began to adopt an omni-directional diplomatic stance, she has not sought formal alliance with any country.  Adopting an independent, equidistant foreign policy after the establishment of Sino-U.S. relationship in 1979, she witnessed the disintegration of the former Soviet Union in December 1991, a strategic outcome that could not have been achieved unilaterally by the U.S., or else why was Nixon in Beijing to visit Mao in the first place?

Western capitalists heeded the clarion call to action after 1991, and FDI flowed into China from all around the world.  They were there not to “help” China according to Trumpian illogic, but to maximize their profits by exploiting the low wages of Chinese workers and to export their environmentally polluting industries.

That was how the bulk of manufacturing jobs moved from the West to China, so much so that by the time of the present COVID-19 pandemic, China is the only nation that can satisfy the needs of most of the world for the quantity and quality of medical supplies such as masks, PPE and respirators needed to combat the coronavirus.  

If China had held off providing the West with such medical supplies with the same mindset of animosity and in the same fashion that the U.S. had done to China when COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, the mortality rates in Western nations would have quintupled, which means the number of deaths in America alone would have reached or surpassed the two-million mark by now.  Remember that these folks did not even care to wear their masks, and insisted that it was their “human right” not to do so.   

Their retrospective claim that China had eaten their lunch and that globalization had only benefited China could not withstand even a cursory historical analysis, because the U.S. could not possibly have intended to “help” a competitor that had defeated it in two modern land wars in Asia, even as the specious Trumpian lie found its way into the subconscious mind of every U.S. redneck ready and eager to identify a probable cause that would explain the rapid decline of Uncle Sam – in 2020 China’s GDP reached 75% mark compared to that of the U.S. despite serial contrariwise predictions from the West.

Beyond her immediate objective of establishing discourse rights at the international level is the necessity to introduce new theoretical concepts that can influence global scholarship. In other words, marshaling a distinctive Chinese brand to challenge and topple the “discourse hegemony” of the West should be her main goal.

The eerie spectacle of China doing all the good deeds and not receiving commensurate respect and right of discourse – so much so that the shameless scapegoating attempts by the entire Trump team carried more influence than 1000 plane loads of pandemic relief material sent to help friends and foes alike – cannot go on forever.

It is not the best policy for our leaders to have stayed angelically quiet and never talked back whenever Trump spilled beans from his filthy mouth.  If such silence could indeed be interpreted as a virtue, then why did they announce their 2025 Plan with so much fanfare knowing that it would act as a thunderous reminder to the U.S. side that in a few short years China will reach parity or surpass them in most high-tech areas, thereby allowing all anti-China forces to use that as a signpost against which they could concentrate their efforts.   

More to come.  Here's a panoramic view of the OBOR network

We will never forget that the data of vivisection (cut alive) experiments carried out by Japan's 731 Troops were exchanged for U.S. pardon of the likes of Japanese War Criminal Ishii, who headed maryland's Fort Detrick, whose leak in June, 2019 led to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

If they were innocent, why can't they just open up like China just did by inviting WHO specialists to examine the data at the Fort and the CDC at Atlanta, Georgia, or for that matter anywhere the WHO visitors would want to visit -- again, just like what China did?

Those responsible who remain silent despite the invitations for them to open up Fort Detrick for examination are little cowardly animals no less guilty than the Japanese.

Yes, just keep scapegoating others for their own evil deeds.  Take a look and feel this man's pain while he was still alive before the vivisection:

And here are some of the 731 records of vivisection experiments handed over to the U.S. in 1946 in exchange of pardons for criminals like Ishii and the Japanese emperor:

Here is another look at Fort Detrick, Maryland, which was closed in June 2019 due to a "leak" leading to COVID-19 cases in states near Maryland thereafter.  At the time it was interpreted as "Vape-smoking induced pneumonia" with same CT-scan characteristics as COVID-19,  This was later confirmed by CDC at Atlanta, Georgia. 

An Indian American who worked at Fort Detrick was the whistleblower who feared for her life after she announced that she was personally involved in experimenting with the COVID-19.  After the leak the authorities did not want to divulge the info because it was supposed to attack only East Asians.

And this is the whistleblower in hiding.  Her boss in the same project had been murdered.


An absolutely smashing trilogy from Mark, who has been our star contributor at CD for as long as I have been here. 

There is no competition between us because fortunately we both love the same country and not the same woman.  Yes, "Great people, great nation" -- even Joe Biden had to admit that in his latest Spring Festival toast.

I have been back just five minutes, and intend to take a leak and then fulfill my promise to you to explain Han Xin in the post that follows.



A: You talked about the two past's, then you hinted about the present but you left unsaid the three future's. Will you be coming to them?

C: I thought best you tell me instead. After all, it takes two to make a thunderclap.

A:  Just a quick question. What's the basic difference between you and me?

C:  You're terrestrial. We have been celestial for a long time. Kekekeke!

A: (face reddens)

C: You chop and boil something down to its dust and then focus on just that. We see things as different but interconnected forms of one essence across the flowing river of time.

As a small example, you blocked our participation in the international space program to this day but then again found we could on our own land a probe on the dark side of the moon.

Now you tariff us against the same international rules of the road you say you will rally others with, sanction us on the flimsiest and most illegitimate whim, and are embarking on some hillbilly decoupling to tear up the world's most interconnected supply chains which are fundamental to the recovery from the pandemic of all the economies and livelihoods on this planet.

(looks piercingly) If you were us, what conclusion can one derive?

A: (face turns beetroot red)

C: You may have your own strengths. Some gungho youthfulness and can-do spirit with regards things. As we are much older and have tasted more salt, we have become more resilient and assured of how events will unfold against the limelights of human nature.

Whilst you have scantly ascended from things to higher nature, we can descend from higher nature to things without losing the former because of one attribute - we can internally admit to our mistakes and take practical steps to learn, uphold truths and correct errors. Ergo, the dialectical materialism of moving from monad to man.

That's how we came up so fast.  Meanwhile you never learn from your mistakes. Because you never admit to making them.

Basically, you screwed yourself but blame others only.

A: You have the authoritarian advantage of cutting to the chase; we have to go through the rigmarole of due democratic process.

C: So why are you castigating us for being authoritarian enough to be efficient in service delivery to our peoples?

By the same token, why are you now trying to peddle to us your form of democracy when the world has already seen it burned to the ground?

How do you propose to rally the world to your kind of democracy when everyone has seen through it as only some convenient tool to advance the ambitions of the next pompeo or cruz or even blinken and campbell? Heck, why don't you call the next gypsie to ask the ghost of Allende and get a mouthful what he thinks of your democracy?!

By the way, that's the same world which has awakened to your anglospheric salesmen selling lies wrapped in myths and cloaked in accusations with only one sole objective - to try and destroy our very center whose essence grooms all the interconnected forms of our multitudinous and plural society to operate harmoniously.

A: (rubs chin, again)

C: You know when it was that we woke up about your system? When you didn't reform after the financial crisis of 2008 that you had unleashed on the dollarized world you had constructed. Your system made patsies of everyone else in order to continue ripping your own folks. How bad can't that be for a democratic system supposedly filled with good values?

And to rub more salt into the wound, you came a-beating to our door and asked us to help maintain your system. We responded to save the world. Fine gratitude you are now showing, targeting us as some existential threat. Come on, if we are an existential threat, wouldn't you think we could have shown you the door when you came? Talk about a hegemonic ingrate.

Here's another difference - your system is about survival of the fittest; isn't that what your texan politician had said after his constituents complained about the blackouts freezing them to death now?

We don't talk about survival of the fittest; we only talk about survival of the state to serve the people. What is so unclear about this that you can pretend not to admire us as a superior benchmark of good governance?

A: (looks at shoes)

C: (tries to give face...) On the other hand, we know we have some, errr, significant challenges. We have to create real wealth from innovation and not asset inflation, we have to automate towards higher productivity against a background of an aging society, and we have to re-instil the spirit of the long march towards a clean and harmonious society that has had to absorb and digest the viralities of unfettered market capitalism which is also why we had to filter off those insurrectionist content that your side had tried to barrage on us.

And that's why we must maintain our core, centre, political remits and structures.  We have millions more to lift out of poverty, millions to feed and grow, millions to keep warm and house. Certainly, and more responsibly to the whole world, multiples more than all of yours.

I know you are trying to canvas future votes by striking bargains with your union teamsters. The end-result will be high-pay rates for high-priced local goods but then you can't expect to sell much of them overseas because everyone else neither has the luxury of a high income lifestyle like yours nor your self-ruining money printing press.  So, stop trying to play the aggrieved party charade.

Our peoples work to the bone in order to bring food to the tables of their families.  See the friggin' difference? Don't come tell us we can eat good meals made of just your sanctimonious and unvalidatable hot-air talk.

Do you know the worst part of it all? You have achieved by the same path before and having done so, you want to make sure you can maintain your lifestyle by denying others the chance to build theirs, just on the grounds of lies and accusations your henchmen cook up after they have left their conscience in their office loo down the corridor.  Talk about imperialist culture.

A: I'll have a word with them.

C: On the contrary, it is more likely they'll have a word with you. In fact, i can tell you who amongst them will ultimately tilt the situation into the red-line danger zone. But what's the point? One type of wheat, ten thousand types of sinophobic critters.

Look, somewhere in this distinguished and august forum, we have gone through extensively and definitively your issues of trade deficit, technology transfers, intellectual property, sovereign seas, human rights and so on.  Do your own homework and dig 'em up, then read them as best you can. Try as you might otherwise, you will after reading them come to the conclusion that your side has been feeding, pardon the expression, just plain bullshit to the rest of the world, including your own citizens.

You know, after your western media had grudgingly announced how well we have been doing since coming out of the pandemic first, it seems their journalists were told to write against us again as if they were in the same groupchat.

We can go on to demolish one myth after another of yours but this comment box is too small to list them all down. Your mischiefs abound and astound.

Well, just one more for the road. Genocide, now?! If it has happened, why has no Muslim country made any ruckus about it, unlike the time when Yugoslavia had degraded into internecine religious division, or even the time when Tel Aviv took the west bank by force? The Muslim countries couldn't have suddenly lost their tongues, could they?

Similarly, for all your western logic and satellite surveillance, where are the camps that are supposedly interning 1 million Xinjiangers? Not just one or two satcoms on factory hostels but ALL of them that could denote 1 million are being housed?  As you know, your satellites do have wide aperture cameras. The answer is - there are none.

Look, it is getting kinda dreary listening to you playing the same old broken record again and again.  Remove those things like trade, technology, xinjiang, hong kong, taiwan, tibet, south china sea, human rights, free speech, individual freedom etc - and you will have nothing on us that could possibly explain why you should see us as your strategic competitor, existential threat, what else.

And all of them we have already discoursed and argued, till kingdom come as may be said, to conclude that it's just one thing only which even you can't disagree or deny - you just want to stop our rise any which way for your sole and personal interest and rule over all others.  All your so-called allies already know it. Including your anglosphere members. So, you wanna stop the bullshit in this Year of the Metal Ox?

A: (bites lips). I'll think about it.

C: Well, that's your privilege, some may say, also peril. Always remember in context, you are only 4% of the world population. Trying to dictate terms and command everyone else is sheer arrogance. And you haven't been showing any distinctively admirable quality lately. Just some toxic bullying nature and a cunningly power-craving disposition. And i am not talking of 'em republicans of yours only. Pivot, remember?

A: (whinces). That aside, just out of curiosity, what happened in the end to the heist group leader in the movie Point Break?

C: He drowned himself thinking he could outride the wave.

A: (cringes) Oh...

C: Be an enlightened compass, A.  Not a weather vane blowing in the flux of your own geopolitical shadows.


Thank you, wchao37.

Physiological age has caught up. Hourglass sand petering but still good for one last sprint.

Keep well and strong, my old friend!

Happy celebrations, everyone.


Hey Mark:

Happy Holidays!

Good to see you active during the Spring Festival.  This one here is equally as good as the last one.  "Eyes darken" -- I can imagine that ----haha!  I will be here soon.....I am enjoying the view of a prosperous China everywhere I look.



A: Tea was good?

C: Piquant, calming, and insightful. Not without reason is your phrase, "reading the tea leaves".

A: Ah, so.

C: How was your coffee?

A: Robust, energetic and awakening.

C: Ah, no.

A: Why, is there a problem in my being alert?

C: But you're not being alert. In fact, you're just sleepwalking dangerously.

A: (rubs chin) Why do you say that?

C: (right hand chops three slots in the air) Two past's. One present. Three future's.

You think you're alert but that's because you only see the present. Like some random access memory, you don't seem able to cognate and acknowledge the past. And because of that omission, either deliberate or otherwise, you can't intuit the future that may arise from reactions to your actions. As was asked of you before, "are you sure you want to do that?".

A: (fidgets) Go on.

C: There are two past's.  One past for both was that on your side, you thought if you encourage trade and exchanges with us, we will be supplicant to your geopolitical preferences including some ideological supremacy.  On our side, we saw the relationship only as some but not all of the motivating factors for our re-emergence. 

For over four decades, and although based on different assumptions, the interconnection had worked well for both.  Your multinationals and stock markets outperformed and earned more through our labor and resources. Our peoples gained jobs and started to learn about what has been happening in the world after years of insularism. Which, incidentally, is also why we promote multilateralism as a way out for other nations as well.

A: I confess we had and still have an agenda of our own in welcoming you to our club. We wanted to make more money globally through you. We also thought we could use you to counterbalance the USSR in our interest.

C: Hold on. What club? Other countries had also developed trade and exchanges with us, some even earlier than you.

A: Ok, i stand corrected.

C: (eyes glint) Now, it's the other bigger past which responsible superpowers should be more concerned about.

A: (eyes darken) Go on.

C: The other past is this - what has been happening in the background for the past decade or so is a convergence of the very symptoms of what had appeared even earlier which had led to huge conflicts that had sundered the world and brought untold suffering to all mankind.

The first symptom is the global financial crisis of 2008 started by your side. It triggered the disintegration of the very capitalist structure that had propped up many economies which in turn affected the livelihood of millions in much the same way WWI sparked by one lone bullet ricocheting inside the circles of allies and alliances in an economically balkanized Europe had ended up with millions dead in WWII.

The second shift factor is military spending. You spend so much more than any other nation state that you have also become the world's biggest arm dealer, thereby increasing arms races by others besides increasing the risk of weapons being used once the tipping point of tensions is reached in any region.  Same too then.

And you are deliberately doing it at a level way beyond the actual needs of your defense which means you are propelled only by offense so how can any other rational state not be forced to respond in return, especially when faced with direct in-your-face intrusion and underwater encirclement? 

As an example, the Cuban crisis was not caused by the USSR but by your Pentagon putting nukes in Turkey so the reaction was to put nukes in Cuba. The end result was that the world almost came to its end until both were respectively removed.  But then you next put them into your subs which stayed on off turkish shores while still pointing at the USSR which had bled 30 million just to put up a second front that had indirectly saved the west against the Wehrmacht.

Let us not be naive that today you don't have sub nukes off DPRK, Taiwan SAR and the Russian eastern coastline; everyone knows you have them marauding like sharks, for the same reason you have stationed your B1 nuke bombers in Norway to arc-face Russia for the Arctics. 

For you, It's all your game of containment, now worsened by your attempt at recruiting and proxying your trans-atlantic and indo-pacific networks, read the same third factor which had pressure-exploded WWI.

In retrospect, if you had stood down on your military adventurism and instead spent even half on your infrastructure and job creation what you have been spending on your military buildup, we won't need to have this conversation today, no?  There will be no trade war, tech sanction and all those sanctimonious craptrap that all your US administrations have been minstrelling without a morsel of maturity.

Now, how many convergence shift factors have i mentioned?

A: Ah, three i think.

C: Ok, the fifth shift factor is the west has morphed into police states.

Because of the fourth shift factor, namely income inequality caused by loading industrial financialization over assembly line investments, your peoples on the dole have taken to the streets, angry at others not their kind, defending hair-dyed populist saviors, eager to fight to recover a world they have lost, finding self-justification through personal beliefs stoked by charlatans and wingnuts.

Thus the loss of law and order as the destabilizing sixth factor, a loss that has assailed the seventh factor, the breakdown of your domestic institutions which in turn led to the eighth factor, your breaking down of the very institutional institutions which you had been using to safeguard your own national interests embedded by your dollarization of what is supposed to be transnational capitalism.

And you have the awry nerve to sanction HikVision and others and call us authoritarian when your own country has become a racist police state in need of the very excellent surveillance equipment we produce that had enabled your administration to identify who had led the mob that had stormed your US Capitol?!  Oh my, allow me a small excess to say - such white-man self-justifyng and hypocritical hubris.

By the way, did your CIA and NED have a hand in funding those rightwingers in the same way they had funded the HK rioters with much the same devilry they had used the BBC subterfuge to create a myth of 1 million detained Uighurs in Xinjiang whose number Kanat, ex-Radio Free Asia (a CIA outpost) as chairman of the 'world Uighur congress' quickly later admitted to Blumenthal that he had picked the number off the air from the same western media which have been busy demonizing the CPC on Xinjiang, now, incidentally with Tibet added again, the same Tibet that the CIA had tried to subvert using Nehru's India?! 

Come to think of it, if you have not fired your satellite analysts, don't stand on ceremony to fire those sinophobic geopolitical analysts as well in the ziggurats of your administration before they cause too much trouble for both US and China interests, besides the fallouts on other nations.

A: (beads of sweat drip down spine, in wintry cold). Errh, gimme a minute.

C: Take your time. And you can throw all those US state reports on us into the bin.  If you don't, i'll take it you want to remain culpable of the worst foreign policy decisioning in world history by depending on people like Mearsheimer, Pillsbury, Pottinger, O'Brien, Blinken and Campbell.  And, is your Ratner going to be the next Navarro?   Heck, if interested you can get your secretary to find that online forum video of Mearsheimer looking deflatedly at his table when Mahbubani was giving a point by point rebuttal of US policies on Asia.  Just to get a flavor of things.

Now, in much the same way we had asked in retrospect after all the bloodshed and destruction rained on us by imperial Japan, i ask you now - exactly what did we do to you to deserve such US victimization and calumny?

Perhaps you would have been told as well, we have been buying the biggest ever single consignment of your US corn besides whatever chips we could get from your semiconductor makers.

It is our signal to you we are not into the extreme competition you have just announced your US will tar on us.  So why are you so game on Point Break, extreme heists and hurdles on our natural national sovereign progress? Do we bring out the worst in the US?

How can your US say you will compete extremely with us on the one hand and then on the other hand say you will cooperate only where it serves American interest?

Aren't both just strategic rivalry bordering on outright containment with view to laying a thucydides trap primed by the aforementioned eight convergence shift factors that had ensnared and conflagrated the world before, twice?

A: Let me get back to you on your energetic points. I'll need to consult my analysts.

C: Look, you can't get a different perspective by going back to the same people who have already shown their prejudices which they try to hide under some excuse of self-narrated national interest and security that belie the facts and arguments on the ground.

Like your xenophobic western media, they will just continue to cherry-pick, twist, spin, even lie in another grand global larceny against truth and justice, and the recognition that human rights, as one example, is predicated on the right of every human to be economically more prosperous in a politically stable environment, as your own US Capitol mobbers will attest in detest.

A: But your CPC is an autocratic government whilst ours is a democratic government....

C: Is that why 96% of those of our citizens surveyed by one of your eminent think-tanks trust in the CPC while less than 50% of yours trust in yours? By the way, what are you going to do about the 74 million who voted vigorously for your predecessor whom your administration is now trying to impeach so that you can approach your 'allies' to say the US will remain the global leader of democracy - in order to compete extremely with China?

Your administration has already made bad calls, diplomatic faus pax, to wit. How does one say compete on the one hand, cooperate on the other, and meanwhile, hold the other party accountable for media-distorted acts based on slanted analyses to meet personal geopolitical agendas already exposed as bad for everyone let alone destabilizing for a better global future for all? In fact, one is even surprised the normally urbane Nye jr, Ruud and Wolf have fallen foul by lately pandering to the usual gimmickries of anti-China hawks; are they trying to grab some western counterbalances in defiance of professional integrity to the factual up-ticks in China's recovery?

A: Can you, errh, gimme an example about how you think coopetition can apply for both of us?

C: Man, that thingey only applies to small outfits, not two superpowers because when you reach that stage, there will be side-effects on others which must also be responsibly cared for otherwise the world will be balkanized which is even worse that bi-decoupling.

Ok, let me humor your with a small example. Take a small tech application. The QR reader. You did the chip. Japan did the reader. We mass applied it to tagging the pandemic clusters. At least, three nations were involved in tapping the technology. Alone, neither you nor Japan could have done it to the scale and with the same panache that we had done. It is now an essential and ubiquitous application to protect all societies against the spread of the virus. Alternative, one can try to decipher the handwriting of those who queue to enter a premise. You will have a disaster, on hand.

In short, technology is a full-on global cooperation. If the real Ren of our Huawei is willing to share his 5G source codes, what the heck are you so worried about Huawei being a national security threat, especially when the data will be on servers on US soil and your NSA prism team can all its due diligence on the tech?

In other words, give all the young tech smarts of the whole world - including yours - a chance to make this world a better place. Tech, more wisely used, can really turn swords into plowshares.

A: But we still see you as wolves....

C: Why? Don't you already know the old African saying that sheep (your citizens?) who are made to be fearful of wolves (presumably, us?) will inevitably in the end be eaten only by their shepherd (your deep state?)?  Moreover, we are not wolves. Never were. If we were, you'll be reading algorithms written in Chinese characters.

We are only panda bears feasting on bamboo shoots.

A: Haha. You have some mandarin oranges? And do you want to tell me what you had seen in Taipei ages ago?

C: First one, i will peel for you, wearing medical gloves too. Second one, another time, maybe, if memory serves.

I need to warm up some left-over vegetarian dish now, given me by a wiser heart.  What has happened to you, Joe?


Trump achieved greatness in US history with more than four tenth of a million lives lost to COVID-19, which according to Biden was more than that lost during World War II by US alone!

Great Job! Well Done! Keep It Up, TRUMP!