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Shouldn't China help Venezeula, they are friends! [Copy link] 中文

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It does seem from news emanating from France24 online that Venezeula is facing a small crisis, as generous spending of the past by President Chavez is hammered by declining crude oil prices, and smaller export volumes!

Some pull back by President Chavez is expected, but China needs for fuel is high.
and Venezeula is a good source.

Shouldn't China discuss plans with Venezeula to increase production and crude oil purchases?
Afterall if reports from Venezeula is accurate, the Orinoco basin has crude oil reserves that matches the Persian Gulf,but of a bulkier, more viscose kind!


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Re Venesuela:

As I said: "in response to the direct Taiwan rub in our nose by America,"not to mention Tibet '08 and Xinjiang '09, it clearly is an insult thrown our way by the Americans and they are not afraid to let us in on it...

But, why the Americans took such a dire and stupid measure after literally years of holding back and using the arms sales to the Island merely as a card to be used on Beijing is anyone's guess.

My speculation are:

a) a strategical move by Washington to force Being to spill more bean which, if such is the case, then Beijing definitely had felt for it with the declassification of China's highly classified Starwars/ABM program.  

b) possibly, America's statement to Beijing that they are not happy with Beijing's reluctance to join in [in the Iran containment program] where, with insult added to injury, Beijing "probable" covert transferring of sensitive defense technology to Iran which is p*ss8ng the Americans off big time...

c) a further measure by the Hawks of Washington to destabilize China in China's reunification endeavors in the faces or phobias of the astronomical successes that Beijing and Taipei had made in recent years towards the goal of eventual reunification.

The Hawks in Washington, by my opinion, definitely will do everything within its power to see to it that the Chinese nation does not become a more cohesive force than it already because:

[A powerful and truly unified China qualifies as a dilemma as dangerous and as difficult to deal with as that which were once the mighty USSR for the Americans and that's not a comfy feeling for the Americans.]   

Hence, my proposal for Beijing as a response to this provocation is to make both the North American coastline the PLAN's routine route of operation and Venezuela, which is what this thread is about and which currently is a pro-Beijing, into the PLAN's principle refueling and restocking stop in the North American continent.

We are not talking about an all out nuke confrontation here. It would be idiotic for both to go the route. What we are talking about is a tit for tat.  I'm sure that having 093's/094's and Chinese Aegis destroyers plying the coasts of America makes for an eye sore for Washington and as such makes for a quit pro quo for Beijing and Washington to deal with the question of arms to Taiwan.

The US and China, my opinion, will eventually align with one another.  They have to or they collide and colliding with one another is just out of the question for the two. In the mean time however, we have to let the Americans know that some things are simply not tolerable.
Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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Reply #2 edisonone's post

The main trouble is INDIA now, what's in their hearts?

Look at what's happening.....
(1) India instead of spending the forex earned from iron ore export to build infrastructure, do urban redevelopment, has gone on a military spending splurge.

(2) It's waiting for the post 2018, assembly industry relocation from China. Howver there are contending states, in this case -Vietnam, Luzon, Java which has 300 million population exactly matching the population base that supports the assembly industry in China. What would India do?

(3) And they feel rivalry what with China's growing commercial, military links with Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan which makes it seem that China is encircling India when it's only to protect China sea trade routes!

(4) What policies will India be implementing to assure that assembly relocation would come to India?

(5) India has yet to decide on their vision for a modern progressive India?


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