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Global Warming is doing havoc to global climate! [Copy link] 中文

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The recent cases of natural disasters indicate that nations most at risk should be taking more initiative to protect themselves from such problems by taking on initiatives in their respective nations, empires, federations . It does seemed that the GLOBAL WARMING is creating a lot of climatic uncertainties.

The recent floods, extremely powerful typhoon that struck Southern India, Phillipine, Vietnam is a symptom of Global Warming. Indonesia (learning from Japan, earthquake zones in USA) should take more initiative to build SEISMIC DETECTORs, build earthquake resistance buildings, (with internal hard structure for earthquake survival plus earthquake emergency supplies such as water filtration, canned goods stock) and constant earthquake alarm drills

Such action would help India, Phillipines, Vietnam, Indonesia very much, as these nations are very poor.

For India, Phillipines, Vietnam more canals, flood dispersion, water reservoirs, underground water storage site should be built to protect future generations in their Empire, states. The enormous engineering work would mean, India and Phillpines would have to spend less on non productive military weapons imports and more on improving the infrastructure of their state!

Action should be taken by the global states to help reduce the seriousness of the situation. GREEN INITIATIVE should be taken seriously especially by the more wealthy nations in Europe, Japan, and United States. The actions take by Germany, Japan is vital. Now USA, British Club, French Club is taking initiative to do the same to solve this problem.

China being a relatively poor state but GIANT population is already taking the lead by assumption of targets to have 20% of their energy requirments on GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY!

India, Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam should take the cue to improve their nations.

Green DRagon can only do only so much for them.
Please cease all your nations nonsensical activity, it does not help your states, empire, federations!
All our advise and suggestion are based on rationale reasoning and common sense!


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For Indonesia, Check out some of the HDB homes in Singapore!

In those HDB homes, bomb shelters with thick walls, blast doors doubling up as store room where canned food, bottled water, and basic medical stocks are kept.

It's is preparation should war ever occur to that city state. In Japan, USA, China, those states has taken a whole lot of initiative to protect their citizens. They build seismic detectors that can detect the tell tale signs to sound the necessary alarms for tremors could occur within minutes of it.. In addition, building are build to high standards to withstand the MOTION in an earthquake. Strong points like Singapore's strong store rooms, adequately filled with emergency food, water, medical are part of such preparation! Civil Defense Rescue teams should always be on standby, cost could be reduce by creating volunteer civil defense units in all cities.

In ANCIENT CHINA, great Royal Imperial Son of Heaven has long taken care of the CHINESE PEOPLE. They build GRANARIES all over crucial regions to prepare for FAMINE due to whatever reasons. Chinese Son of Heaven has a GREAT BUREAUCRACY of Confucian ethic scholars to help him to administer the empire . Look at the CANAL system, it was the modern superhighway in China. Chinese numerous LAKEs areactually water reservoir dugged out many thousands years ago. The GREAT WALL was build to keep BARBARIC NOMADIC tribes from the frequent assaults. While China also has pirate marauders from Japan, which they initially used TRAINED MILITIAMAN units on all towns to protect themselves as the armed forces were stretched thin!

Chinese Imperial Central government take full care to keep the Central government small and efficient and transfer a lot of LOCAL AUTHORITY to LOCAL GOVERNMENT in his VAST EMPIRE. This allow the local people the resources to BEST HELP THEMSELVES..

Local government has undertaken to construct building with certain construction techniques to reduce casualties. Example, the massive use of timber superstructure that can sway, and create minimal damage. In addition a manual alarm, time keepers are employed all over China in the cities!

The recent series of natural disaster is a wakeup call for those states involved!

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Seismic detectors are not the solution. They can predict that an earthquake will happen either right now or in twenty years. All they do is to measure tension in the earth's crust and fault zones. The sea west of Sumatra is well known to be earthquake prone. Detectors add to a general knowledge, nothing more.

If I look at the structure of buildings, many with weak columns, I cannot but feel that Indonesia should rethink its buildings' structure policy and adapt ultra light material for private houses and solid eathquake-proof structures for public - and office buildings. Get away with useless columns that collapse already in weaker quakes (magn. 5 plus).

As for financing, I believe that Indonesia could be a rather well-off nation. All they have to do is to get mega corruption under control, think about the people first and not about the 0,01% of population who already "swim" in money.

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We have tried to help Indonesia solve their problems!

On the cue, Malaya, Singapore, China has spend billion of dollars to invest in the PLANTATION SECTORs. This is to provide employment to the vast numbers of unemployed in Indonesia. In addtion, the HATE FACTOR fanned by MORONs, EVIL DOERs in Indonesia was a constant problem for them!

A Tsunami helped solve the ACHEH REBELLION in Indonesia, yet the government did nothing to help Indonesians? Strange?

Now with the recent spate of earthquakes, shouldn't the Indonesian government take time to improve theirstandard of construction, do earthquake preparations, drills, creating volunteer civil defense crews in all their PROPINSI. Java Majapahit rulers should divest more local authority to it's region so that more can be done for the PROPINSI to help themselves.

China had to spend 30 years to FEED THEIR PEOPLE, and then prepared themselves for all kind of catastrophe, and build the necessary MILITARY to protect themselves against RIVAL POWERs. The fruits of reform could then be undertaken after 1980's to improve the ECONOMY of China.

SHOULDN'T INDONESIA consider the Chinese experience?

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Vietnam, Phillipines, India.......water project, slum clearance!

Spend more time on that!

Report your progress to the media!
Show the people that your states can prepare itself for the future!

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Thailand has been spending a lot of effort to prepare itself!

Just look at the Thaksin administration!

It has built up a range of BIOFUEL initiative to reduce their importation cost.
This is to take advantage of that state great SUGAR resource.

The previous administration, controlled by the BANGKOK elite has build up a GREAT AUTOMOBILE ASSEMBLY industry with all the necessary AUTOMOBILE COMPONENTs to strengthen their states. Malaya also has been building a great AUTOMOBILE ASSEMBLY industry with the necessary component factories. In additiion, Malaya has been able to build up 2 Automobile platforms and almost 1.0 million assembly capacity.  There is now FIVE MAJOR AUTO ASSEMBLY groups being organized, This are Tan Chong, Oriental, Proton, UMW/Perodua and Naza groups.

Malaya has been introducing LOCAL AUTONOMY, creating a TWO RAINBOW COALITION democratic party system to improve it's politics. We are planning to invite Singapore back into the federation eventually to strengthen the entity! This is the kind of politics that Thailand should do too!

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Reply #3 satsu_jin's post

Doing something is better than nothing.

With seismic detectors, and public warning system - earthquake or tsunami SIREN could give inhabitants thecrucial few minutes to seek shelter of STATE CERTIFIED SHELTERs, that can protect against tremors or maybe water tight to enable protection against sudden surge of sea water till the tremors or wave subsides.

This could reduce number of casualties and give impectus on better construction standards, civil defense preparedness in the Indonesian Archipelago.

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