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Small and Medium Enterprises - Observations and Hobbies! [Copy link] 中文

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I think I am getting ideas from our Malayan Media!

We all know that many businesses arises from our interaction with guilds, school, region.
There is also business opportunity created by geographical advantages.
and activities of governments helps to create more business possibilites.
Investments from out of town people increases the scale of opportunities!

Well, HOBBIES and sports are attractive to people could also be a source of business opportunities.

PHOTOGRAPHY, video recording is a possibility!
This industry require people to travel, move around.
It creates a demand for quality photo printing, optical disc recording!

Well, I think it's a good idea!

ha ha ha

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Wow! China's Red Guard scion are doing very well!

It's great to see that all is well in China!

The Red Scion are helping to develop a wide range of entrepreuneral business to help their people! I suggest use of multinationals, creating TECHNICAL INSTITUTEs, rising salaries for civil servants to progress the Central and Northeastern regions!

A harmonious China!

That's a good trend!


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Rio Olimpic Games in 2016

I was wondering what kind of business should small enterprises be thiking on starting in Rio?

Hi Master...How are u?

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Reply #3 syncman's post

Congratulation to Rio De Janeiro City!
It's an honour for Brazil to be host in 2016!
Another BIG NATION benefiting from China peaceful rise!

(pssst, it does seems we manage a crisis well, if you can also understand the developments too!)

and yes, many Brazilians will make MEGA cash from selling gifts, and welcoming foreign visitors to Brazil!

for China, it's the supply of cheap, high quality


Those are in the small, medium size industry, less than US$100 million sales!!!

You find these company numerous in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujien!
I think the new companies for such assembly industry would be in Zhejiang, Fujien, Shandong for export as the export.sea routes benefits these provinces!
While Anhui, Hubei, Henan and such provinces will be assembling commodity product for the domestic market - inland logistics favours them!
(The other provinces have pretty small population, eg. Hunan doesn't have the scale or logistic advantage!)

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Think BRAZILIAN food...

.....FINGER Food, Brazilian liquor!

some Rum perhaps?
It's a MEGA Event, the Olympics!

and in the meantime - THE CONSTRUCTION frenzy - will benefit the underclass in Brazil, construction workers! TV broadcast fees to major nations, like BRITISH CLUB, USA, CHINA, FRANCE-EU, and of course the wealthy resource el dorado empire of the Russian Federation!

ha ha ha

and the Samba!
you can sell lot's souvenir based on that!

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China's mega appliance company should promote appliances!

This is especially true in Central China!

Appliances in CHINA is made cheap by efficiency and capability of Chinese companies!
(I think I will go to an ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION - cooking demonstration! - Hooray for the ITALIANs! for organizing a food fiesta for Malayans!)

The Chinese MEGA appliance companies should spend time to create APPLIANCE PROMOTION companies in Central China. This company can show the CENTRAL REGION chinese different kind of cooking style, Sichuan, Cantonese, Beijing, Italian, French, English and how to use the affordable appliances!

The prices of Chinese appliances are between Rmb200 to Rmb 1,000 - affordable to most Chinese families in the Central Region with per capita income of Rmb10,000 to Rmb20,000 a year!!!

This could help the problem Mr. Zen CaringHk pointed out, that Chinese in Central plains region only knows how to eat MAN TOU, PULLED NOODLEs and CUT NOODLEs.

The APPLIANCE PROMOTION companies could ATTRACT Hong Kong, Malayan, Singaporean companies that produces SAUCES companies such as LEE KUM KEE, BIDOR KWONG HENG, YEO HIAP SENG. Perhaps to INVEST in the Central Region as well!

Perhaps, this could be a good idea!
and perhaps it's already being done now!

BUT it's a great business potential for Malayan, Singaporean and Hong Kong companies to take advantage of the lower income CENTRAL PLAINs region of China!

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and create plenty of opportunity to create a range of small & medium... in Central Plain of China!!!!

Just an idea!

I have yet to visit Central Plains of China, nearest i got was via a train ride to Beijing from Guangzhou and then towards Inner Mongolia!!!

and yes, YOUTUBE videos of the region as well!

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